Preemie or Newborn Size for Going Home Outfits?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by OahuLove2, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. OahuLove2

    OahuLove2 Active Member

    Hi everyone,
    How did you decide which size of baby outfit to bring to the hospital -- newborn or preemie? 
    I'm 28 weeks and starting to get things planned. I'm normally very practical but I do want cute going home outfits for the babies. So far my doctors think I'll carry my twins (mono-di girls) pretty far. As far as family history, my sister carried her babies to 38 weeks and 40 weeks and the 38-weeker was just a little too small for newborn outfits at first. (More based on body type than weight; he was 6lbs 11ounces.)
    Do most twins wear preemie clothes at first? How did you all handle this?
    (And PS: any other hospital bag tips welcome!)
    Thank you!
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  2. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    I took a newborn set for each and 1 preemie onesie for each.  They never fit in the preemie clothes.  The funny thing is I have never brought a kid home in the outfit I took to the hospital for them.  I always end up grabbing whatever's most convenient as I am signing out.  :pardon:
  3. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I got a nb outfit for my boys. That's what they wore home...and they swam in it lol.

    They were 6.13 and 6.3 at birth. They went home at 6...??? And 5.9. They word preemie outfits for the first month, Anthony (6.3) probably the first two months. It just them better. :)

    Any advice I can send along is grab one(2 or 3...) of those waterproof pads they put on your bed in the hospital. Those are awesome to have when you bring the babies home! Change them on them...sponge bathe them...then as they get older, if there is a stomach bug, or for potty training...they are awesome to have! I have 3 or 4 myself.
  4. gina_leigh

    gina_leigh Well-Known Member

    I was on bed rest and knew that I'd probably deliver a little early, so I picked out premie outfits for them. I did have a set of newborn onesies just in case, but ended up not bringing those to the hospital.
  5. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    My kids wore newborn outfits, but they were HUGE on them.  They were 6lbs and 5lbs, 4 oz. at birth, and could easily have worn preemie outfits.  They wore preemie outfits for a couple of weeks after coming home.
  6. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    I never owned a preemie outfit. Jack was 7.13, and Anna was 6.2, and they were fine in newborn. Ellie was 8.10. She could have maybe skipped newborn.
  7. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    I found out when I had my singleton in August that there are companies that sell prepacked labor bags. I bought one and was very happy.
  8. Katheros

    Katheros Well-Known Member

    Mine came home in 0-3 months size outfits.  I had preemie stuff that was given to me which I think I used the first week or two.  Mine were 6 & 6 1/2 pounds.
    They didn't have this 'newborn' when my twins were babies, I don't remember it anyway.  With my last and with this one, I skipped it.  My singleton was over 8 pounds and I expect this one will be also.
  9. kim01

    kim01 Well-Known Member

    Hi there my pg was going perfectly normal up until the 2 weeks before I was put into the hospital. My boys were born at 8 weeks early. I have diabetes and was told forever that the babies would be big. So we picked out new born clothes. They ended up wearing baby doll clothes home.  I would take both just in case, and keep the tags on them. And return the ones that you don't use.  I ended up going into the hospital with preeclamsia that went into full blown eclasmia (sp?).
  10. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    My boys came home in newborn outfits. They were 6lbs and 5.10 when we left the hospital.
  11. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Mine went home in 0-3 month outfits (my aunt and uncle had bought them and they were beautiful, however, the kids were swimming in them).  Both of mine were under 6 lbs at birth and when we got home, we had to go out and get a couple of preemie outfits and diapers.  So I would recommend at least having two options-preemie size and newborn or 0-3 month size.
  12. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I should have done preemie- mine were born at 37w5d at my little guy dropped down to 4lb10oz. I could have fit both boys in their going-home outfit (newborn size).

    I'd buy both if I were to do it again.
  13. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    My twins were 7lb 7 & 7lb11.  They swam in 'under 7 lb' sleepers when they came home.  I never did buy any preemie. 
  14. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My girls were 6 weeks early.  I had no issues so I did not have a bag packed.  After they were born, DH and MIL went to children's place and got a cute premie outfit for them.  
  15. Babies4Susan

    Babies4Susan Well-Known Member

    I spent most of my pregnancy on bedrest and it was pretty widely accepted my babies were coming early, so I got quite a few preemie outfits at my shower.  They were born 9 weeks early, and came home at 5 and 6 weeks, both in preemie outfits.  They were about 4.5 pounds when they came home.  But they moved to newborn size clothing I'd say right around the time I would have been 38-39 weeks along.
  16. FGMH

