poll: Did your breasts droop after pregnancy / breastfeeding?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by li li, Jul 8, 2008.


Did your breasts droop after pregnancy alone or only after breastfeeding as well or neither?

  1. I did not breastfeed and my breasts are NO more saggy than they were before pregnancy

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  2. I did not breastfeed and my breasts ARE more saggy than before breastfeeding

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  3. I did breastfeed and my breasts are NO more saggy than they were before pregnancy

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  4. I did breastfeed and my breasts ARE more saggy than they were before pregnancy

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  5. I am still breastfeeding, so I don't know yet

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  1. li li

    li li Well-Known Member

    We were discussing breasts after breastfeeding on the BF forum. Several of us have read somewhere that it's not supposed to be breastfeeding that causes your breasts to droop, but is in fact the pregnancy itself. We were wondering if this was something someone made up in order to encourage women to breastfeed, of if there could be some truth in the matter.

    So I thought I'd ask here, a sample of mommies who've almost all had pregnancys but some of whom breastfed and some didn't.

    Me? I'm still breastfeeding but as a. it's over two years now and b. i'm already 39, I don't hold out much hope for regaining my pert little beauties :( (which may I say were still pert little beauties even at 36 before I became pregnant :FIFblush: - where else could I ever make that claim?!).

  2. rubyturquoise

    rubyturquoise Well-Known Member

    Mine changed shape a little, but that I am sure would be due to pregnancy itself and not bfing. I did bf all my children. I see some droop now due to age, but they pretty much returned to their normal size degree of uplift every time after nursing.
  3. KCMichigan

    KCMichigan Well-Known Member

    I did not BF for medical reasons (wanted to)- and was 27 when I got pregnant/delivered...no change here. Small..still small :lol: I dont have much to droop, so I was never worried.

    Maybe size plays a part as well?? Friends of mine that are larger chested and did not BF had some drooping. Just a thought.

  4. noahandjacobsmom

    noahandjacobsmom Well-Known Member

    I pumped so I checked off the did not breastfeed and still the same as before pregnancy.
  5. snoopytwins

    snoopytwins Well-Known Member

    I did bf and mine are slightly more droopy after bfing. Now, I did get stretch marks on my breasts while pregnant but didn't notice more of those...just a little more droop. It's not terrible though...I did go back down to a D(started a small D, ended up EE/F while bfing, back to a medium D and now I'm a DD because I'm pregnant).
  6. mandyfish3

    mandyfish3 Well-Known Member

    Ha! This question made me laugh. I have seen this on the breasfeeding forum many times and have chimed in!

    Mine are MUCH MUCH saggier!! I mean, big time! Flat droopy pancakes. I used to have really nice full C's. Now I got them folded up into A/B cups!

    I totally think it's breastfeeding twins. If I had not breastfeed, I HIGHLY doubt they woudl be like this. But it was totally worth it!
  7. jschaad

    jschaad Well-Known Member

    I am almost 32 had the babies when i was 30 almost 31 and i did not bF and they really have not cahnged at all. ;)
  8. angie7

    angie7 Well-Known Member

    Your poll didn't quite fit me...It should have said "I did breastfeed and my breasts WERE more saggy than they were before pregnancy" I had mine fixed ;)
  9. Becca34

    Becca34 Well-Known Member

    I was a full C -- no sag -- before my first pregnancy (singleton), BF for about 10 months, and my breasts returned almost back to normal afterward. A little saggier, maybe.

    Second pregnancy (twins) I went up to a DD cup while pumping exclusively for 10 months....just in the last three months since stopping, my breasts are awful. Very saggy and sad looking. I've gone back down to a regular D cup, but dude, it's not pretty.

    I'm considering getting them lifted some day, but I fear the knife....
  10. Meximeli

    Meximeli Well-Known Member

    I choose droop, but shrivel up would have been a better choice! :icon_eek:
    I went from slightly large to rather small just days after weaning.
  11. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    I don't think mine were every perky! I guess unless i haven't breastfed for a long time and I'm very full! :) I am big chested.
  12. hezza12

    hezza12 Well-Known Member

    I did breastfeed for 18 months and my boobs are a) a bit smaller and B) very slightly droopier than before I had the babies. But really, the change isn't that big and I'm pretty happy with how they are, and I don't know if it would have been the pregnancy or the breastfeeding that affected me.
  13. li li

    li li Well-Known Member

    Wow how cool is that, some people 'get away' with breastfeeding and no sag. And as a pp noted, maybe size does play a role.

    But droopy pancakes, diastasis, hernia, spider veins and stretchmarks ... they're worth it!
  14. JessiePlus2

    JessiePlus2 Well-Known Member

    I chose that I did breastfeed and they are droopier. But I actually never bf, just pumped. (Not sure if the sucking action of the pump has a different effect that the sucking action of a mouth?)

