Natural vs Caesarian birth

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Riversprite, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Riversprite

    Riversprite Active Member

    I would like to hear from those of you (who have already had their babies of course) who had a successful natural twin delivery. Despite my first child of 9.9 pounds being born very easily after less than two hours of labour, my doctor is advising that I have a caesarian for my twins and has told me at length how risky it is to try and delivery naturally.
    Surely it can't be that bad?? I certainly don't want to put my babies at risk, but I'd really prefer to avoid a caesar if possible. Has anyone got any happy stories to tell me about their delivery?
  2. Riversprite

    Riversprite Active Member

    I would like to hear from those of you (who have already had their babies of course) who had a successful natural twin delivery. Despite my first child of 9.9 pounds being born very easily after less than two hours of labour, my doctor is advising that I have a caesarian for my twins and has told me at length how risky it is to try and delivery naturally.
    Surely it can't be that bad?? I certainly don't want to put my babies at risk, but I'd really prefer to avoid a caesar if possible. Has anyone got any happy stories to tell me about their delivery?
  3. Kimommy

    Kimommy Well-Known Member

    LOL, these threads are big response getters!
    I had my twins vaginally, and we all did just great. [​IMG] Unless one is breech or there is some other reason a c-section is necessary there's probably no harm in trying for a vaginal delivery.
    Is there some reason your doc is suggesting it would be less risky?
  4. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    I only had a c-section because my baby a was breech. There are risks involved both ways, but point blank, a c-section is MAJOR surgery. If your doctor is pushing you a way that you don't feel comfortable, I would get a second opinion and consider switching doctors. Good luck.
  5. Winnifred

    Winnifred Well-Known Member

    My dr. mentioned that some drs are putting a study together (or have, can't remember) about how ALL twins should be delivered by c-section... HE personally didn't agree [​IMG]

    I'm PLANNING a natural birth (i know, you're asking for those with experience, but i still thought i'd reply) the team of OB where i'm delivering are FINE with natural... I'm actually aiming for DRUG FREE if all goes well... and I know they typically recommend epidurals - but i don't want one... UNLESS of course i end up NEEDING one!! Same for c-section... Hoping to avoid it - but completely ready for one if the need arises!!!

    IF you decide to get a second opinion and decide you want to try natural - i would recommend changing drs as well - because if HE feels like you should deliver via c-section and YOU don't want to go that route - it mnight be a constant battle....

    good luck [​IMG]
  6. tracymcg

    tracymcg Well-Known Member

    I haven't had my twins yet, but just wanted to weigh in on this one. Most skilled drs. at major medical centers seem to be encouraging a vaginal delivery these days (as long as Baby A is not breech or transverse). From what I understand (and I've done a lot of reading on the subject), it is NOT particularly risky if you and the babies are healthy without complications.

    This may be a generalization, but it seems like doctors who are either very old school, or simply not experienced with twin deliveries are the ones that push c-sections. Having twins should not mean an automatic cesarean--I'd get another opinion if this is something you'd like to avoid.
  7. Riversprite

    Riversprite Active Member

    Thanks for setting my mind a little more at ease. My doctor is not being pushy about it, and will go with whatever I want. I just don't want to end up inadvertently harming one of my babies. And I also don't want to end up delivering one by vaginal birth and then having to have an emergency caesar for the second - that just seems too masochistic!

    Winnifred, I delivered my son totally drug free and without any tearing or complications and altough I wouldn't say it was a breeze - I don't think any birth is - I think it was probably about as easy and quick as a birth could be.

    Both my babies have settled down into a head down position and so I'm just waiting to see which one engages first. The midwife that I used before also told me that, in her experience, the second twin to be delivered usually ends up a bit less healthy than the first and sometimes has to spend time in IC, and I was wondering whether this was also just a bit pessimistic or was a common occurance.

    I've also done some research and have found that South Africa has one of the highest caesarian birth rates in the world. Women here actually prefer it for some reason! But as you say, it's major surgery and having never undergone any surgery at all I'm just a bit scared of it.
  8. FirstTimeMom814

    FirstTimeMom814 Well-Known Member

    I also delivered vaginally. They were both head down and were born 6 min apart. We had no problems. C-section is major surgery, so please consider all you options and discuss them with your OB. Having twins is should not be the only reason to have a c-section. I have never heard of the second twin not doing as well as the first. Good luck in your decision.
  9. rosie19

    rosie19 Well-Known Member

    I had a c-section with my twins (and probably will have a repeat section with this singleton). My twins were breech and transverse, so there was no way my doctor was going to even try a vaginal delivery. He told me if they were both head down and everyone was in good health (no bp issues, no heartrate issues) we could go for a vaginal delivery, but that wasn't the case. I knew this as soon as I found out it was twins, so I was prepared for the section for many, many months. I had a very complicated pregnancy and the c-section was actually the easiest part. I wouldn't say I "enjoyed" it... but it really wasn't bad. It wasn't an emergency situation (I was scheduled for a Thursday, but ended up in labor on Sunday, so they didn't stop it), I had read a lot about the surgery and I absolutely loved and trusted my team of doctors. After all the PTL scares and my "duty" of strict bedrest, I was actually glad to give up the responsibility of bringing them into the world. It might sound weird, but it was the first time that I didn't feel like the entire situation was my responsibility.

