Things I've discovered about my kiddos

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by kdanielleflowers, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    In the wake of our "confessions" thread (which made me feel really good to know I'm not a horrible mom) I thought I'd start one so that we can brag on ourselves a little bit. Let's hear about the cute and fascinating quirks you've discovered about your LOs. I'll start...

    My girls are currently in a race to see who can get their entire fist into their mouths first.

    BK thinks it's hilarious when she poops in her diaper every morning.

    Aurora is a diva and cries to have her diaper changed as she is peeing.

    Daddy's shoulder is the prime sleeping zone for both girls. Fortunately, he has two shoulders.

    When BK starts squirming in her bed, I have about 3 min before I have to go get her. For Aurora, I should have been there 3 min before she woke up!

    Holding BK without a burp rag on your shoulder is like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

  2. meganguttman

    meganguttman Well-Known Member

    Good idea!

    Jake screams like a girl and has since I first heard his scream in the OR.
    Ryan likes to sleep with his blanket on his head (but he must have his face open...his decision, not mine)
    Jake sleeps on his belly curled up, while Ryan sleeps on his back sprawled out.

    I'll keep trying to remember back and see if I can come up with other odd behavior!
  3. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Riley loves to cuddle, Danika is too busy trying to figure out how to crawl.

    they both love sleeping on their tummies with their faces straight down on top of their bunched up fists. i don't know how it's comfortable, but they seem to like.

    they get soooo excited when their grandma comes over - i suspect it's because she's already giving them treats i wouldn't approve of. ;)

    Riley loves to wiggle - it's too cute for words.

    Danika is constantly trying to pull things over just to see if she can.
  4. laurenlantz

    laurenlantz Well-Known Member

    The most recent thing that I just find really odd, but I guess it's comforting to them, is that they like to have something against their face when they sleep. Hannah likes to wiggle herself over to the bumper pads and plant her face into them. Kate likes to put her lovey over her face and will wake up if you try to move it away. Good thing they can turn their heads to breathe if they need to.

    Kate loves her toes. Hannah is just discovering she has hands. Too cute!

    Kate is really into solids and has been having solid poops, but poor thing, she has a hard time getting it out so she cries.

    Hannah is much more interested in the world around her than eating. Likewise, she's been sticking her little toush up in the air and pulling her feet under her like she's preparing herself to crawl.

    I never thought my girls would be the proud owner of so many burp cloths and bibs.
  5. ohjojo

    ohjojo Well-Known Member

    this is fun!

    natalie is my silent pooper, i'm always suprised when i find poop!

    thomas sounds like he is pushing out a bowling ball when he poops, never a suprise there, but it is hilarious to watch/listen to.

    nat has a low threshold for irritation, when she is done with something i'd better get to her quick or i'm gonna hear about it.

    thomas has to fall asleep with his blankie over his head and face, he rubs it all over his face while making little smacking sounds with his mouth. as soon as he falls asleep i have to move it because i am crazy paranoid, but he always ends up putting it back...

    they think the dogs are hilarious, the dogs don't feel the same way about them..
  6. dezmitch

    dezmitch Well-Known Member

    Every night when I check on the twins Gabby puts her arm over her eyes as if the light is too bright and it's distracting her sleep -- meanwhile the light is from the room across the hall so it's not even as bright as a night hardly anything at all.

    Brody loves when Mamma squeezes his bum and says, "My little bum bum." He cracks up -- he thinks it's funny.

    Brody is easy to make laugh, Gabby is more of a challenge.

    Gabby can be so happy, and so mad!

    Everything is on Gabby's terms (twins A)...the day is good for EVERYONE if she's in a good mood, the day is bad for EVERYONE if she isn't.

    Poor Brody continues to figure out how to crawl or scoot...he's determined (and has been for months), but no movement though. I bet he'll be a good swimmer with all the practice leg and arm movements he makes on the ground.
  7. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(laurenlantz @ Apr 9 2009, 10:03 AM) [snapback]1265836[/snapback]
    Kate is really into solids and has been having solid poops, but poor thing, she has a hard time getting it out so she cries.

    Does she still get bottles too? If so, have you tried putting some dark Karo syrup in them? We had to do this with DD1 and it worked very well. Poor baby. :babyflips:
  8. slr814

    slr814 Well-Known Member

    This is fun...
    Abriel looks down and at the same time opens her eyes real wide, so she has this crazy surprised look. She has also recently discovered her fist, so she'll look at it like, Oh my gosh! This the most incredible thing ever! and then tries to put it in her mouth, but misses.
    I can tell when Samuel is starting to get unhappy, because he grunts. He also grunts and makes all sorts of noises when he's nursing. Abreil latches on and doesn't make a peep til she's done.
    She has the cutest little body. Everything about her is little and round.
    He sleeps with his but in the air. :wub:
  9. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member

    Danielle this was a fantastic idea...thanks!

