Yikes, Can't believe we're in the 2nd year already!

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    The twins are 13 months and growing more and more every day!!  Where did the first year go????  I swear sometimes I feel like I just blinked and they turned one!
    We had a big party for them on their birthday.  My parents came down from DC for it.  It was great, even though it poured down rain ALL day long.  Thank goodness for being in our new house and having tons of room.  We had planned on everything being outside for the most part but we luckily had the space to accommodate everyone inside.  Everyone had a great time, the twins had a great time.  I was so worried that they'd end up being super cranky b/c they REFUSED to take their nap before the party, but they didn't ... they were the stars for the day and loved it!!!  
    Marshall and I were exhausted afterwards, we thought we'd be able to do it all on our own.  We had gotten all the decorations up the night before after they'd gone to bed but didn't realize everything else that had to be done for a 12:00 party, lol ... we were down to the wire!  We joked that the next year we were doing it at Chuckie Cheese!   We will bring in reinforcements next year though to watch the twins while we get everything ready though ... you live and you learn right??? haha!  And as always with me, it's always the hard way!
    Adalynn is walking like a champ, Jackson is trying ... he's always been a little behind his sister ... He's like, Ehh what's the hurry!!  
    Jackson is a whopping 30 lbs now and Adalynn is a tiny 22 lbs.  We call Jackson "Mikey" b/c he'll eat anything!  We started them on the BLW a while ago and they LOVED it!!  They're both very strong eaters, for the most part, Adalynn for some reason is starting to become picky on what she eats, Jackson still eats everything!  We laugh, b/c Jackson has 8, almost 9 teeth (1 hasn't fully come through yet) and Adalynn still only has 1 and she'll eat just as much as Jackson!
    It took us a little bit to break Adalynn of her swing addiction and to get her to actually sleep in her crib but she is successfully sleeping in her crib for naps and bed time and pretty much sleeping through the night.  We had NO problem with the transition with Jackson.  Getting them in separate rooms helped him tremendously.
    Our new house has a formal dining room that we turned into their playroom .... We don't have a formal dining table and figured we probably weren't going to need it for quite a while and we wanted an area for just them.  They LOVE IT!!  We bought them this tent that has a tunnel with it for their birthday and they chase each other in and out of it all day, along with playing with all their other toys.  They also have the run of most of the house except for the kitchen and our bedroom, that's blocked off with the gate.  It's allowed me the time to get things done little by little during the day as needed.  I love it when I'm getting dishes done or laundry and I hear them running around and just laughing up a storm or talking to each other and laughing .... It just makes my heart sing!
    I know everyone says, you think the first year went by quick, they go by even faster after that.  I'm just lucky I'm able to stay home and be with them and watch them grow.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!!
    Anyway ... I just wanted to give an update and say HI!!  I know its been too long since I've been on here .... it's been so busy since we moved, I often wonder where the day went.  My head hits the pillow at night and I'm asleep within minutes!  Marshall says he's jealous b/c he's never been able to fall asleep that quick!!  I hope everyone is doing great!!!!
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    Glad to hear things are well!
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