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    I'm sorry that it took so long to post this, but I have been a bit busy. My boys were born on Wednesday, May 13 at 10:13 and 10:14 AM. Zachary was born weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 17 inches long and James was born weighing 5 pounds 9 ounces and was 17 inches long. Here is my birth story.

    Well I realized that I never did write my birth story so I'm going to attempt to do it now while the boys are with their big sister on a walk.

    OK. So we had to be at the hospital at 5am. Ugh! So we get there and check in through the ER. Than we take the elevator upstairs to the birthing center. They are ready for us and have me change into my lovely gown and get the iv hooked up. It took two tries to find a good vein. Thank God not more than that. Since I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since midnight I was pretty dehydrated and my veins were not so happy. So they got the saline drip going and the boys hooked up to the monitor. A resident comes in and does a ultrasound just to make sure of their position. Both were still breech. They do my fingerprint for the birth certificate, give us our packet of paperwork. Take some blood. All that kind of good stuff. Give DH his scrubs and we turn the tv on for a little while since we had some time to kill. The nursing staff was really nice and gave me 3 ice chips to suck on. At that point it tasted like a steak. I was sooooo thirsty. The hunger I can handle, it's the thirst that is the worst. Than they put the cathiter (sp?) in and shave my belly. They used something like a personal touch electric raiser so that it wouldn't cut me and I wouldn't get an infection from the stubble. Than the next thing I know it's time for DH to get dressed in his scrubs and for them to wheel me to the OR. Now the table was so skinny I was cracking up that my fat but was going to fit on that table. Oh I forgot DH gave me a kiss before they wheeled me in. Ok, back to the OR. They have me straddle the table and roll my back so they can do the spinal. Now for me shots don't usually bother me at all, but the numbing shot for the spinal hurt like I couldn't believe. I think I even cried out a bit. DH said he heard me say Ow. Then they put the medicine in and instantly my legs got all warm and they lay me down right away. Got my belly all ready and put the drape up. Brought DH in and he sat right next to me. It all felt so surreal. Seeing the two warmers all ready for my boys and the nurses ready to get them. Knowing that in a few minutes my boys would be there. Dr. Ardakani came in and she is such a happy bubbly person she just made me laugh. They started the incision and were telling me the whole time what they were doing. Next thing I know I hear this loud boisterous crying. That was my Zachy. I didn't get to see him right away, but DH said that his arms and legs were flying all over the place and he was crying very loudly. I remember I began to cry just hearing them. I also remember one of the OR staff saying that they were red heads. Then a minute later out comes James and he was screaming just as loudly. Actually, they were screaming in unison. I could see James and his arms and legs were flying all over the place too and he looked great. Then they went with DH to the nursery to get them cleaned up and weighed and their first shots done while I got stapled up. And got some good drugs. LOL. They wheeled me to the recovery room to wait until I could feel my legs again. I remember really working on getting the feeling back because I really wanted to hold my babies. Luckily the hour went by quickly. Also, my mom made them let her check on me quickly. My mom always gets her way. LOL. So I finally go to post partum and my room and they bring my boys to me. I remember finally getting to hold them and it was wonderful. They looked so good and felt so good in my arms. I remember being really tired because of the morphine, but I just loved finally holding them. Then I gave the ok for my Mom and the girls to come in and see their brother and my Mom to see her Grandsons. DH's parents came in shortly after that so that they could see them. It was actually nice when everyone left so I could rest and bond with the babies. Just remember if you guys are up to having a lot of visitors after you have your babies let your nurse know and they will be the bad guy for you. Sometimes just the time to bond with your baby is the most important thing. Now I stayed the full time that I could in the hospital so that I could take full advantage of the hospital and staff. So we were released on Saturday after lunch. The food sucked though. I remember having DH bring me McDonalds one day and he also went to Target and got some snack stuff because in the middle of the night I would get so hungry. Well I guess that is all I can remember now. Sorry it took me 4 weeks to write this, but I guess I have been kind of busy.
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    Congratulations Momma!! Welcome to the 1st year!! :woo:
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    :yahoo: Congratulations Vyckie!
    Welcome to the First Year!!
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    Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats!
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    :Clap: Congratulations on your boys!!
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    Congrats! so glad to hear all went well with your lil boys! :banana:
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    Congrats!! x
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    :banana: :banana: Congratulations!! :banana: :banana:
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    Congratulations!!!! AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE STORY. I will have the schedule c-section as well so it was very helpfull to read your story :)
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    [SIZE=18pt]Congrats on your baby boys!![/SIZE]

    Thanks for sharing your story and so glad everything went so well.

    Take care and enjoy!
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    Awww CONGRATS! So glad everything went well for you all! :)
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    Welcome to the world Zachary and James!!

    Congratulations and I am so happy everything went well.
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    YAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :birthday: SWEET BOYS!!!!
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    :yahoo: Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
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    Congratulations! :Clap::Clap:
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    Congratulations! Two gorgeous fiery red heads, that's great. Yours is such a lovely story, well done you for cooking them so well - they were a great size!

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