    -has to have something over his face while sleeping-like pp if i pull away (cause I'm paranoid too) he gets mad and angrerly throws it back.
    -makes alot of noise when pooping, face real red, stare with intensity and don't think of making him laugh, he gets real mad (guess i can't blame him)
    -laughs and smiles devilishly when poop task completed
    -has found his voice and screams like a cat in heat and will continue until he gets your attention
    -screams in his sleep, i watched him for 30min one night and couldn't stop laughing!
    -is always on the move, but emotionally very laid back, is able to entertain himself
    -hates the jumperoo

    -my little sensitive baby-noises, attitudes, he reacts to it all!
    -he looks like an angel, very soft, makes soft noises...moves very softly...physically laid back
    -loves to be cuddled...ALL THE TIME!
    -makes intense eye contact
    -loves his jumparoo
    -loves his grammy

    wow there is soooooo much more...i should really write in their journal again!
    thanks again Danielle!
  10. ckreh

    ckreh Well-Known Member

    -thinks DH is the funniest guy in the world just for coming home from work. He starts laughing every M-F when DH comes home.

    -takes an extra 2 weeks than Lily to learn things like crawling, but once he does you better watch out.

    -never stopped smiling even after his open-heart surgery at 8 weeks old.

    -has to examine everything to see how it works. Maybe a future engineer?

    -thinks I am the funniest mom in the world when I just look at her she starts smiling and laughing.

    -thinks everything is hers and will repeatedly try to get it after it is taken away, then she will sit on it to stake her claim if she gets it again.

    -has a look in her eye like "I know I'm gonna get in trouble, but I don't care"

    -refuses to wear any of the cute headbands or hats that I spent hours looking for and buying.
  11. MelinaS79

    MelinaS79 Well-Known Member

    Loves to smile, now that he knows how. (He learned yesterday.. hasn't quit since. :))
    Could really care less if he eats or not. He'd rather sleep. Unless its in the middle of the night. THEN he cares about eating!
    Would much rather sleep on Mommy or Daddy's shoulder than anywhere else in the entire house. Especially his crib.
    Hates having his diaper changed, because he's uncovered. But LOVES the bath!

    Is Mommy's little Diva.. I am supposed to know what she wants, when she wants it, BEFORE she lets me know she wants it.
    If she's hungry, she'll scream louder than anything else in this world.. but she won't make a peep when she poops!
    Like TwinsInFL's little BK - holding Katie on your shoulder without a burpcloth is just ASKING to be barfed on.
    Loves her bouncy chair as long as the vibration-thingy is on. If its not then she wants no part of it. :)
  12. lovelylily

    lovelylily Well-Known Member

    These are great! I love threads like this :)

    Ethan explores the world one bite at a time, Abby, one lick at a time. :D

    Abby likes everything to be symmetrical and has a hard time with gross motor because of that. :huh:

    Ethan moves first, then thinks later - I am constantly helping him figure his way out of jams. I may regret saying this, but right now, I just can't wait until he figures out the crawling bit!!! <_<

    Abby thinks about everything so much that by the time she tries something (like rolling over), she just does it perfect on the first try. No failed attempts for this girl. :cool:

    Ethan dances to any music that is playing. He gets a little smile, shakes his head like he's saying no and moves his torso all around. SO cute :wub:

    Abby is very sensitive to everyone around her. She likes everyone to be happy and constantly tries to give her brother "loves". ;)

    Both of them love baths so much that sometimes I will let them get all shriveled and pruny because they are enjoying themselves tremendously. :friends:
  13. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(lovelylily @ Apr 10 2009, 01:41 PM) [snapback]1267612[/snapback]
    Abby, one lick at a time. :D

    I'm so glad you mentioned this, I thought my Ryan was the only one who "licks" things...errr EVERYTHING! hahaha
  14. boog9902

    boog9902 Well-Known Member

    Ross :waits until after i change him to poo and he thinks thats so funny smiles every time he wont take his binky from anyone but me he hates to have to wait to eat when im alone and feeding both boys .. he also has discovered his fist loves to eat it pretty cute hes a very cuddly baby

    Hes the screamer needs things right away very demanding .. thinks daddy is perfect for spitting up on everytime then he smiles huge after doing so .. he has discovered his fingers looks at them every day like WOW hoe did those get there they are so awsome .. Cole beats up Ross when they are laying together I guess nothing changes lol
  15. Rach1137

    Rach1137 Well-Known Member

    -Always opens his mouth SO wide when he is interested in something
    -Has no interest in crawling, just wants to steal his brothers toys
    -Loves to play under his blanket, He will put it over his head and laugh like a mad man and he gets very irritated if you take it off but he loves it if you'll go under it with him like a tent
    -He loves to eat anything and everything, sometimes I think he would eat all day if we let him

    -Is my snuggle bunny, he always wants to snuggle and give big wet kisses
    -Is a huge flirt, he'll smile and bat his eyes and make these little noises like look how cute I am
    -Has very ticklish feet, he has a fit when I try to clip his toenails, but loves it if I tickle him
    -Loves the bath, he would stay in the water forever if we let him
  16. laurenlantz

    laurenlantz Well-Known Member

    She does still get bottles. Most of her poops actually aren't so bad. I guess it was just the one that really gave her a hard time. Thanks for the suggestion!
  17. Rach28

