TWIN STROLLER....Need help!

Discussion in 'General' started by deuce123, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. deuce123

    deuce123 New Member

    I am due August 7 and am starting to register for baby stuff. I am struggling to find a great twin stroller that will allow 2 car seats to click in as well as have all terrain tires. I live in an area with a lot of weather changes and need something for all seasons. The only options I have found so far are the bugaboo donkey, which is priced very high, and the Stroll Air My Duo, which gets terrible reviews. I am looking for something that I can either click or even set car seats into for grocery shopping, walking, etc. My sister used a Jeep brand that she could set her car seat into that had a security strap. If anyone has any advice on what works and what their favorites are please post. Hoping to find a good solution soon!!!
  2. bayoubaloo

    bayoubaloo Active Member

    I read a lot of reviews on the Stroll Air My Duo ... didn't see any negative ones. I took the plunge and bought it. Like it so far, but it's not a real test until the twins are here. I expect them late April. See the other post on double stroller for more of my comments. I am late catching up with this forum and replied to that one a day or two ago and just saw your post now.
  3. Lou_1

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    What kind of terrain? We live in CO and we have the contour optima by kolcraft. Haven't had any issues on paved or dirt pathes. It comes with one car seat adapter so you will have to buy an additional one for about 18 bucks (cheaper on Amazon than the kolcraft website). We like this stroller. Also the storage at the bottom is huge. It is kind of a space hog....especially once you ditch the infant carseats. Overall, I would recommend it.
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