Really need some help with car seats!

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    I am due in June 2014 with girl twins and am still waiting to buy car seats with stroller or snap and go. I am being cost efficient and and need something that last a while, I have seen infant car seats from graco and baby trend and am playing with the idea of either buying a double stroller or a snap and go. I know the double stroller will last a while. Can mommy of twins tell me if they got click 2 connect graco car seats with double stroller or a snap and go and how's my months did they last you before your next car seat/ stroller purchase? I live in dfw area and am also open to someone selling their old car seats. Please help
  2. gina_leigh

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    Mine didn't stay in the infant seats long- I think it was by 6 or 7 months that I switched them to convertible car seats. That said, I think the snap and go is easier than the huge double graco strollers. I got rid of our huge stroller and got a double umbrella style that was much easier to use. That one I used for a long time.

    Congrats and good luck!
  3. gina_leigh

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    Oh and you could maybe look into your area's moms of multiples consignment sale. That can be a great place to get gently used strollers.
  4. FGMH

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    Mine stayed in the infant seats for over a year, they were tall but did not reach the weight limits for the next size car seats. So it is difficult to anticipate how much use you will get out of the infant car seats combined with the snap and go.
    We got a lot of use out of our big stroller which we used from the beginning (we never had a snap and go) until they were about 2.5 and mostly walking. It was a pain to fold and put in the car so check that aspect if you will need to take the car and the stroller a lot. I walked a lot and used either the infant seats or a wrap/ring sling when going somewhere by car.
  5. threebecamefive

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    I only used my infant seats for about five months before getting rid of them. They got too heavy to carry both seats and keep track of my young toddler. The only stroller I ever used was my Valco and that went everwhere with me and was worth every cent.
  6. kim01

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    Congrats on the girls !! We used the graco double stroller that the car seats clicked into for a long time. We also used the car seats until they were a year old. ANd used the stroller well past that. It was so easy to just click the car seat on top and go. I didn't have family around to help with trips to dr etc until the boys were 6 months old.
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