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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Noor A, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Noor A

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    Hey Guys,

    I have 9 month old twin boys and I seem to be getting more stressed as they get older. They do this thing where they go to sleep at night and keep waking up for a minimum of two hours on and off. They have to be held/rocked to sleep again. Then theyll sleep for a few hours before they wake up again and its non stop nagging and crying and moving all through the night. Ive tried everything from bathing, feeding heavy meals, feeding no meals just milk, white noise, even took them to the Dr to see if something was wrong but nothing!

    Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this as I am this close to collapsing

  2. Yelisaveta91

    Yelisaveta91 Member

    Well, already answered to you on the other thread, but noticed that you created your own thread just after.
    So, there's a copy of what I wrote on the other :

    Hi Noor A.
    During the first months my little girl was crying every night, I tried everything too, but it was useless, I tried giving her milk but she wasn't hungry, I tried hold her in my arms but she didn't want hugs, etc... finally I realized that she didn't had to sleep a lot (maybe she's a bit insomniac so) and that she just hated to be in a crib, she felt like imprisoned and and it made her really anxious.
    So, she was too young for a big bed, but around her 6th month I put her on a mattress on the floor, since then things changed. She stopped crying during night right then, she still woke up during night, but instead of crying she made her little life by her own, because she was now free. Of course the room was secured for her to move around how she wanted. She played alone, once she was able to handle the bottle by her own she had her milk bottle next to her too and she drunks by her own while she woke up and wanted to.
    On the other hand her twin brother always was very calm and quiet. He never cried once, I first was scared and several times thought he was dead. Even while he woke up hungry during night he just waited for hours silently, looking around him observing the room and his bed, sometimes trying to sleep again. I had to be careful about him because he never asked for what he needed. Well, since he learnt to speak he is talkative now.

    So, maybe your boys are insomniac ? Maybe they're early independents ? Or maybe it's something else ?
    Anyway I hope you'll be fine.
    If I can give you some advice, if you're confident and too stressed about this, why not trying to make them sleep on the floor ?
    Also, did you even tried to make them in separate rooms ? Maybe it's just because they're together and that they keep each other awaken.
  3. daisies

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    I hope you have found some answers! If you are still struggling and even if things have leveled out, I HIGHLY recommend the book:
    Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth (don't bother with the twin version, the regular book has more info).

    It is a lot to read, especially when you are sleep deprived by in the beginning it will tell you how to 'catch up' and just read the parts for your age children.
    This book saved my life! Read it. Trust him. Some of what he says sounds crazy but it works! Knowledge is power.
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