They're here! but not out of the woods yet :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Tier1Terrier, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Tier1Terrier

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    First of all, for all those who've been following all my other posts, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! As you know, we've been living in the hospital high risk obtetrics ward. On Sunday night, the magnesium began to no longer be effective. They upped the dose to no avail. They put her on Niphedipine. Still nothing. She went from 1cm dilated to 3cm overnight. Then the doctors told us it was time.

    Our little ones arrived on Monday, 11/12 - 31 weeks + 6 days. I like to round it to 32 :)

    The doctors, nurses, a respiratory therapists all seem 'optimistic'. They both presently have RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and are on CPAPs. One of them is still on the Bili Blanket.

    Our biggest fear right now has to do with the fact that both of them are experiencing regular episodes of bradycardia - Heart rates dropping way low about once per hour. So far, they are resolving on their own after about maybe 10 seconds or so, but the fact that this is still occuring even while wearing the CPAPs is worrisome.

    We are overwhelmed with joy, but at the same time still scared to no end for them. It's so hard but I pray and pray that they'll make it through all this.

    They tell us that they'll probably be sent home at close to full term, so maybe in about a month. I can handle that if everything else turns out ok.

    Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I thank you all again for everything!
  2. megkc03

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    Congratulations on their arrival! I've been following along to all of your posts and keeping you in my thoughts.

    I have no experience with preemies, but there are some wonderful ladies here who do! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. :hug:

    What are their names?
  3. KCMichigan

    KCMichigan Well-Known Member


    My two were born at 31.6 weeks as well (7 years ago!) after 11 weeks of bedrest (a lot in the hospital!)

    I know it is not easy, but bradycardia and bililights we were told they were common for preemies of that age.

    It is fabulous your babes are on CPAP and not vents! (my two were vented for RDS).

    My two came home on caffiene and apnea monitors (for the bradycardia/apnea) to help since it was one of the few reasons they stayed in NICU toward the end.

    Mine stayed 4 and 5 weeks before they came home.

    I hope you have an uneventful NICU journey and get your little ones home as soon as they are ready!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
  4. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congratulations! And big hugs. The NICU can be a scary place sometimes. Don't be afraid to ask a million questions. I found having a clear understanding of what was happening & why often calmed my fears.
  5. Tier1Terrier

    Tier1Terrier Active Member

    Jared Stephan and Shayne Eli
  6. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    Oh, congrats! Welcome to the world, Jared and Shayne!

    It sounds like your babies are doing very well! CPAP is pretty standard for early preemies. My girls were 30 weekers and we also had CPAP, bili lights, and As & Bs. At that gestation they've not yet learned to breathe or regulate their heart rate. It's really amazing to learn how much of our basic function is not innate yet at that age. You'll be learning all about the suck-swallow-breathe reflex and more in the weeks to come.

    Just to offer you a basis of comparison, my girls did 35 and 55 days in the NICU and were both home before their due date. My baby B would have been home sooner than 55 days, but she had surgery unrelated to prematurity (she had gastroschisis) that drug things out a little longer. She also came home on a brady monitor and had that for a month. As she learned to self-correct her brady episodes we were able to ditch that final bit of equipment. The girls are almost three now and have absolutely no effects of their early entry to this world.

    The NICU can be very overwhelming and exhausting. Like Rachel said, don't hesitate to ask a million questions. Feel free to post in the NICU forum with any questions you have. We can help by sharing our experiences when you need to better understand something and we can just continue cheering you on. :)

  7. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    :welcome: Shayne and Jared! I'm no expert on preemies, either, but there are many who have gone through it here so you are in good company. :grouphug:
  8. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congrats on your babies!
  9. 4jsinPA

    4jsinPA Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Congrats on your babies!!! How exciting and so wonderful they are already on CPAP!!!

    Mine were preemies and my daughter was on cpap for over 5 weeks and Brady's on them are VERY common. One day they just get it, and it stops. is SO great they are resolving on their own with out needed help, thats huge! The bili lights/blankets are so common and will stop soon too!!

    Hopefully they will just be growers and feeders soon. The NICU is a roller coaster, 1 step forward two steps back sometimes, but they are doing wonderful. Celebrate every milestone and hang in there!
  10. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

  11. wvtwinmama

    wvtwinmama Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! I love their names. I don't have lots of personal experience with the NICU, but it sounds to me from reading your story that what your boys are experiencing is very common. And it must be reassuring to see others on here posting that their babies had the same things and went home happy and healthy. I will continue to think about you guys and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your wife has done such an amazing job, and I know this must be a really scary time, but I hope she is able to be very very proud of herself as well.
  12. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! I am glad to hear she made it this far and I hope all goes well with them while in NICU. Good luck with them!
  13. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    Congratulations and welcome to your little ones! Your wife has done wonderful to get here so well and you have been such an amazing support to her!

    I second what everyone else has said, the NICU experience can be overwhelming at times, ask as many questions as you have, to the staff and drop by the NICU forum too with anything you're not sure of.

    One of my twins, who was not technically premmie, was on CPAP due to RDS (reason for emergency c-section) and I thought she would be NICU for ages but she came home after 10 days. My other twin who also Brady episodes at times, during recovery from surgery, stayed for 3 weeks but came home with the feeding tube. So hang in there, all is possible !
  14. daisies

    daisies Well-Known Member

    Welcome Jared Stephan and Shayne Eli!

    Sending prayers that your NICU experience is smooth and they are soon home with you.
  15. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! I hope that they grow and thrive so you can take them home soon!!
  16. korilyn

    korilyn Active Member

    Happy Birthday Jared Stephan and Shayne Eli!
  17. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    :Clap: Congratulations!

    :hug: Sounds like they are doing well and what they are experiencing is common in preemies. The NICU experience can be a roller coaster as others have said, so take it one day at at time and focus on the strides they are making not the set backs. :hug: Hang in there.
  18. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!! I wish a speedy and uneventful NICU stay for your boys, and a speedy recovery for the mama! It is sooooo stressful to have your babies in NICU. We are here for you!
  19. AKilburn

    AKilburn Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!!! :babyflips: :babyflips: I don't have any experience with the NICU but there are MANY women here that have and can and will be a wealth of information/shoulder to lean on. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
  20. AKilburn

    AKilburn Well-Known Member

    How are the twins doing? Just wanted to check on y'all!
  21. 3plusTwins

    3plusTwins Member

    Wow, congrats! I'm sorry to hear about the complications :( I hope they resolve soon. I can completely imagine how terrifying that must be, but they sound strong and I am sure they will be home with you soon.
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