We are having the hardest time finding g/g names

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by patty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. patty

    patty Member

    My husband and I between the two of us have 8 children and the twins will make 10. He has 5 daughters and I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. so we were hoping for a boy, but God decided on 2 more girls.

    So as you can see we are running out of girl names.

    My husband would have loved a son to name after him,,, Charles and he goes by Charlie, of course he is the fourth and was hoping to pass it down again.

    we thought why not name one of the girls Charlie..
    but we are getting such bad feedback from the idea. everything from it wouldnt be fair to the other twin too how desperate he would seem that he didnt get a girl to put that on her.

    other names we kind of like
    I like Caroline, He likes Casey

    any advice would help
  2. jjzollman

    jjzollman Well-Known Member

    What about Charlotte or Charlene?
  3. my boys

    my boys Member

    I love Charlie for a girl...I would do Charlotte and then she will eventually have the choice about what she wants to be called! If I had two girls they were going to be Charlotte (Charlie) and Caroline. Good luck!
  4. avd1995

    avd1995 Well-Known Member

    Charlie is a cute nickname.

    Although Actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell
    named one of their twin girls Charlie, after
    Jerry's brother.
  5. mholmes07

    mholmes07 Well-Known Member

    I personally wouldn't name a girl Charlie, although there are plenty of people who do. Kids can be cruel and I would just fear that she would be made fun of and then maybe resent the fact that you named her Charlie. That would be my fear. But good luck!! I just posted a thread a few days ago also about naming our twin boys. Its not that easy picking out name. For me anyway ;)
  6. luvrkids

    luvrkids Well-Known Member

    I like Charlie for a girl:) Casey and Charlie sound good together. Your just going to have to get used to people asking if they are girls or boys. I personally like names like that my girls have those kinda names!! Good luck I love the name game:)
  7. mom23sweetgirlies

    mom23sweetgirlies Well-Known Member

    The great thing about having children is that they are YOURS so it really doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, pick the names you love or that have special meaning to you. I think Charlie is adorable for a girl and if you're worried about her not liking it when she is older go with Charlotte. I think Charlotte and Caroline or Claire go good together if you are looking to stay with C names. I also think Callie is pretty. As for the other twin feeling left out, why not give her your middle name or the middle name of someone special to you? You may want to check out Nymbler.com it is a baby naming website that lets you type in six names that you like or of your other kids names and shows you similar names. :)
  8. MamaKimberlee

    MamaKimberlee Well-Known Member

    I love boy names for girls. I really wanted to name my first DD Michael, tonight she told me she wants her new nick name to be Matt. (her name is Madison). She wan't a boy name.
    Personally, I was too chicken to do it, but go for it!
    Or name her something you can call her Charlie. Name her Charlene or Charlotte and call her Charlie. My twins legal names are Elizabeth and Katherine. But no one really knows this. We only call them Kara and Ella. If they hate their nick names when they get older, they can change what they want to be called. (Ella could be Elizabeth, Liz, Beth, Elle, Lizzy, etc. Kara could be Kate, Katie, Katherine)

    I'd name Baby A one of those names you could use Charlie as the nick name and call her Charlie!
  9. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    Other c names that would be close :
    Cassandra nn Casey/cassy
    Charla fem form of Charles

    I myself :wub: Chara and Cassandra. Chara pulls the Charles reference with out being over board and if you have a boy later you could still use Charlie/Charles. Cassandra makes an elegant long name for the nn casey/cassy. Both are Greek with good flow and exceltent meanings (happiness/joy & shines down on man).
  10. emp59

    emp59 Well-Known Member

    My daughter's name is Charlotte and we have called her Charlee from day one. I love the name! I think it's a neat way to pass on your husbands name too!
  11. patty

