My house is shiny!

Discussion in 'General' started by megkc03, Mar 10, 2015.

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    And I didn't do a damn thing! ;)

    So-who called and got a number for a cleaning lady? Today was their first day(two women). My house is nice and clean!! Granted, I'd hate to open a drawer or closet with all the sh!t I shoved away lol. But everything else is shining! And in the meantime, I went and folded clothes in the basement and started putting away my cookie disaster(drop and run was the preferred method).

    And as for dh, he said, if I insist(heck Ya!) on doing this, to do it once a month. So for now, I will do it twice. But yes, I will drop it to once a month. Eventually.

    I also told him clean house means more sex, so it could end up twice/week! Bwahahahaha!
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    That is great!
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    Nice, lifehack. Actually, I wasn't understanding people who order a house cleaning service until I tried once. It is so much time and energy saving, that it is 100% worth it. Of course, there are some not qualititatve services so you have to order a few different ones to find out which one is the best. For me it is so if you live in London as I do, I already did the job for you and chose the best one) Thank me later.
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