    I started out with a B cup, grew to a C cup during pregnancy, a D during breastfeeding, and now I'm back to a seriously saggy small B cup. (I think without the droop, I'd be an A cup now. But when I lift and shove them in a bra, the stretched out skin adds a little volume. :p )

    Oh, and I was 25/26 when I was pregnant and breastfeeding.
  15. twinzmom2b

    twinzmom2b Well-Known Member

    I'm 29 and just had my 3rd baby 4 months ago. I pumped for the twins for 4 months...it did a number to my breasts. That's for sure! THey are droopier (is that a word) and also a bit shrively. But, I've also lost a TON of weight in the past, so that attributes to it also.
  16. Kaylee Marie

    Kaylee Marie Well-Known Member

    I used to have cute, perky, perfect 32C cup breasts. They ballooned to 32GG when I was pregnant/breastfeeding (32H/I when engorged). Now they are the saggiest, saddest flat pancakes I've ever seen. They hang right down to my elbows. I have to fold them into my bra or else my nipples will point any which way and look very funny under my clothing.

    I don't know if it's from being pregnant or breastfeeding. My boobs got very large when I was pregnant. They even rivaled my baby belly. Last weekend my grandmother saw the picture of me checking into the hospital before giving birth. She immediately started laughing and exclaimed "Look how large your boobs were!" She's one to talk... she was an M before getting breast reduction.

    I wonder if it's because I didn't always wear very supportive bras when pregnant and breastfeeding. I couldn't find any in my size so settled for bra tanks and really flimsy bras that would stretch over my gigantic tatas. I did buy a couple good bras finally, but they were SUPER expensive and I fear too little, too late.

    Now I MUST wear supportive bras -- no more cute, sexy bras for me. But with a good supportive bra, my breasts look normal to other people. So long as they don't see me naked!

    DH says he doesn't mind the sagginess but I do. That said, I'd do it all over again. Breastfeeding my girls for 14 months was totally worth a lifetime of saggy boobs!!!
  17. plattsandra103

    plattsandra103 Well-Known Member

    sing with me now:

    "yes, my boobs hang low, and they wobble to and fro, i can't tie them in a knot cuz they're smaller now, you know. the bra straps on my shoulders hold up my previous boulders, but my boobs hang loooooooow!

    definitely empty, definitely saggy. very sad. i recently told dh i now understand why someone would get a boob job....
  18. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    I contribute mine to the breastpump because I didn't actually breastfeed, just pump. I guess I pumped all the firmness away--I hope my girls get to enjoy it!! I was a full 38C now I'm lucky if I'm pushing a B and I have this flab under my boob--totally disappointing. But, oh well, all for a good cause.
  19. Chillers

    Chillers Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(spinhermie @ Jul 9 2008, 02:57 PM) [snapback]868189[/snapback]
    sing with me now:

    "yes, my boobs hang low, and they wobble to and fro, i can't tie them in a knot cuz they're smaller now, you know. the bra straps on my shoulders hold up my previous boulders, but my boobs hang loooooooow!

    definitely empty, definitely saggy. very sad. i recently told dh i now understand why someone would get a boob job....

    OMG, I am so LMAO right now! DH even just looked at me funny! :rotflmbo:

    I voted yes, bf and saggy, but it's more deflated...you can only sag so much when you're an A, maybe barely a B in some bras!
  20. excitedk

    excitedk Well-Known Member

    I was just looking at mine, lol, and I really don't think barely any of my damage is from bfing, and I bf almost 2years. I went from a a/b to a EE while pg, so I think that really caused some sagging. I am now about a c/d, and not very deflated, just sort of droopy, but I can definitly work with that, lol!!!

    I wonder if this falls in the genetics catogory, like stretch marks. My moms did not get stretch marks, and niether did I. Her boobs were always nice and full (atleast looked that way!) and I hope mine stay that way for a while longer.
  21. MrsBQ02

    MrsBQ02 Well-Known Member

    I went from a full A pre-preg to a very, very sad AA. I BF, but mainly pumped, and they're smaller, saggier, but what gets me even more, is my nipples sag too! :eek: (but maybe that's from the pumping...) I dunno. If it weren't for major surgery, and having to have them re-done, I'd totally get a boob job when I'm done having kids... but I just can't do it. :(
  22. nanhancan

    nanhancan Well-Known Member

    I bf'd all of my girls for one year. After my singleton year, my boobs looked great! They were comparable to pre-preg boobs. HOWEVER, after nursing my twins for a year, my boobs are tiny, little, saggy sacks. It's so sad. It looks like someone cracked 2 eggs on my chest. I wish I had to guts to get them fixed.
  23. happybearsfan

    happybearsfan Well-Known Member

    Oh man. I delivered my twins when I was 27 and breastfed them. And my breasts SAG!

    But I am really heavy with a larger chest, and I wasn't exactly perky beforehand ... it's just worse now. lol
  24. HT

    HT Well-Known Member

    I had great boobs before kids. I tell people now that my kids sucked the life right out of them! I didn't even BF for that long, but I guess it was long enough!
  25. runnergirl

    runnergirl Well-Known Member

    Mine are definately more saggy! And I would attribute it to BFing because before the boys, I was full B/C cup, went up to DD while nursing and now can barely fill out my old pre-pregnancy bras. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the skin getting all stretched out when you big and nursing, once you are done, there's not much left to fill out all that stretched out skin.
  26. Kristen Brown

    Kristen Brown New Member

    After breastfeeding my boobs started sagging. I started using boobpop serum and I've seen a drastic chance. My breast are firmer and fuller. I am very excited about boobpop serum and love the fact that it's all natural!
  27. BillShiphr

    BillShiphr Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem for many women. I felt very insecure with it and that's why I did the surgery. My husband was able to find a girl on this site when I looked bad. So, I hate him for it but now I am better than ever before. I hope he understands it
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