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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by sitkamom, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. sitkamom

    sitkamom Well-Known Member

    Just a quick question about circumcision - how many plan on having thier sons circumcised? I guess just wanting to know what percentage of people are getting it done. NOT wanting to get a heated debate going, just curious...Thanks!
  2. sitkamom

    sitkamom Well-Known Member

    Just a quick question about circumcision - how many plan on having thier sons circumcised? I guess just wanting to know what percentage of people are getting it done. NOT wanting to get a heated debate going, just curious...Thanks!
  3. Cassie05

    Cassie05 Well-Known Member

    My ds was very early and very small so he couldnt get it done right away. He was finally able to get circ'd at 16 months old in a surgury center under anethesia.
  4. MyRiley

    MyRiley Member

    I'm pg w/ b/b twins and definitely circumcising both of them.

    EDD 3/17/07
  5. shockedmommy

    shockedmommy New Member

    I dont know if i am having boys yet... but the 2 boys i already have are circ'd and will still do the same if this preg includes boys.
  6. MrsCasper

    MrsCasper Active Member

    My boys will be~


  7. MomToBeX2

    MomToBeX2 Well-Known Member

    I'm having a boy and I don't think we'll be circumcising him. My husband is not circ'ed and I just don't see much of a point to it myself.
  8. HelenClyde

    HelenClyde Well-Known Member

    We won´t either - I never thought about it, though, as it´s rather uncommon here.
  9. Angelmommy

    Angelmommy Well-Known Member

    We are having b/g twins and we are getting the boy circ'd. Also, we were told by our medical insurance company that if we were to do this, if it wasnt done before he was discharged from the hospital at birth, then they dont pay for it. Just think thats a bit odd... but its thier rules.
  10. KindredSpirits

    KindredSpirits Well-Known Member

    I'll be doing it as well. I think I have just one boy in there, and we'll do it before he's discharged...I never thought about not doing it but I know others who haven't depending on their culture.
  11. Megos99

    Megos99 Well-Known Member

    My 3yr old DS is and this boy will be too.
  12. sivan

    sivan Member

    absolutely. religious reasons here...
  13. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I have 3 sons that have all been done - I am so glad these babies are girls! I always felt so bad for the boys!
  14. jenabbott97

    jenabbott97 Well-Known Member

    I am having b/g twins. My husband and my 8 year old are so we will be doing the same for this one.
  15. pam2baby

    pam2baby Well-Known Member

    Our little guy wasn't as bad as I had thought.
  16. Mimsy

    Mimsy Well-Known Member

    I am pg with g/b twins. Our boy will not be circ'ed. I have lived in Europe several times, and it is almost never done here. Given that they have no more boys/men with penis problems, and that there is no medical research to support it (in fact, most pediatric associations either advise against or consider it voluntary cosmetic surgery) I don't see any reason to put my baby through it.
    It was harder for DH to get on board, as he is American, but in the end he couldn't find any reliable information on the benefits or necessity of it, and I could find a lot of information against it, so I won that argument. [​IMG]
  17. Dianne

    Dianne Well-Known Member

    Yes, Kyle is circumcised.

    If you are looking for strictly numbers (and maybe more people to weigh in since there would be some anonymity) you could start a poll. If you have never done so before, click on new then below topic is poll. It is pretty self explanatory once the window opens but it is pretty much just like starting a topic, give it a title, put some information the body of your message, put your question in Questions box then the yes/no options you would like to have as possibilities.
  18. Jordari

    Jordari Well-Known Member

    If they're boys we definitely will - religious reasons also.

    And, not to create a debate, but to a pp's response: actually, there is recent medical evidence that circumcision is a strong reducer of transmission of HIV; so much so that there are campaigns being launched in multiple African countries where the HIV infection rate is so high to circumcize ADULT males.....

    That said, there are also lots of folks who say that it reduces penile sensitivity.

    It'd definitely a cultural thing, however, and a very personal choice.
  19. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    We had my son's done and the doctor did what was called a fingertip circumcision...not because we asked for that but b/c it is a trend in this area (I guess to avoid malpractice from taking TOO much off). It wasn't an issue for most kids, but my poor son was so affected by adhesions (the things that hurt so bad they will make a grown uncircumcised man go in voluntarily for the surgery) that he had to have it redone at 18 mos because he would grab his diaper area any time I put him on the changing table and scream "NO NO NO" and start crying. This problem went away immediately after the surgery and he quit freaking at diaper changes. I'd say if you have a history of adhesions in your family or your DH's it would be something to seriously consider. We are having the twins done, too, but this time we have a pediatric urologist coming in to do it because of our past problems.
  20. Kelli28

    Kelli28 Member

    I left the decision up to my dh, and he wants both boys to be, so they will be.
  21. osomom

    osomom Member

    I had my 3 year old circumcised - I left the decision up to DH. Last February we had to have my son's circumcision revised because I guess the OB did not take enough like pp said happened to her son. We were lucky that the adhesion was not painful but made him look like his urine hole (sorry don't know the proper term) look low on the base of the penis. We took him to a peiatric urologist and he said that we could elect to do a revision because it was like he had a mock turtleneck [​IMG] The surgery was outpatient and he was in pain when he woke up, but by that evening he was running around like nothing happened.
    We are having girls this time, but if they were boys I would do it again and probably have the pediatric urologist do it instead of the OB.
    I agree that it is a personal decision and for many reasons what you decide should not be criticized.
  22. Mimsy

    Mimsy Well-Known Member

    And, not to create a debate, but to a pp's response: actually, there is recent medical evidence that circumcision is a strong reducer of transmission of HIV; so much so that there are campaigns being launched in multiple African countries where the HIV infection rate is so high to circumcize ADULT males.....

