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Discussion in 'General' started by Donita, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Donita

    Donita Well-Known Member

    Now that your kids are older, how often do they spend the night some where or have someone over?

    Until this summer spending the night was just an occasional thing. Now it seems like they are either at someone else's house or someone else is at our house. I completely trust these other parents, it's summer and their chores are getting done so I really have no reason to tell them no. However I think next week (this weekend is already mapped out :rolleyes: ) I'm gonna say no, just because. :laughing:
  2. fourznuff

    fourznuff Well-Known Member

    I thanked you for this topic because it is something that has been bothering me but I thought I was the only one. My dd(14) always wants to have someone over or is asking to spend the night at her friends (I know them well) or she is away at camp, you get the picture. I felt like the wicked witch saying no...just because! I am so relieved to know I'm not the only one! Now my almost 11 yr old is doing the same thing. Sometimes I just need the mental break from having other people over or wanting my kids home even if they do whine that they are bored the whole time.

    We have settled on a limit this summer of once a week for sleepovers IF chores are done. Of course they still hang out/play with their friends just about everyday.

    Thanks again,
  3. 4EverHis

    4EverHis Well-Known Member

    I am right there with you! I am all for kids being kids and mine can have friends over all of the time but the sleep overs drive me crazy! They are tired and I get the brunt of it. It seems like no matter how much you let them, it is never enough and then when you do say no it is like you are the wicked witch of the west! I can handle about 1 a week over the summer but that is even pushing it for me. Once school starts, once or twice a month...maybe??? It is like they just want to spend the night or have someone over just to do it even if they don't care for the kid all that much. Makes no sense to me!?!?!
  4. Donita

    Donita Well-Known Member

    Well that's a relief. It's nice to know I'm not the only insane wicked witch. :laughing:

    Oh and the plans for this weekend just changed. They forgot about 2 previous engagements. Must be nice to be so popular. :rolleyes:
  5. 8isgreat

    8isgreat Well-Known Member

    They are still occasional here.....as a matter of fact...the girls were just asking me about having one a few days after we return from our summer here in NM. The basement is getting finished while we are gone and so.........................

    I agree with the above posts that sleep overs should be limited.

    Don't worry Donita.....I will join the club as well!!

    Family time is important.....and as my girls get older it is more and more limited. That is why I am glad we had this summer in NM without friends!! They right now in the midst of it that they are not having fun...but when we go and do something....they have a blast!! Plus...alot of reconnecting going on!! I hope they look back at this summer and see all the fun we really did have!!

    Ladies....with that said....I am off to go camping with my family...heading to Trindad Lake CO.....should be a blast.

    Have an AWESOME weekend!!
  6. Donita

    Donita Well-Known Member

    Oh, take me with you!!
  7. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I really do not like tohave spend the night company - I feel bad about it but esp. since the girls have been born and I am breastfeeding - we have limited spend the night company to like once a month! it'll be one of those things that I never hear the end of! when they are adults they will tell their spouses how I never let them have company!
  8. 8isgreat

    8isgreat Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(Donita @ Jul 13 2007, 03:48 PM) [snapback]330016[/snapback]
    Oh, take me with you!!


    We had a good time.....lots of fishing and camp fires with smores!! On the way back we stopped at Fort Union National Park....pretty impressive!! Lots of the buildings are standing that are made out of adobe.

    Wish you could've come!!
  9. Donita

    Donita Well-Known Member

    Sounds like my kind of fun! I love camping and fishing. And the Trinidad area is beautiful! I just love driving up from Raton Pass to Trinidad. After that it goes kinda flat.. LOL
  10. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    More often than I would like, but DH is also not big on having kids sleep over here, so we don't have it happen here often. Our boys are more likely to be at a friend's house for a sleepover, unless it's just the neighbor boy. Our house just is not set up for sleepovers. The kids rooms are right next to ours and our playroom is upstairs, just down the hall. We need a basement.
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