Obese and Pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by ward, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. ward

    ward Well-Known Member

    I am an obese woman. I was in the middle of trying to loose weight with no luck. Thought it was due to b/c i was taking. I had also felt some pain in my right side and thought it was my cyst returning. I had been working out and changed my diet all around and had lost only 1 pound. It made my trainer think i was lying about what i was truly eating. So i went in to see the doctor and found out we were pregnant with twins. The intense work outs stopped and since then my diet has changed because not everything healthy is appetizing for me right now. Four days after we found we were pregnant i started to bleed and thought i was having a misscarriage went in and the twins were good. Went to the doctor two days later and found i lost 9 lbs in 6 days. I was hoping that I would loose a lot of weight pryor to getting pregnant but now im unable to get up and do the things that would help with that. I feel sick a lot and if im up for too long i feel sicker and just exhausted. I'm wondering if there are any other obese pregnant woman on this forum. I was also obese with my son and our pregnancy went fine except the last several weeks when my bp went through the roof.I want to know how other woman are dealing with their pregnancy if they are obese.
  2. MLH

    MLH Well-Known Member

    My twins are 5, but I was (and am :blush: ) morbidly obese when I was pregnant with them as well as DD1. I was induced with both pregnancies. DD1, I was 40 weeks, 5 days and my bp got too high so I was induced. She was 8 lb. 8 oz and I gained 40 lbs with her. I was induced with the twins at 38 weeks, 1 day and they were 6 lb. 4 oz and 7 lbs. I gained 33 lbs. with them. I didn't have any complications with them at all. That's not to say being obese isn't a health risk, but it doesn't mean things will go poorly either. Congrats on your pregnancy!
  3. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    I was obese with my girls as well. I only gained 20lbs with them and they were early due to jessys health issues which were not caused by my weight
  4. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I lost weight for the first 7 months or so of the pregnancy. The doctors were never worried.
  5. bellawillawyatt

    bellawillawyatt Well-Known Member

    I hit 300 on delievery day! YIKES RIGHT but yes, true enough and I only gained 14 lbs. Pregnancy was good, infact my High Risk who is one of the top in the state said heavier women often do better in twin pregnancy and have less chance of preterm labor. Hang in there. I am here if you want to chat.
  6. ward

    ward Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies!!! It helps to hear other women who were in the same situation. I go back to work tomorrow its an office job but im hoping by being a little bit more active and such i will possibly loose a little weight here and there as long as i eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I will be talking with my OB just to make sure. I will not make it a priority but I have seen and heard SO many horror stories. Not to mention my OB is automatically putting me on bedrest at 24-26 weeks (which i welcome) so i just wanna make sure to try and stay as active as possible.
  7. Henderson

    Henderson Well-Known Member

    I do recommend that you atleast check out Dr Lukes book about twin pregnancy, I'm also over weight and afraid of those add'l risks like diabetes and such I've put on just over20 lbs but her book tells you by BMI how much you should be gaining and good ideas on what to eat! Worth getting, my library had a copy! But my doc has never balked at the weight gains but I've heard horror stories of women getting lectures from their ob's. Glad mines not one! Good luck!
  8. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I am obese (gained 70 lbs with the pregnancy and hit close to 300 at delivery) and I also second Dr. Barbara Luke's When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads. That book was realistic with what can happen in a twin pregnancy and also how to prevent those things- for example, a calcium/magnesium supplement can keep your uterus supple and help ward of PTL.

    FWIW- I lost 50 lbs after they were born and had the other 20 off in the first 3 months of BFing.
  9. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    I was obese when I got pg (278) and gained 27 lbs and was 303 when I delivered...by my 6 wk pp appt I had lost 55 lbs (and I wasn't bf'ing!)...I had no complications until 35 weeks when I delivered pre-e and carried to 36w
  10. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    I was overweight. I gained 38 pounds with the twins. I had no complications and delivered at 37.5 weeks. I lost 65 pounds in 3 weeks following delivery (a lot of water gain).

    Personally, I hate Dr. Luke's book, but I'll leave it at that.
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  11. bellawillawyatt

    bellawillawyatt Well-Known Member

    LOL I hated it too!
  12. Sarach

    Sarach Active Member

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  13. Ckarl

    Ckarl Member

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  14. Kessedi

    Kessedi Well-Known Member

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