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Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by double-or-nothing, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    ok, so last thursday, Lorien developed a fever. Friday, around 12pm my world stopped as she started having a seizure in my arms. I laid her down on the carpet and had to sit there and watch her seize. It was aweful but fortunately I was on the phone with the nurse at the peds office while this was happening. I just happened to be making an appt to bring her in that day when the seizure started so she was able to talk me through it. We ended up in ER and everything checked out fine. The fever continued for a good 6 days and ranged from 101 to 104. The ped had suggested that it could be Roseola Virus which is often associated with a sudden increase in temp causing a febrile seizure to occur. Well, these 2 past days her fever has finally subsided but no rash. I have read that the rash could last anywhere from a couple of hours to several days so I'm wondering if it's possible that it happened at night while she was sleeping and it completely disappeared before I could ever see evidence of it?? At this point I'm just so frustrated and clueless as to what was going on with her. It was literally a week of h e l l! She was so lethargic and the possiblity of another seizure occuring was overwhelming to say the least. Now, her fever is gone but she is having these bizarre fits where she becomes suddenly upset and I can't console her and she twists her body. I don't know if this is something completely seperate or has to do with this virus she is getting over. I'm at a loss. She will be playing and walking and all of a sudden just start hysterically crying and having this insane fit/tantrum. I know the dr. said that irritability is one of the symptoms but is this what it is? I don't even know what she has (or had)!!! The one last thing we are waiting for is a culture on her urine but the initial test didn't show anything in her urine. I'm so upset. I don't know how to help her. I don't know if there is something else wrong with her. I can't stand that she can't tell me what she feels or where she feels it. These fits come out of nowhere and then stop as quickly as it started. She gets crazy angry and doesn't want me to touch her or be near her and then a few minutes later comes to me smiling and wanting to be with me. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!
  2. LisaS

    LisaS Active Member

    I can't tell you if it is Roseola, but I can tell you that both Sarah and Mason did have Roseola. After the 5 day fever, they both had a rash for 2-3 days. I don't know if the rash could only last a few hours or not. I feel for you because it was a terrible virus. They didn't have a siezure. I would have been a mess if they did.
  3. KCMichigan

    KCMichigan Well-Known Member

    One of my girls got Roseola and had a fever only for 5 days, nothing for 1, then rash for 2. The rash was all over her face, trunk ,& back- but did not seem to bother her. She was only irritable when she was feverish....and I don't blame her! I always feel miserable during a fever.

    I am sorry to hear about the seizure, how scary! I would think it was Roseola w/ just a temp and watch for a rash, even under her hair. Hopefully, she feels better soon!

  4. 1girltwinboyz

    1girltwinboyz Well-Known Member

    Josh got roseola and had the same seizure from rapidly rising temp. But he did get the rash within 24 hours of the fever breaking. it is so scary to see that happen to your baby! Hugs to you! I do not know what else to tell you but it could just be toddler frustration too. Josh had 5 seizures from 14 months to 20 months due to either roseola or pneu. But (knock on wood) it has been almost a year since his last one (turkey day 06) so hopefully he has outgrown them as his ped said he would. Dd had one seizure at 18 months due to fever and never any more.

    HTh and hang in there! :mellow: ;)
  5. Babies4Susan

    Babies4Susan Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, how scary for you.

    Both of my girls have had roseola. They never had seizures with the fever though. They get a fever for several days, which we keep down with Tylenol/Motrin. Then that breaks, they get extremely irritable, and a rash develops. It starts on their tummy and chest and sometimes creeps outward, although it's never made it to their legs or arms. For them the rash lasted about 2-3 days. Once the rash comes they start being less grumpy.

    I hate roseola, my children are so, so grumpy and miserable.
  6. my2boys

    my2boys Well-Known Member

    Brendon just went through this about a month ago. Same thing with the ceizures, er and a afternoon in the hospital for monitoring. We had a eeg and ekg done. It ended up being roseola. It is so very scary when those ceizures happen. But once the rash appeared he was a lot better.
  7. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    but here is my concern: she has been without a fever for pretty much 2 days and she still has no rash.

    Dh and I are really concerned because she is acting very strange. One minute she is totally fine and playing or eating or whatever, and the next minute she is hysterically crying and looks to be having some sort of tantrum or fit although there is nothing that I can figure out that is bringing it on. Tonight, she went to my husband crying hysterically but as soon as she was in his arms she started flipping her body around and twisting and scream/crying. It was almost as thought she was having horrible pain in her body. She seriously doesn't look like herself when she is having one of these fits. Then dh said, "you want to watch Wiggles?" and she completely stopped and was fine while she was watching the show. She did this to me early today. One minute she was fine then she went into a complete hysterical fit and wouldn't let me console her and then she was just laying there staring at the tv for about 5 minutes and then she turned to me and smiled and came over to cuddle with me. It is really bizarre. She also did it yesterday. She had a FULL blown out fit. It went on for a few minutes. She was literally throwing her self back as though she wasn't in control of her own body. We were afraid she might hurt herself it was so crazy. Desperate, I picked her up and said "you want to go outside and play??? Outside? You want to go outside?" and she completely stopped crying, went in the yard and was as happy as can be.