    If your babies are head down and you are not experiencing any other complications, then I don't see why you couldn't go for a vaginal delivery. However, if you end up needing the c-section, take heart knowing that most are very routine procedures.

    Take care!

  10. hudsonfour

    hudsonfour Well-Known Member

    My OB was very willing to allow me to have a vag. birth, if the babies were in correct position. Since at about 30 weeks on baby A was transverse, we opted to do a c-section at 37 weeks.
  11. mom23cuties

    mom23cuties Well-Known Member

    Vaginal here. 40w2d. Vertex/Breech. Both 8lbs. No tear. No problem.

    The best available evidence shows that routine c-sections for twins do not improve outcomes.

    I would be concerned about your doctor. Just the fact that he's mentioning this to you tells me that HE'S not comfortable (or skilled) in twin vaginal birth. If that's the case, you're more likely to get that c-section, whether you really need it or not. If it were me, I'd look for a doctor or midwife that wasn't so "scissor happy".

    Best of luck to you.
  12. Oneplus2more

    Oneplus2more Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to tell you my OBs opinion... Baby A is vertex, Baby B breech. He says I can deliver vaginally as long as they are not premature - They have been this way for a long time so it was several months ago when we had this conversation - I keep forgetting to ask him exactly how many weeks he was talking about (to be too premature to deliver vaginally)!!
  13. KellieandNolan

    KellieandNolan Well-Known Member

    I don't know why he'd recommend a section if both babies are head down! THat is ideal! I had a super easy delivery with my boys and they were both head down. I have one ds who was 8lbs 7oz and his was tough but it WAS my first. These two were a walk in the park! If you want to read my birth story go to the babies were born in July. You can read the journal entry there. Good luck! If I were you I would push for a vag delivery, at this point it doesn't sound like there's any reason NOT to!
  14. moski

    moski Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Very strange that he would recommend that with both babies head down. We had a c-section and knew pretty much from the beginning it would be, not because it was twins, but because I have a fibroid that basically blocked my uterus....they wouldn't be able to get past it. It turned out that they were transverse anyway, so it probably would have been the same result.

    Good Luck! I hope you are able to go natural.
  15. Cassie05

    Cassie05 Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, are your babies in one placenta or two? Sometimes that can affect a doctors view on how to deliver
  16. veggiehead

    veggiehead Well-Known Member

    Both of mine are breech, so I have to have c-section. My doctor would only do a c-section if baby A was breech or if there was a problem, of course.
  17. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    I ended up having a c-section after I came down with complications in labor but my peri and OB were both perfectly happy to do a vaginal birth. There is some worry about acute TTTS occurring during labor with identical twins but my doctors weren't concerned since we already had TTTS.
  18. sharongl

    sharongl Well-Known Member

    I was all set for a vaginal birth--baby A head down the whole way--but then never progressed beyond 7 cm. It turned out that his head was crooked--his temple was presenting--we found this out after the c-section.

    For those who don't want an epidural, my OB suggested it, because she said if she needed to reach in to get the second baby, I wouldn't want to feel it! Also, if the epidural isn't in place, and they end up needing to do an emergency c-section, they will have to put you under general anesthesia. Just some things to think about.
  19. mom23cuties

    mom23cuties Well-Known Member

    For those who don't want an epidural, my OB suggested it, because she said if she needed to reach in to get the second baby, I wouldn't want to feel it! Also, if the epidural isn't in place, and they end up needing to do an emergency c-section, they will have to put you under general anesthesia. Just some things to think about.

    I know several women (including myself) that didn't have an epidural. There are pros and cons. Talk with your care provider and/or get a second opinion if this is something you don't want to compromise on. Ask about the possibility of a spinal for an emergency. Understand that you may have to be put under in some circumstances. It's rare, but a possibility you'll need to consider.

  20. denali_ice

    denali_ice Well-Known Member

    Just to throw something else out here on the spinal/epidural part of the discussion: that fact that we are talking about twins actually makes placing a spinal or epi more difficult or impossible (at times)

    For my c-section, they were NOT able to place a spinal, but luckily, were able to get the epi in.

