Teddy Failed Hearing Test AGAIN-Updated

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by niftywriter, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    How many years is this? I think 5 out of 6 years? ARGH!

    I am getting so tried of having to make unnecessary doctor appointments snd get the form signed again for the state. ARGH!
  2. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    How many years is this? I think 5 out of 6 years? ARGH!

    I am getting so tried of having to make unnecessary doctor appointments snd get the form signed again for the state. ARGH!
  3. JenJefLog

    JenJefLog Well-Known Member

    Renée, I didn't realize Teddy had failed hearing tests that many times! What causes him to fail the school test and not the one at the doctor's office? I know that two years ago Sarah had trouble with the vision test at the doctor's office and they recommended I get her tested at an optometrist's and then when she took the test at school, I mentioned it to them and they said she had no trouble. This past year she had no problems with the vision test at the doctor's either. [​IMG] So you have to take Teddy to be tested at the doctor's?
  4. jenn-

    jenn- Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that you have to make an unnecessary dr's appointment. When the Dr.'s office test him is he on a borderline? I can't believe he has failed it so many times.
  5. 5andtwins

    5andtwins Well-Known Member

    Steph fails the hearing test every year they take it at school since they do it in the morning and she has earwax build-up from the nighttime, they usually clear up around noon - it's SO annoying, I know!
  6. Katheryn

    Katheryn Well-Known Member

    Well that sure is a pain. I'm glad, though, that he passes at the doc's office.
  7. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    Jennifer, he fails the school test AND the doctor's test, usually, if htey are only using a tympanogram. His hearing is fine, but he has an oddly shaped ear canal (he is supposed to outgrow it eventually). His ear drum periodically gets "stuck" to the wall of the canal because. If he pops his ears or swallows, it usually comes unstuck and his hearing is perfect again. If he has a cold, involving fluid in his ears (not even an infection) thent he problem is worse. He's been seen by an ENT specialist and had the whole nine yards of auditory testing, including the sound booth and the head phones and the whole works. HIs hearing is perfect...unless the durm is sticking to the side of his ear canal...then he doesn't notice much difference but a tympanogram will piick it up.

    ARGH! Now I have to make another stupid appointment because the state requires that you send them a form fromt he doctor every time this happens. [​IMG]
  8. Katheryn

    Katheryn Well-Known Member

    Oh brother [​IMG]. Well, let's hope he "outgrows" this funky little eardrum thing soon! LOL
  9. momotwinsmom

    momotwinsmom Well-Known Member

    What a pain in the neck!! Hopefully, he outgrows the problem soon and you won't have to take him next year. [​IMG]
  10. jxnsmama

    jxnsmama Well-Known Member

    Don't you just love policies and procedures?? Sorry you have to go through that every year!!
  11. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    I know the procedures are in place for good reason..but it HAS been a non stop nuisance for us! [​IMG]

    However, I took him today and the ped said that "This has got to stop!" He wants to get to the bottom of it...once and for all. Teddy's getting a bit old for the usual explanations....and we can no longer count on the original ENT evaluation to be correct! He said that Teddy's hearing was the worst he had ever seen in a normal, healthy child using his little office technique.

    This is so frustrating. At least twice in the past I have wondered, after the failed test, if the hearing thing might explain some of the other issues he used to have (less so now, though) such as talking too much etc. If I say to myself, "Oh this is the same old thing again, it's nothing!" I get the response of, "He has a significant hearing loss! How could you ignore this? BAd mommy!" and when I then say, "OK let's investigate further...", I get to a specialist's office and they look at him and say "Huh! This is ordinary run-of-the-mill fluid in his ears! Why are you wasting our time?" [​IMG]

    [​IMG] I just can't get this right! And I want to get it right! I don't want to be dragging Teddy to a dozen doctors if there is nothing actually wrong...yet, I don't want to ignore it if it is a true hearing loss!

    [​IMG] Well thanks for listening! I'll let you know what they say at the ENT office in a few days, I guess! [​IMG]
  12. jenn-