    They say with Roseola that irritability is part of the aftermath (before the rash?). Is this considered irritability or does this sound like it goes far beyond that? I've seen her irritable after getting shots and that kind of thing buy my goodness, I've never witnessed anything like this ever. I think I will have to bring her in to the ped tomorrow. I just don't know what to say. "Yes, hi. I'd like to bring my daughter in. Something is wrong but I don't know what."
  8. Susanna+3

    Susanna+3 Well-Known Member

    Somethign could still be bothering her... I know my kids have had roseola...and with each of them the rash was a little different. When my ds got it several weeks after my dd I hardly saw a rash on him at all...it was very subtle.

    When my older dd was around 2 we had just switched her to a regular bed. She woke up screaming in the middle of the night the one night. We could not figure out what was wrong. We finally got her calmed down...but in the morning she woke up screaming again. She carried on like this for an hour or more. I calmed her down with juice and tv...but she would just periodically start screaming again. I finally took her to the peds that day b/c I just didn't know what on earth was wrong with her and couldn't get her to tell me. Well, the ped had a hard time figuring it out too. At first he wanted to test her for UTI, and he also checked her ears for infection...but as I observed her with him...I suddenly realized she wasn't turning her head to one side. We tested her and sure enough she would not turn her head the one direction. I felt like such an idiot...but all that fuss just to figure out she had a stiff neck from her pillow!! To make matters worse this happened two more times in the next six months... once I caught it, but the third time I had her back at the peds again trying to figure out what was wrong. (that time she was screaming that her ear hurt...but when the ped checked it, it looked fine... once he left the room I watched her for a bit and figured out what the problem was...) you'd think I would have had a clue??!!! but sometimes we just can't put all the peices together to figure out what on earth is bothering them...even on repeat problems!!

    Anyway, I share that with you so that you don't feel badly for taking your child to the ped with rather ambigious symptoms. I really had no symptoms that i had observed other than her sporadic crying. It took awhile for us to observe the neck issues... and in both cases it turned out to be me that realized what was going on.

    Unfortunately, your dd is also at the age where sometimes kids do randomly throw fits, starting and stopping for no apparent reason. If you can get her to stop the fit by breaking in and suggestion other activities... eating, tv, going outside..you can be pretty well assurred that she might be physically fine. I remember one time my dd fell off the arm rest of the couch...landed right on the back of her head. Her face was so incredibly pale. I put her up on the couch...and still her face was totally void of color..and I couldn't get her to say anything to me. I was starting to panic thinking something was really wrong. Well, it dawned on me to suggest watching her favorite show and eating animal crackers..just to see if that got a response out of her. Sure enough she perked right up and was happy as a clam. (I think she was just in slight shock from the fall b/c I had just told her not to sit there moments before..so maybe the weight of her disobedience and the consequences following were surprising to her! LOL!)
  9. momofmandb

    momofmandb Well-Known Member

    I guess I would still be questioning the urine culture. I am wondering if it is it hurting her to pee and that is why she is throwing the fits? I would try and feel her diaper after the fit to see if she has just gone. To me, it does not sound like roseola. You really usually see the rash within 24 hours of the fever. All three of my kids have had roseola and I have definately seen the rash.

    I can understand the fear from the seizure. My six year old had a grand mal seizure a week before she turned two. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen.

    I hope she feels better soon!
  10. cclott

    cclott Well-Known Member

    Your DD's symptoms don't really sound like the twins symptoms when they had roseola. They both had a very high fever for 4 days, about 105, but thankfully no seizures!! Their fevers brok, they were symptom free for one day, and then the next they both had a rash for about 2 and a half days. Once they got the rash they were completely back to normal. The rash didn't seem to bother them at all. The never had the screaming fits that you are describing with your DD. I have no idea what to tell you, but it sounds as if she didn't have roseola, and that something else my have made her sick. Maybe something intestinal? You know sometimes how stomach pains come on hard and fast and disappear just as quickly? Maybe something like that is going on...I don't know. I hope she feels better soon, you must be going out of your mind!

    Please don't feel weird taking her into the pedi. You know what the symptoms are, you just don't know what is causing them. Who cares if it turns out to be something silly, at least it will put your mind at ease!!!

    :hug99: Take care!
  11. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    Thank you Thank you Thank you all for responding. The peds office called me today to say that the urine was contaminated and we had to do it again. So I put another bag on, got a little pee and brought it over to them. I have a feeling it will all be fine and I just want to let you all know that she is completely back to normal today. She had 1 of those fits this am and then had two poops (she didn't poop yesterday) and then was fine the rest of the day. I also now think that it wasn't Roseola. Although the info I read up on states that a rash MAY appear following the fever, I just don't think it's what she had. She deffinately had a virus of some sort and it was deffinately a nasty one at that but I'm just so happy that she is ok. Dh and I also thought that perhaps she was withdrawling from being doped up on meds non-stop for 5 days straight. Do you think that is possible? On top of that, it turns out that sometime during the virus, she cut one of her bottom eye teeth (sp?) so perhaps being on non-stop meds, she wasn't feeling the pain from that but once it was out of her system, it was really hurting her? In any event, they did say that once she has a febrile seizure that I need to stay on top of her fevers when she gets one because she could seize again but I'm hoping that it was a one time event although I know that the next time she feels warm, I will go into slight panic mode but that is normal I'm sure. Thanks again all. Your comments helped me out a lot. This has been by far the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life (the seizure that is).
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