    Those twins... they just take up so much darn room! *lol*
  21. TLC Mama

    TLC Mama Well-Known Member

    I had an awesome vaginal delivery with my boys. There were no problems detected by the doctors; they were both head down, good NST's, they were growing fine, so there was no reason to have a C-section. I delivered in an operating room just in case there were complications, I felt pretty confident that my babies and me would be well taken care of. Dont let anyone scare you out of having a vaginal delivery, if all is going well with you and your babies then you should be able to choose the method of delivery. Get a different doc if they dont let you decide.
  22. ali k

    ali k Well-Known Member

    Lots of dr's do prefer to deliver twins via section due to our sue happy society. One dr in the practice that I go to told me straight up that he prefers to deliver twins by c-section, but he also had told me that I was the perfect candidate for a vaginal delivery (both vertx & I had a previous vag delivery). I would've had a section if both weren't vertex.

    I had a vaginal, natural delivery. I had every intention of getting the epidural, but the girls came too fast so there wasn't any time for it (born w/in an hour of getting to the hospital). They were 11 min apart & weighed 6lbs 2oz & 6lbs 5oz. I had a tiny 1st degree tear that required 2 stitches. I probably wouldn't have had any tear except they wanted me to push them out as quick as possible since baby A had passed some meconium in utero & they wanted to make sure she didn't aspirate it. It was a pretty awesome experience & now I can say that I birthed twins naturally!

    Oh- as far as the 2nd twin not being as healthy- my baby B had a higher APGAR score than baby A- 9/9 (A scored 8/9) so she definately didn't mind the vaginal delivery!

    If everything looks good w/you & the babies I would definately push for a vaginal delivery.
  23. cbrown39

    cbrown39 Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say I think I would just listen to what your doctor tells you . After all he is the one that went to medical school. It's hard for me to tell someone to push for something that may not be safe for them. I have had childern both ways and I would rather have had them all natural but it just wasn't so. I don't really care how they get here as long as they are healthy. Since my last daughter was by caesarian my doctor told me the twins would also be caesarian. I am not a risk taker I want healthy babies. My doctor is the head of OB at the hospital so I know he is only going to do what is safe for my babies. If I were to push for something he thought wasn't safe and something bad happened I would never know how I would live with myself. I guess that is why we go to doctors and not just have babies at home and make our own decisions.
  24. mom23cuties

    mom23cuties Well-Known Member

    I guess that is why we go to doctors and not just have babies at home and make our own decisions.

    Doctors are guides, not gods. It's one thing to believe something isn't safe; it's an entirely different thing to tell women it's not safe without evidence to support that belief. We get second opinions all the time for medical advice (especially when surgery is recommended). Why is obstetrics any different?

    There is no "risk-free" option in birth. I think it *is* up to each of us to decide which set of risks we're willing to assume.

    BTW, I never had a doctor [​IMG]

  25. marie3103

    marie3103 Well-Known Member

    I had mine natural they were both vertex (Baby B was breech until 2 days before) even if Baby B stayed breech they said they would try to flip him after Baby A came out. My doctor did have me deliver in an OR right next to the NICU just in case, and went over with me what would happen if Baby B started having problems. Both boys came out great Baby B needed a little oxygen to 'pink' up. No NICU and they were born at 35+6. I say really check your options if natural is what you want and there are no problems going into it stick to your guns. Just prepare yourself for everything because with two in there you never know!! Good luck!!
  26. Riversprite

    Riversprite Active Member

    Thank you all for your responses. I have found it all very informative and you've also raised some issues that I had not thought of and which I will now certainly discuss with my OB or midwife. Of course I have accepted the fact that if the little buggers are transverse or breech then a c-section will be necessary, and there's no point in fighting it. Both babies are currently head down but I'm only 26 weeks and so they've still got plenty of time to move out of that position, although my son was head down from about the same time and didn't budge until he finally decided to make his appearance at 42 weeks.

    My two are also have seperate placenta which I've been told is a good thing as it is generally less risky in most respects.

    It's nice to hear some positive and less freaked out responses on here, compared to all the tales of doom I'm getting over here. I think that women here are so accustomed to having caesars that they tend to shy away from anything else. I guess in some cases, as you say, it's kinda nice to be able to relinquish responsibility for the birth and let someone else do the hard work. As much as I want a vaginal delivery, I'm still quite apprehensive about my ability to squeeze out two babies, especially since they're not showing any signs of being small. (Both over 2pounts at 26 weeks. I'm hoping they'll slow down soon!).

    Thanks again to all of you.
  27. Ellensgirls

    Ellensgirls Well-Known Member

    You already got some great responses.

    I just wanted to add that if your doc is really not "into" letting you deliver vaginally that you might want to switch. You have already been successful with one delivery and that should weigh heavily on your side if you end up having a natural birth.

