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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by whynotoils, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. whynotoils

    whynotoils New Member

    We went in to confirm baby was dead because I had spotting and a history of miscarriage. We found two healthy beating hearts!
    The doctor quickly said that I had a blood clot in there (not sure where there is). And that I need to take it really easy and not pick up any kids. The clot should be gone by the next scan.
    Soooooo. What does take it easy really mean? Does this mean I have to take it easy until the next scan, even though I only spotted once?
    Baby mama to one set of 4 year old twins and their 7 other siblings.
  2. Yelisaveta91

    Yelisaveta91 Member

    This can means two things at my thoughts.
    First, maybe your doctor wanted to say you not to worry too much about this pregnancy and the clot, because so, worrying can be a bad thing for the mind, the baby/ies and the body in some cases, especially when there's already some problems or that the pregnancy can be a risky one, and even if things are okay for now your can be a risky one (twins pregnancy, and miscarriage in the past).
    Second point, well the two can be linked, maybe this means you have to take care of you, to particularly rest and not do too much to not overstrain your body.
    Well, I have to admit I think that it's a weird way to say things, in your case I'd be wondering what means the doctor by "take it easy" too.
    Anyway I hope helped you a bit, and maybe someone else will have another thought about this to help you better.
    In any case congratulations about your twins pregnancy, and wish you things'll continue to be okay for you and your babies, good luck for the future.
  3. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I agree with Yelisaveta 91, the doctor doesn't want you to worry too much and also to go easy on yourself physically. If the other children can help with house chores, have them do it. Don't lift heavy things. If you have to bring in groceries-for instance-handle the lighter bags and let someone else bring in the heavier bags.

    Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy. Let us know how you are doing.
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