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    This is true, too. We can no longer call & leave messages for the kids unless it is an absolute emergency. A couple of years ago I needed to get a message to my kids that I wasn't going to be able to make it to pick them up (I was running really late & was not even in town) & to give them instructions for who was getting them home and the school would not do it.
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    That's true, not all technology is necessary for everyone, but I'm going to venture to guess that when you have kids, you'll have to catch up, or they'll be passing you by! :lol: I didn't get a cell phone until I had my first child. Then, I wanted it in case I got stranded somewhere. Thankfully I had it the day I locked my keys in my truck (my oldest son was about 10 months old or so) and was able to call AAA to come unlock the doors. It was about 100 degrees outside.

    I don't have Ipod's/Itouch's/Ipad's or "I" anything else, just a good old laptop that does just fine. I'm usually the last to get something, but as time's change, I find I sometimes don't have a choice. I didn't want a smartphone with a data package, but the other phones had such horrible reviews, because they are making things cheaper and cheaper not only to save money, but so that you are forced to buy the more expensive items in the hopes that they will last longer. Sucks. But that's the times now.
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    I already do! Or rather, I use my iPad and the kids' iPod touches (which use the same apps as an iPhone). A lot of homeschoolers are making use of all this great technology. My kids can work on sight words in the car or read a book in a waiting room or practice math skills during our school day. Apps are a regular part of our schooling. There are so many great educational uses for these gadgets.
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    In our house we all have smart phones with data and text. DH and I need data to sync our calendars and work email. In fact, his phone is provided by his job and all our other phones are part of that plan and heavily discounted. The girls don't need data but they do need to be able to text and they absolutely need phones. They're 15 and they spend a lot of time away from me. I need to be able to reach them.

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