    FGMH Well-Known Member

    I carried the babies to term but they were smallish at birth (2.6 and 2.9 kilos). We never had preemie outfits for them (I just could not find any remotely nice ones) but they swam in the newborn outfits they went home in.
  17. threebecamefive

    threebecamefive Well-Known Member

    My boys were born at 38w1d at 6 pounds and 7 pounds 8 ounces. I had brought a newborn outfit, but it was ginormous on them. My husband went out and bought them a preemie outfit and it was perfect, but they were only able to wear it for the first week or two. If money is a factor, I would buy a newborn gown (those sleep sack type gowns - I'm not sure what they're called) and call it good. Those were my favorite things for all my babies to be in for the first month or so.
    I'm going to 2nd Meaghan's advice about taking one (or two or three!) of the hospital pads home with you. :) We have four at our house and we use them all the time, for all the things Meaghan mentioned!
  18. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Out of 3 babies I have never had one that actually started off in newborn size!
    My girls were each 6 lbs and although I brought newborn outfits with me, they were huge and people brought me preemie outfits and that's what they wound up wearing home.
    My singleton was a whopping 10.3 lbs and although I brought newborn clothes with me to the hospital, they were all too small on him. He started in a size 1 diaper and 0 - 3 month clothes.
  19. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    My first pregnancy my son was two weeks overdue so we didn't need preemie clothes.  I had no preemie clothes for my girls and had them a month early; they were 5 lbs 9 and 5 lbs 12.  The 0-3 months swollowed them!  After we left the hospital hubby went out and bought several preemie outfits to fit them. They only wore them for about a month.
  20. Krystine

    Krystine Well-Known Member

    We got NB. We were in NICU 2 weeks and they were in the 5 lb range at birth and d/c. if you had babies really early they'd likely have NICU time and you could send a family member to a store for preemie outfirs if needed. Mine could have fit in preemie clothes  a few weeks but it would have been sort of expensive plus they were pretty tall for preemie clothes (18").
  21. Danibell

    Danibell Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would take both with you.  I brought newborn and 0-3 month for my oldest, he was born at 36 wks at 5lbs 13 oz, and my mother in law had to go buy a preemie outfit and preemie diapers for him, he was 5.8 when we came home.  He wore preemie for about a month.

    I took preemie and newborn for my second child, she was born at 39 wks and was 9lbs 12 oz!!!!!  The newborn sleeper, thankfully, was footless, and it was like she had capri's on, it was too small!  The nurses had to go get size 1 diapers from the PICU for her, she was too big for newborn diapers!  The day after we came home we went shopping for size 1 diapers and 0-3 month sleepers, I had nothing in that size for her!
    So, from experience, I took preemie, newborn, AND 0-3 month for my twins.  They were born 36 weeks, at 7.2 and 6.4 lbs.  My boy was smaller, he wore a few preemie outfits, but I brought them both home in newborn fleecy sleepers, they were born in feb and it was chilly out. 
  22. astewart0610

    astewart0610 Well-Known Member

    I think my boys wore premie for about 2 or 3 weeks. I took everyone's advice here and didn't buy but a few premie outfits. They went home at 5.4 and 5.7 lbs. I had mono/di and they were my second pregnancy. I carried them to 37+4. I am small so that may have some impact on the fact I had almost full term babies at only 5 lbs. I'd take one outfit in premie to be safe. Your doctor will probably monitor them a lot at the very end so you will have more of an idea of birth weight by then
  23. sulik110202

    sulik110202 Well-Known Member

    I think I used 0-3 months outfits and my kids swam in them.  They were born at 38 weeks and weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and 6 lbs 13 oz.  I think premie would be a good size to try.
  24. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    mine were born at 3 and a half and 4 and a half pounds...while we were still in the hospital my mom had to go get preemie diapers since the hospital had nothing smaller than size 1 - also got them preemie sleepers to come home in (they never actually wore the clothes I bought them to come home in) and they wore preemie sizes for months...
    remember even at 6 or 7 lbs they're all rolled up so the NB sizes are big...
  25. OahuLove2

    OahuLove2 Active Member

    I've been following the responses but I meant to come back and say thank you before! We are going to bring both sizes.

    Thank you!
    I've been following the responses but I meant to come back and say thank you before! We are going to bring both sizes.

    Thank you!
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