Which gift to choose?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Yorda, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Yorda

    Yorda Active Member

    Which gift to choose?

    WOW! My sister had a son! My nephew is adorable. I plan to visit my sister soon. And I don't know which gift to choose for her and for my nephew.
    Tell me which gift to choose?
  2. malep

    malep Active Member

    Accept my congratulations. The birth of children is so beautiful.
    For the baby, you can choose to gift clothes or toys. It's always necessary. Before Christmas there are a lot of costumes with Christmas theme
  3. Jeraldina

    Jeraldina Active Member

    I congratulate your family on the birth of your baby :)
    My advice to you. When choosing gifts for the baby, do not forget about that is the baby's MOTHER!
    This is a great holiday for her. Give a gift to mom too. Best of all, if it is something significant. For example jewelery. Look at Juliet's Lover there is a large selection of earrings https://julietslover.co.uk/product-category/earrings/ or bracelets or necklace. This will be a gift that will remind your sister of your baby's birthday for a long time.
  4. Daneshka

    Daneshka Active Member

    I want to make a present to my brother, his wife is pregnant for the first time and they will probably have twins, but I'm not sure about that yet. How to choose a gift that will be good for both one child and twins?
  5. Caroll

    Caroll Active Member

    I understand that you want to make a really cool gift, but if you don't know how many children your brother will have, it can be difficult. I can advise you to read reviews of various products for children, for example here. This will help you choose something that is multifunctional or that can be easily transformed into a stroller / car seat for one child or twins. It seems to me that this is a really good solution for you.
  6. lianot

    lianot Active Member

    Invited guests often have doubts about what to present to a young mother, especially when it comes to relatives. In most cases, it is customary to donate devices for the home or devices to maintain health. But often the needs of the birthday girl do not coincide with the choice of donors, so it is worth considering different options for presents.
  7. hipiva

    hipiva Member

    I think that there is a moment in your sister's life that she is pleased to remember. it can be a day during pregnancy, or a day after the birth of a child. such moments are usually photographed by people. And so that this moment will not be forgotten, present your sister with custom portraits. They will be able to decorate their home with this. Such a portrait can be ordered simply on the zkportraits website. It's not expensive and looks amazing.
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