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    Kennadie Ann and Reilly Morgan arrived 6.9.15 via vaginal birth :]
    Birth story!!!
    On Monday 6/8 about 5 pm I started getting really crampy. Not painful but like hard period cramps. I thought it might have been because I was dehydrated so I started drinking water and trying to hydrate to see if that helped at all. I didn’t say anything to Ben and he went off to work. About 8 pm after I got Kiara in bed I really wanted pizza. I spent nearly two hours trying to decide what kind of pizza to order. I placed my order. During this time I felt like I needed to pee constantly. I was always up/down in the bathroom even if I wasn’t getting anything out. I didn’t think much about the pressure because hello I had two babies in me. About 10 Pm my pizza finally showed up. I had a few pieces and felt really nauseous and hot. Ben gets home from work about 12:30. I had been doing lots of squatting and in and out of the shower. Ben suggested we go for a drive to see if we can get me cooled off and see if that helps any. We get in the car and start driving with the windows down. My cramping is getting more painful but I just chalked that up to the babies sitting so low and me sitting in the car. We get home and we try and go to bed. I can’t sleep so I move in to the older girl’s room and sleep in Ben’s daughter’s bed. About 2 am the contractions wake me up. I try and change positions and get comfortable every time I get almost back to sleep I have another contraction and I wake up. I still wasn’t thinking it was labor and I let ben sleep. At 3 am I got back in the shower and it helped some. When I was done I went back to the older girls room and laid back down. Sometime between 3 am and 5 am I fell back asleep. About 6:30 I woke up and went and got back in to bed with Ben. I thought to myself and almost said to him “We’re going to have babies today” but decided against it because there was no way I was in labor. Around 7 am Ben got up to go get Victoria. I was in and out of the shower and the bathtub while he was gone. Kiara was downstairs playing. Ben gets home and I can hear him cleaning downstairs. I’m squatting next to the bed and I send him two text messages “I need you.” And “Now”. I called him 3 times too. I just needed him to tell me I was okay and I was going to make it to my NST and Drs appt at 11. He came upstairs to do something and I called for him but he didn’t hear me and went back downstairs. About 9 am he came back upstairs and I was sitting on the toilet thinking I needed to pee. He comes in to the bathroom and I started yelling at him how I texted him and called him. After about 2 mins of that I realized how stupid I sounded and started crying. I kept apologizing and kept saying “I’m in so much pain” He told me to put my pants on and he was taking me to the hospital. I tried to fight him because I was sure that I was not in labor and they were going to send me home again without babies. I make it to the front steps and he has all my stuff in the car and I start crying again about how I just know I am going home without babies in my arms. He finally convinced me to get in the car and that we were not going home without babies.
    We drive to the hospital and the whole time I’m trying to hold it together. We get there and Ben’s ex wife is there to pick up Victoria from us. We get both older girls out of the car and send Victoria with her mom and Kiara is holding my hand walking in to the hospital. Ben walks in ahead of us and starts getting me checked in. I’m in the entrance of the hospital and I tell Kiara to go find ben and I have a huge contraction. I finally get to the check in lady and she calls up to L&D. I go and find a couch to squat next to until the nurse gets there. They ask me if I want a wheel chair. I told them no that I would walk. We walk up to the L&D floor and get in to a triage room. I go pee in the cup and get in to a gown. They need to check me and get me hooked up to monitors. I tried to get in to the bed about 3 times before I could. They come in get me hooked up and I’m having contractions every 2-3 mins. They come in and check me and do a Speculum exam. I’m at a 5cm, 100% effaced with a budging bag of water. They bring in the ultrasound and see who is head down and closer to my cervix. Kennadie had wormed her way in and was closer than Reilly. I got up out of bed and my nurse says “I have to figure out which room to put you in.”
    I looked at her and said, “Does this mean you are keeping me?”
    “Yes you are having babies today. We’re going to get you in a room and get an IV started”
