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    A little background.
    My twin sons who are 4, shared a room until they were approx. 1 and then I separated them and they have had their own rooms ever since. I separated them because they were not napping well (too much messing around) So basically they have had their own rooms for about 3 yrs.
    About 4 months ago, we moved out of a rental into a new house that we purchased. We purchased a new 2015 manufactured home and had it placed on 20 acres that we own, so it is a bit smaller than our rental. We plan to live in this for 3-5 yrs until we build a new home.
    As I said we have been in our new place for about 4 months and once again they have their own rooms. I feel (and always will) that it is important for everyone to have their own space & alone time. They have been very excited about their new rooms (that I decorated all up to be nice and cozy), until just recently and they have now decided that they don't care for them much anymore and that they are scared etc & have stated to us that they want to go back & live in the rental that we just moved out of and that they want their old rooms back which breaks my heart.
    Long story short, I am wondering if we should purchased bunk beds and put them together in the same room until they are over this "monster" scary period and separate them again at a later time or just leave them as they are in their own rooms.
    Opinions would be appreciate!!
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    Have you asked them what would help? In my experience, kids are awfully creative at problem solving and often have great ideas. The trick is to start by brainstorming with everybody contributing all their ideas, no matter how wacky. No vetoing to start. Then you can figure out together which solutions work for everyone.
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    We move a lot (my 9 year olds have lived in 5 different houses) and the best I can say is, give it time.   Like Rachel said, ask them what they want to do to make their new home more homey.  Our last move, back in July, was hard on my youngest son.  He begged to go home every night for weeks.   We let him pick out new stuff for his room, a new bed, bedding, curtains, a shelf for toys, etc.  
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