Your goals: what are they?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Momma_Mare, May 18, 2007.

  1. Momma_Mare

    Momma_Mare Well-Known Member

    After having a great appt with my Peri yesterday, I have decided to change my goals. My old Dr had me convinced that I wouldn't make it past 30wks because of my cervix, but now things are looking so well that I could very well make it past 30wks easily. My cervix is improving and lengthening back out a little. Granted, I still have to play it safe, but my hope is restored and I believe we can make it to 34wks now. It doesn't hurt that my boys are measuring at a week ahead of me and are both about 2lbs!
    My new goal: No NICU time for my boys. If I make it past 34wks, I can deliver at my old hospital that's closer to home(closer by about 7 hours!). B)

    What are your goals? Do you have one that your care provider has set? Are you going to try and blow it out of the water? Do you have a certain date you have to go into labor by to avoid a C-sect? Please share your story and inspire others! :D
  2. Buttercup1

    Buttercup1 Well-Known Member

    Each new day is a goal for me at this point. But I am really looking forward to 27 weeks (just 2 more days!) and then 28 weeks. Which is what my docs are hoping for. Each day I keep them in and my little baby A thrives is a gift. My long term goal is to get through May and not deliver until summer. But things are really touch and go right now so I have got to take it day by day.

    Good luck achieving your goals!
  3. melpissa

    melpissa Well-Known Member

    My goal is 38 weeks....the longest my doctor will let me go. I am not on bedrest for PTL though, for me it's a cracked pubic bone. I don't know if my goal is realistic.....especially considering the pain I'm in, but I'm going to try my darnedest to keep these babies baking until at least 36 weeks.
  4. Momma_Mare

    Momma_Mare Well-Known Member

    Well if you try, you can't say you failed even if you don't make it. Keep up the good work ladies.
    Going on week 27 for me,.....*i think i can, i think i can, i think i can,....woo wooo!*
  5. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    My one goal was to try and hold off delivery until I turned 30. Silly, but that was what I wanted. I was 5 days shy of my goal!!!

    While on bedrest though, each week was a celebration. At first I just wanted to make it to 26 weeks, and then it was 27, and 28 and so forth. It wasn't until I was discharged from the hospital at 32 weeks that I actually had hope of holding out to 34 weeks! I just wanted to avoid the NICU, which we did (I delivered at 34w4d)!
  6. mzsk

    mzsk Active Member

    :good: My next goal is this Saturday - 28w! I never thought I would make it, just hopeful to make it to 24. I am still contracting heavily and though have had no cervical changes yet, it could happen any day now. I have been on bedrest for 7w. Ultimately, I hope to make it to 34w. The Dr. says he is hopeful we can make it to 32 at least, so that gives me some hope for us too.

    There are so many stories of women on bedrest early on, shortened cervixes, etc who make it 34 plus weeks. It should give each one of us hope that we can do it too!

  7. twinboys07

    twinboys07 Well-Known Member

    My big goal was to make it to 32 weeks. It took me several days to really believe I had surpassed it! My next goal is 36 weeks... my high-risk peri group doesn't often see twins go past 36 weeks, so they don't really expect it, but I want to be the exception to that rule. Every day at this point, though, is a blessing. It was a tough road getting into the "safety zone" (relatively speaking), but it's so nice to be past the worst of it, in terms of pre-term labor threats.

    Hang in there, everyone... you're doing great!!!
  8. KindredSpirits

    KindredSpirits Well-Known Member

    My main goal is to make it to 36 weeks. My boys are on the bigger side, so I feel really good about the 36 week mark.
    Doc will take me off bedrest at 35 weeks, so that's 2 more weeks to go (minus a couple days).
    But in the meantime, I set week to week goals. Now I'm praying to make it to 34, b/c I know each week I pass, it's a better chance for no NICU time for the babies. Really that's what I want, babies that can come home with me!!!!
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