    jenn- Well-Known Member

    If there is constant fluid in the ears it can be causing a hearing loss. Both Alexis and Nathan had tubes put in because the fluid in the ear was stopping the ear drum from moving to the point it was causing significant hearing loss. Although DD has been prone to getting ear infections her entire life (she didn't get tubes until this april), the biggest problem was that the fluid never left her ears (hence the constant reinfection). I would definitely try and see a different ENT. The first one has made a diagnosis that may prevent him from actually looking deeper for an answer. Does he have to go through a complete hearing test when you take him in year to year? They put DD in a nifty sound proof box and do a complete hearing screening. She can hear high frequencies well but not low tones. This was not good last year as her teacher had a low soft voice. I hope you finally get some definite answers to his problem.
  13. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    Yes Jenn, he has done the "sound booth" testing, etc. Back then, the ENT decided it was fluid...but Teddy does NOT have a history of multiple ear infections...he's hardly ever had any...maybe 3 in his entire life. Yesterday, the ped checked thoroughly and said "no fluid" that he can see, no wax, etc...but that ear drum is still a wonky shape. He thinks there is an air pressure problem (which might also call for tubes or somehting...though he is a bit old for that now)...so he has to have another ENT evaluation (And will probably get to go into the sound booth again, which he thought was strange but cool)> Teddy's hearing loss is mild-low/moderate and is pretty much across the board on the frequencies, but is worst with low frequencies like your daughter.

    The ENT appointment is December 28 so hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it at last!
  14. Katheryn

    Katheryn Well-Known Member

    .Oh my goodness, Renee [​IMG]. So sorry you're having to go through this frustrating process, but of course, it's for your child so I know you'll do whatever is necessary. I pray that this is "only" a wonky eardrum problem or a little fluid and not a true hear-loss. Keep your chin up, friend [​IMG]
  15. JenJefLog

    JenJefLog Well-Known Member

    Renee, I hope the appointment with the specialist is productive. I can just imagine how frustrating this is for you year after year. I would hope the specialist wouldn't make you feel like you brought Teddy in for nothing if his regular doctor is recommending that you go. How frustrating! [​IMG]
  16. Twinstride

    Twinstride Well-Known Member


    Sorry your having so many problems with Teddy. I can imagine it being so frustrating. Have you had second opinions from ENT? There is a machine that will test for fluid buildup in the ears (cant remember the name off hand), have you guys had this done? or did I miss reading the post about it?

    Thinking about you dear
  17. krysn2ants

    krysn2ants Well-Known Member

    Renee...I'm so sorry you're going thru all this frustration! How did the appt go? I hope that they can come up with a solution to all of this.
  18. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    HI Everyone...thanks for asking!

    Well, Jennifer, sorry to say, but the specialist this time went one step further! Not only did he make me feel like I was wasting his time, but he added insult to injury by taking me =aside and telling me that either Teddy was too STUPID to understand simple instructions OR he was an attention hound who was failing the tests on purpose!! [​IMG]

    Yes, you read that right. [​IMG]

    GUess who is going to REFUSE to go to any more specialists?

    The testing itself went like this. Firstt est...he failed (audiogram and sound booth)...he was trying so hard and sweating bullets trying not to fail (my poor baby!) . THe doctor tells him to press the button the second he even THINKS he hears the sound rather than waiting to be sure...and then he passed. I htink he was trying to follow the instructions to the letter and be SURE...but also he may have intermittent hearing loss, as the ped thought last year...

    so, the Timpanogram: The first one was a FLAT LINE....so the tech fiddles with the probe and takes it out and puts it back in etc (thereby altering the pressure in ear canal) and the next test was nearly normal....

    The fact is,t he testing actually showed that Teddy has an intermittent hearing loss which is exactly what the ped said last year (that is, perhaps his wonky ear canal shape is making the ear drum occasionally stick to the walla nd not be able to vibrate (which would cause temporary hearing loss AND flat timpanogram results).

    Instead of exploring this possiblity, or even being civil aboutit, the ENT took me aside, as I told you,a nd basically said Teddy was either stupid or a minipulator. Huh...yep, that makes sense! [​IMG] Teddy loves school and never wants to skip...no one in this house gets a lot fo sympathy for sickness or "conditions"...and more to the point, it's a bit silly to thinkt hat a child would pick one unexpected test each year for the very doubtful reward of a doctor's visit (which he is always surprised to discover he is required to do). ON top of that, the ENT himself admitted that it is very hard to reliably "fake" hearing loss.

    UGH! Never again!!!!
  19. JenJefLog

    JenJefLog Well-Known Member

    Ugh! I hate doctors who act so condescending! I don't suppose you gave him a snarky comeback to his accusation? I rarely can think that fast because I'm normally left speechless when a doctor behaves so badly. When the girls were only a week old, I had to take Logan to the doctor because he had a sinus infection. When we got to the doctor's office, his nose was totally stuffed up with dried up gunk. [​IMG] I cleaned out one side, but he obviously was not happy about having that done and I just left the other side blocked because I didn't feel like dealing with it. When I took him in to the doctor (a fill in since his normal doctor had moved away and they hadn't permanently replaced him), the doctor tried to look up his nose and then threw up his arms and said he couldn't even see in there. I explained about cleaning it out but that it got him so upset I didn't do the other side. The doctor looked at me and said, "Who's the parent here?" I was so livid. He was pretty condescending the rest of the appointment as well. I never went back there.

