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    Alright. I'm looking at you Dannielle, Lisa, and anyone else who has done it! Give me the run down! Results(all around results). I need to do something. Bad. I need to get back to consistently working out. Once I stopped doing that, all hell broke loose!
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    Start off with reading It Starts With Food  and check out whole30.com.  Basically no dairy, wheat, sugar, soy-basically no processed foods for 30 days.  The idea is that foods affect our health/immune system and the authors suggest that it is mainly dairy, sugar, wheat products (i.e. gluten) and soy.  30 days may be enough time for your body to feel the difference.  I did it.  It's hard and I believe I lost 7 lbs in a month.
    But here is the kicker...once you reintroduce those foods (which the whole 30 tells you to do because how will you know if those foods do bother you) you have to reintroduce them slowly. I feel the most important chapters of the book is how you reintroduce those foods and see if they do bother you.  I can't say any of them did bother me (although the authors suggest to do a whole 45, 60 if that is the case)    I plan on doing a whole 30 after my anniversary and stopping around mid November (so it would be 5-6 weeks).
    Also with the whole30 it is very important to read your ingredients...you would be surprised at the stuff that contains soy, sugar and other ingredients...like tuna has soy in it (if you have a kosher section of your grocery store, that is where I found soy-free tuna) and some salts have sugar in it... I bought a garlic sea salt and I did not realize it had sugar in it because I assumed the ingredients would be garlic and sea salt.
    If you are on instagram, follow whole 30 as they also have guest IG folks who share recipes and the one recipe I absolutely loved is Nom Nom Paleo's version "fried" Cauliflower rice.  
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    I was eating pretty clean before I did the whole30.  But It was amazing what a difference not eating grains, dairy and soy was.  I was very strict.  In fact, we only ate out twice in the 55 days that we did.  I regret that I did not a proper reintroduction.  I have pretty much eaten whole 30 compliant meals at home since January, not strict when eating out.  
    Eating certain foods that are not allowed on the whole30 made me feel like I was in a brain fog, only thing was I had no idea.
    Dh used to get headaches almost every day prewhole30, and he has probably only had 2 or 3 headaches since. Usually following going off plan.
    It helped me elimate mindless snacking and really eating meals.  Eating breakfast with in an hour of getting up.  I used to take breakfast with me to work, and maybe would eat it maybe not.  

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