Traveling for first time with 6 mo olds

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by jdorourk, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. jdorourk

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    In a couple weeks we are traveling for the first time with our twins which will be 6 mos old. I am getting very anxious about all the details/logistics and looking for tips from others.

    We are flying from Texas to Boston, then driving to Cape Cod for DH cousin wedding. We are staying in a 5 bed house with many of DH extended family. We will be there 4 nights. We've rented two pack n plays for them to sleep in at night.

    It is a direct flight and we made sure to get aisle seats across from each other as we can't have two babies in the same row due to only having 4 oxygen masks.

    - Should we bring our car seats and double snap n go on the plane or just rent car seats when we get there?
    - How did you LO act on the plane? Did they just fall asleep on their own in your arms? It is a 3 hour flight.
    - How did your LO sleep on the trip? I am guessing we'll be doing a lot of car naps.
    - Should I bring a lot of toys?

    Anything else? Looking for any tips/pointers at all!

    I have some breastfeeding questions I'll post in the BF forum
  2. Trishandthegirls

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    Direct flights are EASY! You'll be just fine. Check your car seats and stroller when you check your luggage. If you carry them (or push the stroller) all the way to the gate, they're just going to put the stroller and carseats in the belly of the plane anyway so save yourself the hassle and check them up front. Most airlines allows car seats and strollers to be checked for free.

    Some babies sleep on plane rides, some don't. Plan for no sleeping on the plane and you can be pleasantly surprised if they fall asleep. Bring bottles or plan to nurse to alleviate any ear pressure. And bring stuff to entertain them - whatever they like now, maybe stacking cups? Plastic keys? When we traveled with our girls at that age we tried to stick to the same schedule and they did fine napping on people's beds, in other kids cribs, whatever was available.

    As for toys... if your kids are into them, then yes - bring some! Whatever you think will keep them occupied and happy for a few minutes will help both on the plane and at the wedding/house.
  3. megkc03

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    That flight will be a breeze! ;) I only say that because our first flight was with two almost 9 month olds. To Italy. By the time we got to our final destination in Italy, we had been up for over 30 hours!

    Our flight to Italy was a night one. When they were infants(we went last year too), they did pretty well sleeping. If you get there early, you can see if you can get bulkhead seating(I think that's what it is called), and they attach a little bassinet to the wall and at least one of the babies can sleep.

    We brought plenty of snacks, some favorite books, and a few new toys and some old favorites. We went for almost three weeks.

    I'm no help with carseats/strollers as we borrowed carseats there and brought two single strollers that we gate checked on the plane.

    As for sleeping while in Italy...I had to give up my routine for the most part, while we were there. It's such a different way of life there, that a 7 pm bedtime was crazy. Most nights, dinner starts at 8/9 pm. Naptimes consisted of us driving up and down the mountains of Italy. When we got back, it may have taken a few days at the most, but we were quickly back on schedule!

    Have a safe flight! You're coming to my neck of the woods! What part of the Cape are you going to? I live out in Western Ma. Love the Cape! It's where I spent my summers growing up as I have family out that way. :)
  4. j-squared

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    Bring the car seats and double snap n go on the plane. I'd gate check them as they tend to get bumped around less that way (car seat damage from being checked at any point during air travel is a risk for car seats but your seats are very likely going to be safer than any you'd rent from a car rental agency and you will also know how to install them and your kids will be comfy in them).

    My first always fell asleep at some point during flights, except the most recent one when he was two (he couldn't get comfortable). I always nursed him to sleep on the plane. I did have to strap him into my Ergo on one flight when he was 5 months old and nurse him in it while rocking back and forth in the aisle to get him to sleep. But I'll also nurse anywhere and do anything to keep my kid from screaming in a contained environment. ;)

    That said, he always slept like crap at night at home and it was no different while travelling. LOL.

    A few toys or pacifiers or loveys are a good idea for on the plane and at the destination (although my son was often fascinated by wooden spoons and rubber spatulas as an infant so toys weren't really required for him).

    Bring food if you need it. You are allowed to bring formula, breast milk and baby food containers on the plane and through security. They will just do the extra special screening of it.
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