    How ridiculous for that doctor to even suggest that Teddy is stupid without knowing anything about him and just as ridiculous to say he's doing it for attention. I would be sure to tell his regular doctor just what transpired at this appointment and make it clear that I would not take my son to any other "specialist" unless the regular doctor spoke with them personally beforehand about the situation. It's terrible to think there might actually be some type of problem that might need attention, but that so-called specialists make any thought of a solution worse than the problem!
  20. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    THanks Jennifer, your post makes me feel so much better! You know, that jerk didn't even stop to consider that his theory COUDL have b een true (but a stretch) for the audiograma bnd sound booth, which rely on voluntary feedback from the child, but Teddy could hardly "manipulate" the flat line on the timpanogram!! [​IMG]

    I was determined to call the ped and talk about it, but I was so upset I was afraid I would make the situation worse. [​IMG] I wish I could get over feeling intimidated by doctors, but it seems I never can. I am so afraid of annoying a doctor whose help I may need for one of my children one day...[​IMG]

    P>S> OH, and like you, I am always way too slow to think of an appropriately calm yet quelling response to such rudeness and condescension. However, by the end of his lecture, when it finally dawned on me what he was saying to me (and why he had to take me out in the back hallway to say it), I looked him in the eye, thanks him for his time and ssaid that nothing he was describing matched Teddy's character in the least. That was the best I could do. [​IMG]
  21. Cristina

    Cristina Well-Known Member

    Renee, I am so sorry about that Doctor!!! That is awful!! Joel had hearing loss due to chronic ear infections, 9 in 12 months... But tubes helped. He was a baby though. I know how frustrating condescending Dr.'s can be, I have had my share of them!! Yuck!!!!

    I would definately tell your Ped what happened, that is unacceptable, and get a second opinion. I don't think that ENT's opinions amounts to a hill of beans! What a jerk! I once had "teaching doctor" (I can't think what they are called right now, my mind drew a blank) tell me I was a pain in the a**, because I wanted to go see my babies in the NICU before he had me sent all over kingdom come for some random tests! I had been waiting for him for 4 hours and I had yet to see the twins!!! I told one of the Doctors what happened and he was ver upset... Plus, your Ped would want to know, so maybe he would not send other patients to that specialist...

    I am also in Illinois, in the Northern suburbs and love my ENT. Where are you? (If you don't want to answer I totally understand!)

    I hope you can get some answers. I have been dealing with a "wonky" (love that word) shaped toe of Joy's, and am not really getting anywhere.. Oh well, the joy's of parenting. (no pun intended!)
  22. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    THanks for the support, Cristina! I'll PT you with my location! [​IMG]

    Jennifer and Cristina, do you think I've left it too long to still call the ped and talk to him about what happened? (The ENT consult was Dec 28) I mean, he definitely knows that Teddy is not a complainer, a faker OR an attention hound (and he has remarked on Teddy's intelligence a few times, too, so he knows it isn't extreme witlessness![​IMG]).
  23. Katheryn

    Katheryn Well-Known Member

    Oh, Renee! What a horrible experience! Stupid doctor [​IMG]. Does he think everyone involved (you, Teddy, the school, his ped) are all just piddling around, wasting their time, chasing NOTHING??? Huh! Well, I don't think it's too late to tell your ped about the visit. It's barely been 2 weeks. And by now, hopefully, your ped has gotten a letter of the ENT visit and findings so you can ask about what that stinky doc said to your doctor. Your ped may recommend another opinion if he doesn't agree with this guy.

    Good Luck [​IMG].
  24. Cristina

    Cristina Well-Known Member

    I think Katheryn is right, it isn't too late and by now your ped should have the results in writing. I know that after I had the twins and the way the hospital messed everything up, (even though they are a very well known high risk group) my OB will NOT send anyone there anymore because of what they did to me. He even told me if I ever wanted to sue, he would testify! (we chose not to)

    I hope you get the answers you need! What a pain in the butt!
  25. JenJefLog

    JenJefLog Well-Known Member

    I agree that it's not too late, especially with the New Year holiday falling in there too. I would either call or write a letter if that's easier, explaining what happened and how disappointed you were with the whole appointment.
  26. krysn2ants

    krysn2ants Well-Known Member

    WOW!! [​IMG] I know I probably would've ticked off that doctor right then and there in the hallway 'cuz I just know that I would've went off if it had been me. [​IMG] Then, I would've come home and immediately called my ped and told them the entire story. I've had a good relationship with the boys ped ever since we started taking them there when they were babies and I'm quick to tell someone in charge when I don't get good "service" somewhere. (I hate that I have to find a new ped for them here in Kansas, I'm dreading the search!) I would def call the ped TOMORROW and talk with them and let them know exactly what that dr said and that you want another opinion.

