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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by EeeOoo, Dec 2, 2014.

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    My twins' gestational age is 37 weeks, born at 33weeks and 4 days.  
    I do believe I was at risk of twin to twin transfusion just before the twins were born.  During my ultrasound / check up 7 days prior to them being born, the twins appeared to be fine in terms of weight difference.
    When the twins were born, baby A was 4lbs 11oz, and Baby B was 3lbs 13oz.
    They spent 3 weeks in NICU, and were bottle fed by week 3.  And got discharged after 1 week of oral feeding ( they were showing good signs of oral feeding, no top ups via feeding tubes for 2 days at the end).
    I tried breastfeeding, but they need the formula to top up because my milk supply is low.
    They were doing very well just before the discharge. And the first 2 days of being home, we were able to keep them on the every 3 hour feeding schedule.  But by day 3, all of the sudden, it's almost as if they got really hungry. They started asking for more milk (in between feeds). So I was giving about 10cc in between feeds. But it didn't happen all the time. And I went from 50 cc to 60cc for Baby A and 40cc to 50cc for Baby B.
    But they don't finish their milk all the time now.  They often leave a 5 to 10 cc behind, refusing to finish (during some feeds). They actually swat the bottles away from their mouths (believe it or not, and they're supposed to be preemies).
    Now I wonder if they were discharged too soon.  And HOW do we get them back on track, without us loosing our sanity?  Feel like everytime we finish feeding one feed, we're already onto the next feed because they spent alot of time "spitting out" , falling asleep and not finishing.  And they are spitting up in bed for 48 hours now.  
    1.,  Do you force the twins to finish their volume (ie: Baby A - 60cc;  Baby B 50cc).  However, Baby A fluctuates between 60 cc and 50 cc depending on the feeding time. Baby B is more consistent.  But he falls asleep very quickly. 
    2.  Do your twins spit out - not spit ups, but they keep the milk in the mouth and then they spit it out.  How do you manage that? I Try to tap them on the cheeks so get them to swallow. They do it, but it's almost as if they also have milk sitting in their throat. So when I sit them up for a burp, they spit the milk out.  
    3.  How do you keep them on the 3 hour schedule? Should we just feed on demand and not worry about the 3 hour? But we do often have Baby A freaking out for feeding in between, so it feels like he's feeding every hour.  
    I'm worried we over feed them.  Or under feed them.  Very confused when they want their full feeding volumes, and when they don't want (ie: Baby A - 60cc;  Baby B 50cc).  Sometimes Baby A even ask for more after 60cc.  Baby A is the bigger boy, and he's getting heavy.  Baby B needs to catch up and I think he is trying to.
    And within the last 24 hours, it seems they're now 
  2. miss_bossy18

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    Double check with their doctor but honestly, just follow their cues. If they're hungry, feed them. If they're full, stop. Babies are smart and are in tune with the needs of their bodies in a way that they will probably never be again. Trust them.
  3. ECUBitzy

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    I agree with Rachel. There can be so much anxiety over the number of ounces and frequency of feedings, it can make you crazy. As long as their weight, diapers, and development stay on track, I would follow their cues.
  4. eagleswings216

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    I agree with the others - follow the cues your babies are giving you.  Definitely don't "force" them to finish (not sure how you would anyway?).  Let them eat what they want.  And at that age, the "schedule" is just a guideline and will ebb and flow as they go through growth spurts.  Feed them when they seem hungry (crying, turning their heads, etc.), although we would always feed both when one seemed hungry for our own sanity and to keep them at a similar "schedule".
    It's hard not to stress about how much they are eating, but like someone else said, as long as they have plenty of diapers to change and are growing, try not to stress.
  5. EeeOoo

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    Great, thank you.  We've been following their cues best we can.  Just called the NICU and spoke with one of the nurses, and she advised me that it's normal, as part of their growth.  The twins are supposed to be in my stomach still, where food was coming to them naturally, but now, they are out, they have to ask for the food.  They are hungry like the wolves lol
    Oopss, I had also posted this same topic because I wasn't sure if this one was posted, my computer crashed... sorry for the duplicates.
  6. ECUBitzy

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    No worries about the duplicate! Happens all the time. :)

    Tell us more about yourself! Welcome to TS!
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