Traveling 32 weeks!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Sarah, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    Hello Ladies!

    I'm currently 26.3 weeks with B/G twins (These are my first!) :)
    I'm currently living in North Carolina and soon I will be traveling to Pennsylvania by airplane to attend my baby shower. I will be 32.2 weeks when I travel there, it will be around a 1 hr to a 1 & a half hour flight. I am only staying for the weekend (Traveling July 15th and Flying back July 17th.)
    I asked one of the OB's I see, and he said he doesn't suggest that I do. He said it is ultimately my choice. I also told him it was a short flight, but he seemed mostly concerned that I would be so far away from home and have the possibility of pre-term labor.
    I really don't want to miss my own baby shower!
    Any suggestions? Advice?
  2. kingeomer

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    I think your OB's advice is standard. I remember when I was pregnant, I had a trip to Las Vegas planned and my OB suggested that I not go (this is a 5 hour flight for me and I'd be across the country) and I elected to stay home. My OB had left the decision up to me and said you could feel great today and go and the day of departure feel awful and not want to I made the choice to stay home.
    It's hard to tell you what's best for you, only you can decide that. Is there any way they can have a shower for you in North Carolina? How are you getting the gifts back home?
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  3. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    Long story short, I moved to NC about a year ago, don't have any friends or family here (besides immediate family). My grandpa from Pennsylvania passed away, so we are taking a uhaul to pick up some of his things he left to us, along with my baby shower gifts (my mom, sister and stepdad are driving there, it's about a 8.5 hour drive). So, I'm going to see my family there.
    I know it's ultimately up to me, just wanted to get some outside perspective!
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