    Good luck!!!
  27. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    Krystal, I can never collect my wits quickly enough to respond immediately...maybe that's a good thing! [​IMG]

    Well, I did it...well, I sort of did it.

    The ped has an older and very experienced nurse practitioner, who is like his right hand woman. I spoke to her today. I confess, I did not have the nerve to phone her up...she called me with the follow up results of Jessie's post op blood work (which were all great, BTW)...and I grabbed my chance!

    I hope I made some sort of sense. I explained as calmly as I could what happened, and I told her that I wasn't hoping to go to another ENT or to do anything further, but that I just thought they should know about it.

    She replied that she could perfectly understand how I felt and she would relay the message to our ped when he comes back from holidays (I guess he's been out of town for 2 weeks, so luckily, my call will not seem "late"). I did tell her that I was unsure about whether to call, but I was pretty upset about it.

    I mean, honestly, even if the ENT was convinced there was nothing there and so on (which would be GREAT with me), WHY put such a neagtive, judgemental, mean-spirited spin on his words to me about my son? THat's what I obhected to...I wasn't upset that he didn't find anything wrong...I am upset that he ASSUMED we were wasting his time and had the unkindness to say so! He could just as easily have said "Gee, it's a mystery why he keeps failing these tests! I find nothing wrong, so you can at least stop worrying! Bye!"

    But no, the big to-do...the long march away from everyone else to the back hallway (what was he expecting? That I would throw a fit?) and then the nasty indictment of my child's character/motives.

    And here is another hting...even HE admitted that it is hard to fake those results...let's face it: It would take a VERY sophisticated 10 year old to reliably fake results which are only moderately below normal (ie. not stone deaf) THREE times over a month (they retested)...and even more amazing that he was even capable of this finely tuned deception at the ages of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as well! I love and admire my Teddy, but even I know he is not that gifted!


    THank you for your support, everyone. Thanks to you, I did speak up about it, and I feel very much better. I don't want our ped to DO anything: I just don't want whatever that ENT puts on my boy's chart to go unchallenged, KWIM?

    I feel like I defended him, and I have you to thank for giving me the courage! [​IMG] THanks Everyone!
  28. Cristina

    Cristina Well-Known Member

    Good for you!!! It always feels great [​IMG] to stand up for your kids! [​IMG]
  29. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Originally posted by niftywriter:
    THanks for the support, Cristina! I'll PT you with my location! [​IMG]

    Jennifer and Cristina, do you think I've left it too long to still call the ped and talk to him about what happened? (The ENT consult was Dec 28) I mean, he definitely knows that Teddy is not a complainer, a faker OR an attention hound (and he has remarked on Teddy's intelligence a few times, too, so he knows it isn't extreme witlessness![​IMG]).
    Renée, I would actually go one step further than talking to the ped about it. I would not let it rest at this! This ENT sounds as if he has forgotten why he became a doctor in the first place, to HELP people. I would write a letter to the ped explaining in detail what happened at the appointment with the ENT and I would cc the ENT's office as well! Honestly, I would let them both know how upsetting the appointment was for all! As far as the school, why can't a permanent letter be attached to Teddy's file at school, showing the problem and why it is not necessary for him to be tested and re-tested for this problem. My BIL has a similar situation with scar tissue on his retina and the DMV. His doctor finally drafted such a letter and had it permanently attached to his record at DMV. I would think the school could do so also. Just a thought.

    In the meantime, have you gotten any closer to a definitive diagnosis regarding Teddy's intermittent hearing loss?

    Hang in there. [​IMG]
  30. niftywriter

    niftywriter Well-Known Member

    Kim, that letter idea (doctor's note to attach to Teddy's school file) is a good one...it hadn't occured to me before because we have moved 3 times in his short school career. THanks.

    I am going to wait to hear back from the ped before I go any further. Id on't know if I have the nerve to pursue it any further since I really do not want Teddy dragged thorugh a lot of "satisfy the mom" appointments. [​IMG] I honestly do believe that the ped's analysis last year is the correct one (he is a veteran ped with 25+years in practise and has no doubt seen it all). THat is not something that can be pin pointed without a lot of invasive procedures...and the upshot is that there would be no remedy except time...so I have no wish to put Teddy through it. I ONLY did the follow up to satisfy my ped who wanted to be sure he had left no stone unturned, KWIM?
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