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     I am writing because I was wondering if anyone else has had their twin have speech delays and how you helped them?  My identical girls will be 18 months on the 20th.  They are only saying a few words such as mama, dada, hi, up (kind of), out.  I am concerned they are behind and don't want them to struggle later.  They had many ear infections and at about 1 year they had tubes placed.  Before the tubes they did have moderate hearing loss.  It has been rechecked and is much better.  We also have a 6 and almost 4 year old girls.  I feel like the other 2 talked much more at this age.  We have their 18 month check up in a couple of weeks and I have already talked with their Dr. about getting birth to 3 to come evaluate them.  Any other suggestions? 
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    My girls had 5 words each (barely) at their 18 month appointment. Their doctor was not concerned. Their comprehension was fine. My singleton was the same. By two they were all talking up a storm! Definitely chat with their doc but from what you've shared here I wouldn't worry.
  3. kingeomer

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    I agree with Rachel.  There is nothing wrong with putting it on your doctor's radar and the evaluations are usually free, so why not have it done.  If there is a delay, they will catch it early and if there is not, then your mind is eased. 
    I find that after age 2, my kids really started talking up a storm, it was almost like a language explosion here!  I felt like they were talking a lot before that but little did I know!  So you might see and hear a huge difference as they get closer and little past 2.
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    My daughter had a speech delay. I followed my instincts that she wasn't speaking enough and called EI- I had an evaluation the day after she turned 2.
    With their hearing loss, it makes sense that they couldn't hear words distinctly and therefore it'll take them some extra time to start using them. I think it depends on you- if you want them to start talking sooner than they might otherwise, make the call. :)
  5. eagleswings216

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    My kids only had a few words at that age, too, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have them evaluated to be sure and to ease your worries.
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