Symptom advice needed - Early preg

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by SerendipityUK, May 18, 2020.

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    Hey ladies, I just need some advice/input 'cos I'm freaking myself out.
    I'm 6+5 and I have a lot of period pain and not many 'classic' pregnancy symptoms.

    Obviously I missed my period
    I've had increased belching and flatulence (nice, lol)
    Increased BM's, usually 3-4 times a day which is not like me at all, and sometimes they're diarrhea
    Stuffy nose and occasional sneezing
    Sometimes nausea but not vomiting
    I'm constantly hungry and I feel like I'm drinking more than normal
    I'm having increased urination at night (but I'm not sure about during the day)
    The last 2 nights I've had bad insomnia and not been able to get to sleep until around 5am
    Increased dizziness
    White dots on nipples

    The thing's that are worrying me is that I have no vomiting and my breasts feel fine, like they don't feel tender at all :/ Has anyone else had no vomiting and/or breast tenderness?
    Also my pain is worrying me, it was on and off for about a week, and then I had 2 days of it almost constant, and another 2 days of it a lot but not constant... Most of the time it feels like it's in my lower left abdomen (just above the pubic bone but on the left) but a couple of times it's been on the right, it feels a fair bit like period pain (but worse) but I think more steady than crampy but I'm not sure to be honest. And pain in my lower back just above the bum (mostly in the middle) that feels a lot like period pain.... Every time I go to the toilet I'm checking there's no blood >.< Everything I can find online says abdominal pain in early preg should be mild and only last for a few minutes :/ Mine is not mild but it is also not severe, it's noticeable/painful and uncomfortable, but I can function with it and I've not been using painkillers, just a hot water bottle.

    My 1st preg was a singleton and I had AWFUL morning sickness, like I vomited a lot, my boobs killed me and I didn't have any abdominal pain.... So this is really worrying me :( Anyone had anything similar? Thanks in advance :)
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