To Humidify or Vaporize, Cold or Warm

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by daisies, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. daisies

    daisies Well-Known Member

    we have never had either.
    Do you have one? Which one? Do you like it?
  2. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    We have a Vicks Vaporiser - it was really handy when they had stuffy/runny noses - I do like it although it makes the room very hot and humid but their room is very small.
  3. jdorourk

    jdorourk Well-Known Member

    We live in the super humid gulf coast so we never needed a humidifier before, but DS just had a bad cold/cough and the pedi and many others recommended a cool mist humidifier. I bought the one in the link at target and we turned it on at night next to DS's PnP.
  4. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    You *should* have a cool mist humidifier, just in case they manage to pull it down on top of themselves. That being said, I've had both the cold and the hot, and it doesn't feel so much like a swamp in the room with the cool mist one, but they are more expensive and do not have the ability to add menthol stuff to help with the breathing.
  5. weegus

    weegus Well-Known Member

  6. daisies

    daisies Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed if the humidifier lowers the temperature of the room?

    What about the bacteria concern for the cool mist humidifiers? How much of a pain are they to clean?
  7. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    If u put one on their room, cool mist is highly recommended. We have crane cool mist (frog). It's awesome. It's so quiet. We barely hear anything. It's easy to clean. It has a small water tank, but lasts long time. It costs about 25 bucks. Have fun shopping.
  8. j-squared

    j-squared Well-Known Member

    We use the Vicks humidifiers (warm mist). We've tried several cool mist ones and none of them worked properly for very long. We like to keep the heat down at night to save money and the warm mist ones do a nice job of keeping the rooms a reasonable temperature. I do leave the door open a bit for air flow and we also have a fan in the room so I think it does counter the warm mist a bit so it doesn't get too warm and humid, just keeps the temp enough so I'm not freezing my butt off while I'm sitting nursing babies in the middle of the night. LOL.
  9. weegus

    weegus Well-Known Member

    I do notice that using the humidifier lowers the temperature of the room. We keep our thermostat at 64 deg F so we have heaters in their room as well. Also, I have this cheapy humidity and temperature indicator. I know it probably isn't a super accurate reading, but at least I have an idea of what is going on with the temp and humidity. My Crane humidifiers are not a pain to clean. I just rinse them every few weeks with a white vinegar/water mixture (per the instructions) and do a bit of clean up using the brush they include. Scum does build up if you don't clean it regularly, though I am not sure if that is because we have well water.
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