Traveling with 4 month olds

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    Hi there,

    So I was wondering how to travel with 4 month old twins. Do we need to have ID for security? What are we allowed to bring threw security for them? How to keep them calm on the flight? Can 2 babies be in the same row? Do you need to bring the car seat base for the car seat for when I get off the plane? Etc...

    Any information would be great.
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    You do not need ID for children unless you're travelling out of the country. You may need their birth certificates if you are bringing them on as lap children. The airline can ask for verification that they're under 2 years old. At 4 months, they're obviously not 2, but some airlines have a policy that they ask everyone.

    You can bring anything you want through security as long as it's not a liquid or dangerous. That said, you CAN bring enough formula or breastmilk for your travel time through security. You just have to package it separately and declare it at security.

    Two babies can be in the same row if you purchase at least one of them a seat. You can not have two lap babies in the same row - there are not enough oxygen masks. And about the car seat base... if you're going to use the car seat in a car, you will also need a base, right? My advice would be to purchase seats for both of your babies (it's the safest way to go) and bring both the car seat and base on the plane so that they can sit comfortably. Just make sure your car seats are FAA approved for use on a plane. Most are.
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    I agree with everything Tricia wrote, except you can sit in the same row but across the aisle from each other. DH used to do that when our girls were infants and lap babies. Also at 4 months it might be easier to wear them in a Bjorn or Wrap that way you have your hands free to get through security. You can't keep them in there when you fly, but it made getting through the airport easier. If you do bring the car seats on the plane, they'll have to sit in the window seat because of FAA regulations.

    Another thing we did to make packing and traveling easier was order things to have shipped out there like diapers, formula, wipes. Then we just packed what we would need for 1-2 days.

    Good luck!
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