Twins in Thailand - Dr insisting on C-Section?!?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by mattysiam, May 22, 2015.

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    First post here, so hello to all :) I'm actually the father to be of twins. My wife who is Thai, is 17 weeks pregnant with DCDA twins. The twins are due at the end of October. We live in Phuket, where I own and manage my PADI dive centre business.
    Ideally, both my wife and myself, would prefer a natural birth, unless because of an issue or complications arising later on which mean a c-section would reduce any risk to the twins.
    My wife is 25 years old, her usual body weight is around 46kg, she's 154cm tall, and this is her first pregnancy.
    In Thailand, generally the Dr's lean towards a C-section over a natural birth, even if there's just one baby. In fact, even at 10 weeks pregnant our Dr told us he would plan for a C-section.
    We are using one of the two best private hospitals in Phuket, the Phuket International Hospital. I think they go for C-section for reasons including:
    • That's the way they've been trained, it's easier for them to plan a time to just conduct a C-section and the job's done. 
    • They have little experience with natural birth, and want to play it safe as that's all they know. This is especially true if it's twins.
    • C-section is more expensive and it's a private hospital (I don't care about the money, I'm willing to pay the same for a natural birth)
    The reasons my wife and I would prefer a natural birth unless complications dictate that a C-section would be beneficial, include:
    • It's natural, and surely natural would be the better option rather than having what amounts to major surgery.
    • My wife would rather have a natural birth as she is very anxious about having a C-section.
    • The increased danger and risk to my wife's health, possibly life, if she undergoes a C-section.
    • The longer recovery time for my wife after having a C-section.
    If anyone has any answers or advice to the above, or especially if they know of a Dr / OB in Thailand who would be supportive towards a natural birth for our twins, over a C-section, we'd be immensely grateful. Or if there's an OB / midwife experienced with natural births with twins, heading out to Phuket over the next few months, we'd love to meet just for an hour for a coffer or something for a chat. A big ask I know, but fingers crossed.
    Thanks in advance for any guidance or info!
    Rgds Matt
  2. miss_bossy18

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    A couple of thoughts:

    Vaginal birth with twins is definitely possible and a reasonable option to consider.

    Have you looked into hiring a doula? They can help you navigate the hospital system and help you advocate for your family's wants and needs.

    In my experience, the best way to connect with a supportive care provider is to connect with the local birthing community: doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, prenatal yoga instructors, etc will all know which care providers in your area are most likely to support the type of birth you are hoping for.

    You may want to check what the actual laws in Thailand are regarding medical procedures, informed consent, and informed refusal. In Canada, all people have the right to informed consent and informed refusal. This means that medical procedures can not be forced on a conscious person capable of making decisions regarding their care. So that means a cesarean birth can not legally be performed without obtaining consent for the procedure. If the client does not consent the care provider has to support the client's choice.
  3. mattysiam

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    Hi Rachel
    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure where to start looking really. I've asked my wife to search for and post some questions on Thai language forums about this, but, I'm not sure she'll have much success. The majority of Thai people have a culture or an unwillingness to question or second guess a Doctor, although I don't. I think the Doctor is a little taken aback that I suggested unless there are complications closer to the time, like the first twin is in the breach position, or something else, we'd prefer to plan for a natural birth.
    I think mindset here Doctors have to opt to plan for a C-Section regardless, is probably because most of the Doctors here have always done things that way, and have little or no experience with natural multiple births. 
    If anyone here has had twins in Thailand, and it was a natural birth, or if the Doctor at least supported the idea of a natural birth, I'd live to hear from them.
    Obviously, my wife and I do understand that in the end, the health and well being of the twins and my wife is the most important thing, and if due to factors later on a C-section is deemed necessary, we'll fully accept that. We'd just like to plan for a natural birth as the first choice. My little sister is a Doctor, although relatively junior, and has no experience with multiple births, unfortunately, or I'd fly her over from the UK.
    I'm actually still in shock we're having twins, I'd never even considered it a possibility, although my wife had said beforehand that she wanted twins, and would have twins, even though there is no history of twins in either of our families ;)
    Thanks again.
  4. lharrison1

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    Congratulations on expecting twins!!...and welcome to TS.  Rachel gave you some great advice and I dont know much about Thai medical laws-but I would assume you have the right to attempt a vaginal birth if that is what is desired-so long as there are no complications to consider.
    I know in my state they do deliver twins in the opperating rooms of the hospital just in case they need to do an emergancy c-section-but I delivered vaginally with no complications at all. 
    Can you do a google search for OB's in Thai (Phuket, area) that will perform vaginal twin births and see what you come up with?
    Good luck and please keep us posted.
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