Twin ultrasound question?

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    When I got my ultrasound at 7 weeks 2 days she was very quick and only looked to see what the due date was and looked at a small bleed outside the sack. She didn't check or measure anything else. I was the last one for the day and she was past the time she should have left. She gave me a picture and I asked her what the tail part was on the fetus and she thought I was asking about the area where the arrow is pointing. She said, "oh, I didn't see that when I was doing the ultrasound. It's probably just some extra tissue inside the sack or something. Nothing to worry about. I'll see you at your 20 week ultrasound." She was leaving for the day and wasn't going to turn everything back on to see what it was. I tried calling my doctor, but was told she wasn't worried about it and that was all. Does it look like it might be a twin? All I know is it is definitely something in there, but what?

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