    I buried my head in ben’s chest and started crying.  My nurse unplugged the monitors and said we were going to walk to L&D room #5. We start walking down the hall way and I have a contraction so I have to stop and get though it while holding on to the wall. As I let go of the wall my legs got really weak and I started shaking.  We get in to my L&D room and the Dr, the resident, and the anasteasologist all came in to talk to me.  We get my Iv started and I have to have half a bag of fluid before I can have my epidural. I watched that bag like a hawk. As soon as I hit half I asked for my epi. My plan was to sit in the tub and then get my epi but the nurse said it may take too long and I might not be able to get an epi if I progressed too fast and I wanted no part of that.  I got my epi and it was completely different from the one I got with Kiara. I could feel my legs and even sorta move them on my own. I could feel my contractions but they didn’t hurt it was more like a dull ache. Once I was numb and relaxed Ben went to run home and get some things for Kiara and grab lunch. The resident came in and was talking to me about the possibility of needing a csection, what would go on and had me sign the paperwork.  During that time my Doulas showed up and were helping me work though the possibility of a csection. Once I came to terms with it we talked with my nurse about me rolling on my other side, trying some relaxation techniques and trying to get some rest before heading to the OR. Once I was rolled on my other side my doulas started massaging my hands and head. The resident came back in and wanted me to think about having my water broken to progress things along. I asked to wait until ben got back just in case things progressed too quickly. Ben came back and the nurse and resident pretty much followed him back down the hallway they checked me and the resident’s eyes got huge and she said “OMG whatever you do don’t start pushing. You are complete and we don’t have an OR ready”
    She went booking down the hallway the nurse started grabbing my iv bag and monitors and started pushing me towards the OR. On our way to the OR my doulas and Ben were gowning up. They pushed me in to the OR and I got really anxious. Ben is calling to me to breathe and relax and look at him. I was asked to move myself from the bed to the OR table. I kept feeling like I was about to fall off but they promised I wouldn’t. The nurses let Ben in and he came right up next to my head and kept telling me to relax and breathe. I still had terrible labor shakes and I was freezing but I couldn’t control my shaking. They turned on the ultrasound and checked the position of the babies. Kennadie was ready to go and Reilly was just above her. As they were finishing setting up I started making jokes.
    “Hi everyone in my OR who I haven’t met yet. Normally I make people buy me dinner before they see me naked”
    “Ben I hate your Jerry. I named it jerry cause his name is Ben”
    Once every thing was set up, they let me know what was going to happen next. They were going to break my first bag of water and have me start pushing. The attending OB was ready to break my water and I asked “Am I gonna feel it?” His answer was “already done” Then he moved out of the way and the resident stepped in.  My nurse told me when I was having a contraction and the OB asked me to do 4 pushes for every one contraction.  Then they asked me if I could feel my contractions. I could feel the dull ache of them. I started pushing when I could feel my contractions. I pushed once and I felt a small pop. It was a really odd feeling. I pushed once more and all of a sudden I had a screaming baby on my chest.  They let ben cut her cord and I spent a few mins with her while we were waiting for my body to figure out that I still had another baby in me. Once they wanted to break the second bag I asked for the first baby team to come get kennadie from me.  
    The OB broke Reilly’s bag of water and her heart rate dropped.  It took a few mins for it to come back up while we were waiting for her they kept reminding me not to push. Once her heart rate came back up, they said it was go time and let me start pushing as I felt my contractions. 6 pushes and 19 mins after her older sister was born Reilly was laid on my chest.
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    Beautiful girls  :wub:   Congratulations Momma and thank you for sharing your birth story!
  3. monica77

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    Congratulations!!! They are so cute :). I hope you recover fast and you can rest (some).
  4. cheezewhiz24

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    Aww, great birth story and beautiful babies! Congratulations and welcome to the first year!!!
  5. lharrison1

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    Congratulations!!!  Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.  I hope all is well!  Welcome to the world Kennadie Ann and Reilly Morgan! (Ann is my middle name and Morgan is my maiden name).  :wub:
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    :wub: Congratulations!!  Enjoy them!!
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