When did they start using toothpaste? Do you floss?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Two_more_cookies, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Two_more_cookies

    Two_more_cookies Well-Known Member

    DS appears to have plaque on his teeth. We brush once a day after bath and I just noticed it within the last week or so.

    When did you start using kids toothpaste? What kind should I get? How do you rinse their teeth off? Did you teach them how to spit? (TMI) Do you floss or pick their teeth for them?


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  2. Safari

    Safari Well-Known Member

    we've been using the toddler toothpaste, but plan to switch over to real toothpaste (kids) that they have to spit out soon....
    luckily our kids teeth have gaps, so we haven't had to floss yet.

    i suggest more brushing (more often and more thoroughly).
  3. Becky02

    Becky02 Well-Known Member

    We started using the non flouride toothpaste that's safe to swallow. We brush twice a day once in the morning with only water and once at night before bed with the safe toothpaste (my girls get childs toothpaste with flouride). Once they brush they aren't aloud to eat or drink anything else. I think we switched my girls to the flouride toothpaste arou 4-4 1/2 (not really sure) but it was when they were really good at spitting and I knew that they wouldn't swallow it. Dh or I also brush their teeth for them either after they brush on their own or we do it before they brush but we always help brush them at night. In the morning we don't always help it depends on how quickly they brush. My girls have only flossed maybe three or four times and that was really only one or two teeth when something was caught in it. So they don't really floss at all.
  4. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    I use a tiny bit of real toothpaste and kids mouth wash. They both spit well. I floss with kid flossers and its quite easy. It's easier to train them to let you floss now rather than later
  5. debid

    debid Well-Known Member

    We started with flouride-free toothpaste as soon as they had teeth and switched to the other kind at 3. I use a tiny, tiny amount and they practice spitting. It isn't really the toothpaste doing the work -- brushing gently and thoroughly is more important than what you put on the brush. We brush and floss together twice a day (before nap and before bed). They LOVE it and will actually practice on their own for the fun of it. We use the flossers and they really do make it easier.
  6. Dielle

    Dielle Well-Known Member

    Mine don't really get spitting, yet. They try, but end up swallowing most of it and not really getting anything in the sink. So I use Act kids flouride rinse. I brush with water first, then pour just a little on their teeth and brush that over them. It was actually what our dentist recommended. I do floss a little, but not all the time. And they also get chewable flouride tablets once a day.
  7. me_and_my_boy

    me_and_my_boy Well-Known Member

    I think I started using the toddler (non-flouride) paste around 15 months. I just started using the kind you spit out for one of my boys at 3.5. The other one still gets the non-flouide kind because he has trouble spitting. I have been flossing their teeth since they were 2. THEY LOVE IT. One likes the little dinosaur shaped flossers and one likes my glide mint floss. Their front teeth are really tight and I didn't want them having problems like I have with cavaties between their teeth. They will remind me to floss if I forgot (or decide I'm not up to it :)!

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