    patty Member

    Do you pronounce it charlie like the boys name or ch(sh)alree ?
  12. avd1995

    avd1995 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to add, another celebrity used
    Charlie for a girl.
    Joey Lawrence (90's tv show Blossom) and (Dancing with the Stars)
    named his daughter Charleston nickname Charli.
    I like the name Charleston and spelling Charli with an i.
  13. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I think Charlie for a girl would be adorable especially since it is her daddy's name! What is his middle name? could it be tweeked a bit and feminized? I do think Charlie and Casey are really adorable!
  14. ljmcisaac

    ljmcisaac Well-Known Member

    If you like Charlie, go for it, but I would second using it as a short form of Charlotte or Charlene so if she wants something more feminine when she's older, she has a choice. I also like Casey for the second girl, since although they start with the same letter, the sound is different. You could also consider KC, as short for (for example) Katherine Chloe. A less usual name for a girl is Carmen (as in the opera).
  15. Sofiesmom

    Sofiesmom Well-Known Member

    I like Carlotta too ... I know slightly different taste and preferences as a European, not too keen on quite some American names. I liked Charlie for a boy, but my husband said it's too often used for a girl too and I didn't want it to be confusing. We call Maxine ... also Max sometimes ...
  16. Tamaralynn

    Tamaralynn Well-Known Member

    I like Charlie for a girl too, but would spell it Charleigh to make it more feminine. You could alwas do Charlotte like a PP suggested and call her Charlie for short. If you both LOVE the name, it really doesnt matter what others think, its not there daughter, she belongs to you and your DH. I am also a fan of Casey. I really like the Charlie and Casey combo. Good luck on whatever you choose.
  17. Kristin N

    Kristin N Well-Known Member

    I agree Charlie is a cute name for a girl. I also agree that you should go with Charlotte for a little flexibility if she decides she doesn't want to go by charlie. I personally do not like the name Charlene at all, but that's just me. In the interest of "fairness" to the other twin, I would consider another family/significant name for the other twin. That would avoid the resentment issue. But I love Charlie, and am definitely a fan of names that could be tweaked to reflect personalities/preferences as they grow into their names. My vote is for Charlotte and a family name, even if it's not a "c" name.
  18. Meximeli

    Meximeli Well-Known Member

    How about Carly instead of Charlie?

    I personally think Casey and Carly would be too similiar. But both a cute names.
  19. pamallhoney

    pamallhoney Well-Known Member

    Are you guys done having children? I guess that would be an important thing to know. If these are your last children then I would definitely name one Charlie either as a nickname or her name. But if you think you might want more children, I would wait to use the name for a little boy or your last girl.

    I like Charis or Karis for a "C" sounding name.
  20. MSB1203

    MSB1203 Well-Known Member

    I love Charli or Charlie...two of my clients (kids I photograph) are named that. One is actually Charleston Marie and they call her Charli or Charli Marie. And the other is Charlie Claire. I also love Caroline...as thats the middle name we have picked out for our little girl on the way. Maybe you could do the double name with Charlie to "girly" it up, but personally, I think its fine just as Charlie. I'm sure I wasn't much help but good luck deciding! :)
  21. Kyle'smommy

    Kyle'smommy Member

    Congratulations on your g/g twins. I am pg with g/g twins too. One of the names we are thinking of is Charlotte and we both love the nickname Charlie.I would pronounce it just like the boys name.Whatever you choose and love will be beautiful..it is hard. I always thought of girls names that I loved,now that I am having two girls I am confused
  22. avd1995

    avd1995 Well-Known Member

    I came across the name Charla
    I wanted to add to the post.
  23. SC

    SC Well-Known Member

    It really doesn't matter what people like or don't like--they get to name their own kids. If you and DH really like Charlie, go for it. And if you do, I'd just go with Charlie. I have never bought into the whole name him/her one name, but call him/her another name. But, that's just me. I know a 5 year old named Charlie and it suits her. I doubt the other twin will have hard feelings later in life. You can always say the first one out was Charlie (just like a first born non-twin often gets a father's name)! If there is another family name you like, use that. Otherwise, just use a name you like. I don't think they have to have similar sounding names. Since your DH likes Charlie, is there a name you like?

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