    I did deliver vag with a doc that would have been much happier if I'd had a c-section. I was induced (perhaps unnecessarily according to some nurses) and felt rushed about the whole thing since I'd never had labor pains. I did get the epidural at 7 cm and was happy since I ended up tearing horribly (4th degree tearing in all directions) and feel that some of that might have been avoided if I'd been allowed to let nature take its course more. I had a very nice doc, but I had a really hard recovery from labor and I think having a doc more on your side is vital.
    As some people have said, be prepared for anything. From my friends with c-sections the ones with "good" experiences were prepared for it. Those that weren't, tended to view it poorly.

    Best wishes.
  28. mnj

    mnj Well-Known Member

    I guess all doctors have there own opionon's. I was to be scheduled for a c-sec only because at 38 weeks my girls were huge and i was so tiny and baby B was breech at my last appt and they did'nt see her turning because there was no room(so we thought)so as i was going in for my C my dr said let me just check one more time if baby b was still breech, and sure enough she turned so my Dr oppted for vaginal. Well baby A came out in 2 pushes and a wopping 3 1/2 hours later and almost in a different day we had to do a c-section for baby b because she did not want to budge. The girls ended up being 4 hours and one monute apart. Let me tell you i got special treatment after that delivery but everything went great and recovery was fine (you know being i experienced both at the same time)Anyway good luck with witch ever is decided.
  29. soccermomof4

    soccermomof4 New Member

    I have four children, two singletons and twins.

    The first was vaginal without an epidural. I couldn't stand up for a week.

    The second was vaginal with an epidural. I'm sure it was because it was the second within 13 months but I took a shower by myself afer 4 hours and had almost no pain.

    My twins were a differnt story... my doc told my the first was head down and the second was breach. She kept telling me it was my choice but the easiest time to turn a baby is the after a twin has been delivered and it was better for the baby to be delivered vaginally.

    My first twin came out almost before the Dr was in the room and then they tried to turn the second. When they couldn't they decieded they had to do a C to get the other out. My water broke ... they delivered her and thats where the story ended ... or so I thought.

    When the second twin was delivered I woke up to see my husband looking at me white as a sheet. As soon as she was born they had knocked me out and my husband watched his daughter bagged for a minute before she started to breath and his wife lost so much blood I had to get a blood transfusion.

    After having both I can tell you the first natural birth hurts most but not for very long. Subsequent natural birth even after 7 years don't hurt much at all but Cs hurt a lot at first, the numbness lasts a long time and it isn't as good for the baby undernormal circumstances.
  30. Boni

    Boni Well-Known Member

    I too want a vaginal birth and my doctor supports me 100%. I believe that when a doctor pushes for a c-section without any specific medical reason (other than it is better) that they are just out to make more money off you.They get paid more for a c-section for less work than with a vaginal birth where they have to be around you for much longer.

    I am you I would rather get a second opinion
  31. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    Can we just say vaginal instead of natural? It makes me feel like an android or something. From reading the IVF'er complaints about the "are your twins natural" question they know where I am coming from so I can I get an AMEN?
  32. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    My peri & doctor were very supportive of trying for a vaginal birth even though Baby B was breech. She was so much smaller than Baby A that they weren't worried about getting her out at all.

    Considering your first birth went so smoothly, I would think you would be a perfect candidate for a vaginal birth. There is always the very small chance of needing a c-section to deliver Baby B but it's a small chance (like 5%). There is some talk that delivering identicals vaginally may expose them to a risk of acute TTTS but there's no studies on it and, therefore, the delivery method is up to the mother still.

    Anytime you have the choice of a vaginal birth over a c-section, that's the way to go. C-sections are not a piece of cake for mother or baby, no matter how much we talk about how it wasn't so bad in our birth stories. I ended up having a c-section with the girls because I came down with complications but it's not something I would wish on anyone and it's definitely not something a person should decide to do lightly.
  33. txtwinmom2b

    txtwinmom2b Well-Known Member

    I agree with Ali. I had a vaginal birth with my DD. I was advised to have a c/s due to shoulder dystocia. I was insistant on having a vaginal birth but one of them was breech, and was in PTL, so I had a c/s. IMO, I'd much rather take my 29 hour labor over the c/s any day. Definitely not to take this decision lightly.
  34. a1cbrandy

    a1cbrandy Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the position of your babies at the time of birth. Most likely if baby A is head down then you can have a vaginal birth. There are some doctors who plan for c-section no matter what when there are more then one baby.

    We had a sucessful vaginal birth with my was a great delivery. However I knew the risks of having one vaginal and one c-section also. I say read everything..know the positions of your babies..and tell your doctor what you want. The most important thing is getting the babies here safetly no matter what way that is. [​IMG]

    Good luck..and how far along are you now?

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