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    Oh My! I honestly can't believe I found "Twin Stuff" again. WAYYYYYY back in 2002/2003 I was on bedrest with my fraternal twin pregnancy and happened upon this site, joined and it was (truly) a life-saver! I visited daily (and nightly) all through my pregnancy and well into the twins toddler years. Then, life took over (well, the kids took over) and I just wandered away.

    Flash forward 15 years later..... I'm sitting here at work today, googling "identical twins with 2 sacs and 2 placentas" and happened to stumble upon this site. REMARKABLY my username/email was still registered!! What trip down memory lane reading some of my old posts! Literally teared up at a few because I had actually forgotten some of the cute stories I shared here as the girls were growing!

    And, to explain the reason for my google search mentioned above.....thanks to our Ancestry DNA results, we found out last week (YES.....14 1/2 YEARS after they were born) that our fraternal twins daughters, Hannah & Ava, are actually our IDENTICAL twin daughters! Seriously.... I cannot even believe it myself. Yes, they look alike. Yes friends, neighbors and some family members always looked at me a little cross-eyed when I continuously said "no they are not identical", "yes, I am sure they are fraternal". I was told over and over and over by the Perinatologist and my OB that "2 sacs and 2 placentas mean fraternal", "It would be soo rare for them to be identical" (newsflash - a quick Google search informed me that 1/3 of identical twins have 2 sacs and 2 placentas! WTH???) Back then I never questioned it. I never did a simple Google search. I never considered DNA testing, even though no one but us could tell them apart for years and years. I just accepted it and went about our lives.

    Needless to say, the Ancestry DNA results weren't enough to satisfy me OR the girls (15 years of thinking you are fraternal twins is hard to erase with only one source) so this weekend I had the girls take another DNA test that I have shipped off to a company that specializes in twin DNA testing. Should have the results in about 10 days! Crazily we are all secretly hoping it comes back fraternal. Old habits die hard...they are used to being "fraternal" and we are used to it too. I am well aware it literally changes NOTHING, but, as one of the girls said "Our whole life has been a lie!" and "Yeah, it changes nothing and everything all at the same time!" Did I mention that regardless of being fraternal or identical, they will ALWAYS be dramatic??

    Anyway - wow what a trip down memory lane coming back to this site! I am so happy to see it's still here!! I wish I could remember some of the ladies I used to talk with on here regularly, but 15 years seems like a lifetime ago!!!
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    Welcome back and what a cool story! Update us when you get the twin DNA results!
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    Welcome back-the site hasn't been very active for a while, just a few of us regularly checking in. The Twinstuff FB group is VERY active-you should tell your story there if you get a chance, that's pretty cool!
    Great to hear from you!
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  4. allyplustwins

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    That's a good idea! I will checkout their FB page!
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