separate birthdays?

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by naomi02, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. naomi02

    naomi02 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience doing separate birthdays? My twins are boy/girl and the older they get, the more I wonder about this.  I just don't know how it would realistically work out .... I mean, do you have a separate party for each of them and then another together one for family?? We typically have a large turnout for the birthday party, but the majority of the people are family or close friends ... people that would want to be there for both the kids. I can't imagine all the grandmas, aunts, uncles, etc, wanting to attend 2 parties.
  2. FGMH

    FGMH Well-Known Member

    I have B/G twins too and mine will only be turning 5 this summer and I am wondering the same thing. Our family celebration tends to be small and would certainly be for both of them together, but I am debating whether it would be wiser to do 2 small friends parties.
    For us, there are two reasons why I am thinking about this:
    1. Even with a very limited guest list I found the number of kids I had to handle last time challenging. Of course that probably gets easier as the kids get older.
    2. My DD is into the classic birthday party games and loves proper parties while DS would be happier with a themed playdate like a Lego building party. DS did not join in any of the games although it was his own party and was rather unhappy most of the afternoon - and a birthday should be fun for the birthday kid/s.
  3. sharongl

    sharongl Well-Known Member

    My dad shares his birthday with my boys, so family birthday consists of going out to dinner with whomever is available--having a "family" party stopped when the boys started having their own friends (as opposed to neighborhood friends)--although sometimes my parents will attend the kids party, but that hasn't happened in a couple of years.  Unless they wanted to do sleepover parties, I would stick with one party, and combine the theme/activities.  Or have them work together to pick out a place that they both like.  But even for my boys 11 year old party, they had a sleepover, and there is one girl they are friends with, and she slept over even though the rest were boys.
  4. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    I'd do one for family, separate with friends if they want.
  5. sulik110202

    sulik110202 Well-Known Member

    My kids are boy/girl also.  This year we had one party for friends and then a separate party for family.  I am going to try and stick with that plan for a few more years.
  6. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My girls are turning 6 this summer and I mentioned the idea of separate parties to them and they looked at me like I was crazy. ;) If they ever did want separate parties we'd likely do two small friends parties (maybe 4-5 friends each) and then a family dinner for anyone who was available.
  7. SuzyHolland

    SuzyHolland Well-Known Member

    We started doing separate party's after a pirate party with 10 boys in my house.....
    The boys are in different grades and have very differen't friends.
    So I do 2 party's.
    And 1 family/friends party
    This year we are doing laser game party with 2 other kids.
  8. Julie L

    Julie L Well-Known Member

    A couple of years ago we started splitting their parties.  We have one family party and they each have a friend party.  Last year they both had sleepovers.  One weekend we had a house full of boys and the next weekend we had a house full of girls.  The boys had nerf wars and played video games.  The girls did their nails, watched movies, and made jewelry.  
  9. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I have done separate parties for my twins for the past 3 years and it works just fine. :good:  I do one party one weekend and the other party the next weekend. This year we had DD's party on a Friday night and the following weekend I had my DS's party on a Sunday afternoon.  These were done at my house.  We had pizze for dinner (DD's) and lunch (DS's) and cupcakes (their choice) and had some activieis to go with their theme.  They each love having their own party!! 
    For our extended family I just do a dessert and started this also since the kids have been in school and started inviting school friends to their parties, so that is thrown somewhere in there as well.
  10. DenzeWashington

    DenzeWashington New Member

    Birthdays are very special and everybody want to feel that moment with their family and friends. Party planners and party rentals play a major role in making that event special, with their creativity venue becomes delightful.
  11. Kessedi

    Kessedi Well-Known Member

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