    To be brief, there were serious methodological issues with this study. Also, I am not raising my son in Africa, and I do not want him to think that he has "immunity" from HIV/AIDS because he is circumcized. Because to hear people talk about the results of the African studies, circumcision is a "vaccine", which is simply not true.

    OP: If you would like some non-biased links about circumcision, I would be happy to provide them.
  23. funkymom

    funkymom Well-Known Member

    We are having b/g twins and we will not be having it done.
    As for the HIV transmission study that is a can of worms that I won't open because this isn't supposed to be a debate.
  24. Raneysmama

    Raneysmama Well-Known Member

    We are having girls, but I've looked into this subject before and am just not sure (if we have a boy in the future). I would lean more towards NOT circumcising, but I think my DH and I would both have to do a lot of research and agree on the decision together.

    I read in a magazine somewhere recently that about 50% of males are circumcised in the U.S. today, compared to about 80 to 90% several years ago. When I worked in a Day Care, my department had more girls than boys. I think out of 7 boys, 3 were uncircumcised.

    A lot of insurance companies won't pay for it at all anymore, because it's actually considered 'cosmetic surgery,' instead of just standard procedure.
  25. littletwinmom

    littletwinmom Well-Known Member

    We are...but my OB does feel it's more cosmetic and cultural than anything else. She brought up a good's important for the boy to look like his daddy. I don't have strong feelings either way and can totally understand both standpoints.
  26. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    My OB didn't try to influence me, but when I said I wanted my son circumcised she said "good...I have a hard time making my 10 year old put on clean boxers, much less clean his smegma." [​IMG]

    It's not neccessary and I know that. We have our reasons and nobody likes to be criticized for their beliefs on such a sensitive topic. If you have it done, get it done right, though!
  27. Mommy2PJ

    Mommy2PJ Well-Known Member

    I think it's a personal decision and I've seen this get really nasty on other boards. Kudos to us for this post staying civil. [​IMG]

    My dh is circ'ed but we neither one wanted DS to be done, and these boys won't be either. My opinion is that it's cosmetic and cultural and there really isn't a reason for it. Again, my opinion, don't want to debate. [​IMG] So no, these guys won't be circ'ed either.
  28. Stinkpea

    Stinkpea Well-Known Member

    We will be having our little boy done! I left the final decision up to DH and he wants it done.

    I personally think it looks better and its cleaner. But that is just my opinion.
  29. candicane05

    candicane05 Well-Known Member

    both boys were circumcised but both needed a revision 18 months later. Our GP performed the first one and assured us that it would be a simple procedure. Long story short, the revisions had to be done by a pediatric urologist. They look great now but I have always regretted my decision to have my GP do it. This time around, we'll go straight to the professional. Make sure you find someone that really knows what they're doing!
  30. threetobe

    threetobe Well-Known Member

    I had neither of my boys circ'd. Mimsy and I think alike on this issue.
  31. FirstTimeMom814

    FirstTimeMom814 Well-Known Member

    We had it done before we left the hospital. DH was with him and made sure they put anesthetic on it before they did it.
  32. sharongl

    sharongl Well-Known Member

    I recently read a short article in Parenting magazine (or was it Parents) that said that a study was done following men in New Zealand for 24 years. They found a marked increase in the numbers of STD's in men who were not circumsized, and the article mentioned that based on this research, the Pediatrics community may be revising their opinion on circumsision.

    My feeling is that this is because this is the first longitudinal study done in an industrialized nation--not a 3rd world country.

    My boys were done, for religious reasons, as well as others--on my kitchen table by a pediatrition who was also a Moyel (sp?) at their bris. We never had any problems.
  33. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    Sharon, we are Christian but my husband was so upset by the last circumcision needing to be redone he was asking me if we could get a moyel (again, sp?) to come in and do the twins. I told him I doubt it, but we are going with the next best thing...the ped. urologist.

    Not to take the post on a totally disgusting turn, but when I was in high school I was looking for some meds in our family medicine cabinet and found a prescription strength yeast infection cream with my father's name on it. I asked my mother why a man would need that. She said "oh, your dad isn't circumcised and he won't take care of himself so he got a yeast infection" (he had diabetes). I'd hope very few men would be as unhygeinic as he was, though (insert shiver of disgust here).
  34. MrsBQ02

    MrsBQ02 Well-Known Member

    our two boys will be- I don't know that the evidence is strong enough to truly sway me one way or the other, so since DH is, our sons will be too! Although this thread brought up some good points- I'll be sure to ask whoever's going to do it how much experience they've got!
  35. Jude Rose

    Jude Rose Active Member

    Dh and I are adamantly against it. For religious reasons. God made them just fine they way they will be born.
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