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  1. laraa

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    Do you love to travel? What country or city impressed you most?
  2. fara2

    fara2 Member

    Sure! Who does not like to travel?)))
  3. fara2

    fara2 Member

    If you want to get new and unforgettable emotions, I advise you chernobyl tour from kiev. Chernobyl is a unique place where the largest technogenic catastrophe in the history of mankind happened. This is a place where you can make an unusual and extreme journey. Bright emotions, extreme and unforgettable impressions in such a trip are guaranteed.
  4. Daneshka

    Daneshka Active Member

    I love to travel very much, but I like to do it not as a tourist, but as a person who has spent some time in another city or country. I dreamed of going to study in Japan, as I read a lot of information about this country and I liked the description of life in Tokyo from other people. Now I have to return to my homeland and I need to find a way to deliver all my luggage, which I bought during my 4 years of living here. I found one offer from a shipping company for a moving to America service at an affordable price and I'm planning to use it to move some furniture, books, and clothes to my apartment in New York. This should help me make my home move easier and less stressful.
  5. lauwss

    lauwss Active Member

    Who doesn't? It's natural for people to being interested in learning new things or new places.
  6. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Active Member

    I was very impressed by the Russian Federation with the city of St. Petersburg. It is indeed a very grand city and a great country, although the people in it live very poorly. If you want to see all this firsthand, then visit this source and read the detailed information on how to do it. You'll need to fill out a couple of documents.
  7. Caroll

    Caroll Active Member

    I really enjoyed our short trip to Monaco. This is really a land of luxury, a wonderful combination of the beauty of nature and the achievements of people. I read a lot about this small country on the Internet, for example, here is really a lot of interesting information about Monaco. I'm a little sad that we did 't have time to see all the attractions of this principality, but I plan to visit it more than once!
  8. juicevert

    juicevert Member

    I love Michigan, Monaco and Niagara Falls, I want to go there
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  9. Magnoliya

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    I recently booked a tour of Niagara Falls from Toronto. Seeing Niagara Falls is unforgettable! It is the largest waterfall in North America. You bet - the total width of more than 1,000 meters. The feeling, of course, is inexpressible. Even just to see such a huge mass of water plummeting from a height is amazing. And if you get close to this power on the river - then the emotions will be remembered for a lifetime. Niagara Falls are actually three waterfalls. They are called American, Horseshoe, and Fata. The American and Fata Falls from the Canadian side looks like a stone rampant with water and steam. It is a very cool sight.
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  10. Connoleib

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    For me, the main thing in travel is a change of scenery, a chance to distract from everyday worries, because the primary concern in the journey is "in what restaurant to have dinner tonight"). With all that said, as you can not relax, do not turn off your head at home. And, of course, the change of climate. I miss the abundance of sunshine and warmth throughout the year. And if you plan trips on your own and in advance, you can rest on a budget. I chose Mumbai as my vacation destination, but I was scared to go there alone as a girl. But to dispel my fears and misgivings helped click here. Now in a good mood, I can look at all the beauties of this city.
  11. mayalison

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    Mandatory testing can interfere with train travel in Germany ?
  12. alimanach

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    Coronavirus testing is now mandatory throughout Germany for all entries from at-risk zones, regardless of the mode of transport. Anyone who has been in an at-risk area in the last ten days must have a negative test result or a corresponding doctor's certificate within 48 hours of entry at the latest. This must be presented to the competent health authority upon request. Irrespective of the test result, there is a mandatory quarantine by the provisions of the respective federal state. Therefore, before you go anywhere, please read all the information on this website carefully to know everything you need to know.
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