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    Hey, this is my first ever post on this forum.
    I have three children, a boy( My elder son is 9 years old) and two girls. My younger kids are twins, two daughters (7 years old)!
    Recently, I noticed that my younger daughter, Hazel has yellow teeth. Her twin sister, Maeve's teeth are natural.
    Hazel and Maeve are going to preschool, where hazel got teased by her sister's gang for the yellow teeth! They love each other, but they rarely show affection in public! I'm suffering from their atrocities for the past year!
    Now Hazel is hesitated to go to school, she thinks, yellow teeth are caused due to low cleanliness! I tried my level best to convince her but failed.
    She asked me to fetch her to any dental clinic as she thinks a cleaning can cure the yellow teeth!
    I have been to nearby cosmetic dentistry for a root canal, there was a doctor called Omar. He seemed very polite and calm, so I fetched hazel there. The doc peacefully convinced her about the age and causes of yellow teeth. She seemed very sensible and acted prudently until we reach were home.
    Nevertheless the next morning, she started yelling at me with the same rhythm as past!
    Absolutely weird! I'm out of control! How can I just make her feel comfortable? Please help me out of this.
    I'm craving for peace. Lol...but seriously!
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