Solids and stressful feedings....

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by traciwinkler, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. traciwinkler

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    Maybe it is because they have come down with their first colds this week and it just seems worse, but feeding my nearly 8 month olds solid foods is really stressful. I have been doing solids 2x/day, lunch (1:30pm) and dinner (5:30pm). I am doing bottles 4x/day, 8oz, every 4 hours starting at 8am. My normally happy, laid back babies become total maniacs nearly the moment their little tushies hit the highchair. They seem super impatient. DS will cry, which he rarely does, when I feed DD. DD will grunt until her face turns red when I'm feeding DS. This is nearly every feeding, for the entire duration of the feeding, no matter what is on the menu. Once feeding time is over and I wipe them off and hose my kitchen down, they go back to being their good natured selves.

    So... am I screwing something up here? Should I switch up my schedule in some way? We've been working on solids now for nearly 2 months, so it isn't like this is their first rodeo. I feel like it is worse when I do cereal. They have never, ever been into cereal. I really need to talk to our pedi about something that will still give them the iron that they are going to need if I can't get them to like cereal more.

    Ugh! What is it about having twins that makes me feel like a first time parent? I don't remember feeding times being so stressful with DD1.

    Thanks a bunch everybody! There's a Jimmy Buffett song that talks about sitting around waiting for the next explosion. I swear that is my life! :)
  2. eagleswings216

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    Maybe they are ready to start doing some self-feeding? Like puffs or other easy things? That is about the age our guys really started to want to do some of it themselves. It's amazing what throwing a handful of puffs on the tray can do! We would do that, and then give them bites in between, and it really seemed to help.
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  3. Rollergiraffe

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    I agree with the self feeding.. a few puffs or cheerios to play with in between bites makes a big difference! It's too bad twins don't come pre-programmed with patience, isn't it? :lol:

    As for the cereal, they are probably getting iron in their formula and/or breastmilk and you can also introduce things like kidney beans (also a great finger food!), or ground meat for some texture which have plenty of iron in them. Or, mix the cereal in with their favourite fruit, veggie, or yogurt to hide it a little.

    Hang in there.. feeding twins is no easy matter!
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  4. Are you taking turns feeding them? Mine fuss while in the high chairs sometimes...but it is because they LOVE to eat and want it faster...ha! I try to give cheerios or some kind of finger food while they wait...and I just alternate bites... I make one big bowl or whatever and we share. I use the same spoon too...I figure they chew on the same toys...swap pacis, we don't stress over sharing germs unless one has something terrible...which thus far has not happened. Also I'd start to give more finger foods...beans, peas, carrots, pieces of banana, etc... And I never, ever give cereal plain...I always mixed it with a fruit or just seems so bland by itself...

    Good luck! Hopefully you'll settle into a nice routine soon...hang in there!
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  5. sheras2

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    Have you tried mixing cereal with fruit? My boys love it that way.

    It helps when I talk to my boys during the feeding. I say stuff like "your turn is next" or "Leo wants a few bites now". I think they started to understand that the meal wasn't over and they would get more. They are both much more patient at feedings now.
  6. AmberG

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    I agree with the self-feeding, too. Also, my twins were horrible eaters at that age whenever they had colds. I don't know if their throats hurt, maybe they were too congested, or the food just didn't taste good to them. After they were feeling better they started eating normally again.
  7. cheezewhiz24

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    Mine were super impatient, too. That's why I started singing The Wheels on the Bus when they were in their highchairs and gave them puffs as well. It took a while (a month or more) but now they are patient as they know each will get a bite.
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