Subchorionic hematoma anyone?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by ems1981, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. ems1981

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    I'm currently 11 weeks 2 days with identical twins. Last Wednesday night I had a gush of bright red blood followed by brown spotting. I panicked and went to my doctor who sent me on for an ultrasound. We found the twins with perfect hbs wriggling around. The sonographer showed me the hematoma which is apparently causing the bleeding at 2cm. I continued to bleed brown and then Sunday had another gush of bright red blood which lasted around 2 hours. It's now gone back to brown spotting. The sonographer mentioned I could have more spotting but the 2nd bright red bleed has made me nervous. Did anyone bleed heavily more than once? I thought once it turned to brown it was old blood and the hematoma should heal but now I'm on tender hooks worrying about another bleed.

    My doctor didn't put me on bedrest but suggested I take it easy.

    Anyone else can give me some guidance on how long this could take to heal?
  2. Ice cream

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    Taking it easy is step one and very important. Hematomas are very normal when carrying multiples. If you do take it easy, perhaps it won't open and will be absorbed by the placentas.
  3. mama_dragon

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    I started bleeding due to a hematoma around 9 weeks.  I continued to bleed off and on until the 2nd trimester.  My doctor actually did put me on modified bedrest but I had a very high risk pregnancy not just due to the twins. 
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