Pregnant with identical twins

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Willowandbunny, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Hi all, we just found out that we are expecting identical twins. It was the biggest shock of our lives and still digesting the news. I will be seeing the consultant every two weeks from 16 weeks onwards but I really want to find out if anyone having/had identical twins and how the pregnancy was, when did you give birth, how much complications are there, should I be worried? I know every pregnancy is different but I am so worried from what I've read as mono pregnancy seem to be a lot more complicated. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you x
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    First thing is first, congratulations; don't be afraid. My identical boys are fantastic, they are 3 now and my advice to you is to embrace don't fear, stress will make things 100 times worse, as for complications I worked a little longer than I should have, I had a internal bleeding on my placenta that I actually had to deliver after I delivered my boys, that could have been avoided if I didn't work so hard my entire pregnancy, stay away from salt because you will swell it's guaranteed, I delivered my boys 100% naturally no epidural nothing; my doctored wanted a C section and when I asked what the percent of risk was he said 5% higher so I did it naturally, I delivered at 36 weeks which is good for twins, weighing in at 6'6 and 5'11... I did have preeclampsia and they forced me to dialated to go into labor, other than that; bringing them home was a breeze as long as you have confidence and patience. And do everything st the same time, diaper changes and feeding and so on even if you have to wake one up; ur blessed mama congrats

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