    Rach28 Well-Known Member

    DS hates having things on his face but he loves to cover it up for naps and at night with his blankie.
    Both babies sleep on their sides now.
    DS squeals with delight when he sees any kind of light. If it has music to go with it then even better!
    DD has NO interest in crawling.
    DD loves to walk up and down the corridor (in her babywalker) dragging a plastic bag along the skirting board listening to it rustling. She also does a kind of little ballet walk (on her tippy toes) when she does this!
    DD is HYPER-sensitive when she´s tired and the slightest thing sets her off.
    DS has an infectious giggle that makes everyone else giggle too!
    DS loves dropping a toy down between his legs when Im changing his nappy and giggles a lot when I pretend to be surprised it is there!
    DD breathes fast & heavily through her nose (like a bull) when she´s frustrated and it is halarious!
    DS is the social baby and spends his day smiling.
    DD is more conservative and you have to earn her trust and her smiles!
  18. RhodeMomma

    RhodeMomma Well-Known Member

    I love this thread!

    Over the past couple of weeks I've really started to see personalities come out a bit more. Here are some of my highlights:

    1. Grunts and screams like he's birthing a cow while he strains to have a bowel movement.
    2. Said bowel movement half the time is on my EZ2Nurse pillow while feeding him and his brother. He strains like the dickens, and when the explosive task is complete, he smiles for 5 minutes straight.
    3. Takes turns with his brother being mellow. If Cooper is mellow, Ben is in a tizzy, and vice versa.
    4. Has a high-pitched scream that sounds like a whistle, and sometimes starts his cries with it. Scares us half to death in the middle of the night.
    5. Grunts, hoots, gurgles like a maniac, and is finally getting the hang of cooing.

    1. VERY aware of his surroundings and the person in front of him. His level of concentration is pretty amazing.
    2. Looks like a smiling drunk sailor on the EZ2Nurse pillow when he pees.
    3. Big googly eyes, wide open mouth like a baby bird in a nest, waiting for the booby on said pillow. He usually growls at this point until he latches on. It's hysterical.
    4. Nickname is "Jaws" - when latching at night, he used to thrash his head back and forth while his eyes rolled back in his head as he went for the nipple.
    5. He's now to the point of getting his body in a jackknife configuration in the crib. We place him lengthwise, and somewhere along the way he bends in half at the waist, and looks like a 90 degree angle in the crib.

    Both boys have just the most terrible gas - there are many farting sessions at various times each day.

    Adjusted age is 2 months.
  19. muscaria10

    muscaria10 Well-Known Member

    This is such an amazing thread!! Reminds me to enjoy them every minute of the day!

    - Her cries sounds like a chuckle, and DH will 'think' she's laughing and continues to irritate the hell out of her
    - She loves to take a bath, cries whenever we take her out of the tub, but hates to change her diaper (what's the logic??)
    - She's an impatient girl, if she's hungry, she's HUNGRY! Even the neighbors know its feeding time!
    - She has a doll (pinky) and loves to suck on pinky's fingers more than her own, and if u remove pinky's fingers, she'll let u have it.
    - Hates hairbands, beanie and hats. Has messy hair that just wun come down (yes, its always northwards)
    - My right shoulder is her target board for her smelly regurgitates

    - "Happy face" is his nickname, becos he's just always smiling and charming every lady!
    - Paeds said he has a 'boyish' look, and daddy tells paeds,'but of cos, he's a boy!!' :rolleyes:
    - Hates to take a bath, loves to pee into the tub just when I'm abt to put him in! And gives u the melting grin after!
    - Can't be left alone for a sec, calls out to u by babbling once u walk away (i may need adult diapers soon!)
    - Loves to suck on his own FIST, he has no regards to fingers or whatsoever

    Quite a handful but love them the same! :lol:
  20. cmccarthy

    cmccarthy Well-Known Member

    Awesome thread!

    Nady was the first to talk and babble, we call her the spokesperson for the group. Aidan claps his hands and laughs at everything. He is laid back whereas Nadia has a wicked quick temper. She will let you know if she disapproves of something right away. Both are racing to see who can crawl first but not for any reason other than to have first pick of the best toys in the pile. If you hand one of them something, the other immediately works their way over to take it away. If you hand them both the same toy, they want the one their sibling has too. They both have a favorite toy; it's the little plastic containers of baby wipes. They appear fascinated by the crinkly noise it makes but they tear the lids off fighting over them.

    Nadia is a belly sleeper with her butt up in the air. Aidan sprawls out on his back and sucks both of his thumbs at the same time. It looks like he is praying.
  21. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(Charly @ Apr 13 2009, 10:45 AM) [snapback]1270784[/snapback]
    Nadia is a belly sleeper with her butt up in the air. Aidan sprawls out on his back and sucks both of his thumbs at the same time. It looks like he is praying.

    OK, that might be my favorite photo ever. So cute! :winking:
  22. lovelylily

    lovelylily Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(Charly @ Apr 13 2009, 11:45 AM) [snapback]1270784[/snapback]
    Nadia is a belly sleeper with her butt up in the air. Aidan sprawls out on his back and sucks both of his thumbs at the same time. It looks like he is praying.

    :wub: That is too precious!
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