My current twin names

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by TwinxesMom, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    Josephine Violet and Julianna Lily "Jovi and Julily"
    Aubriana Isabel and Amelia Elizabeth "Bria and Lia"

    Corbin James and Jacobi Alexander "Cori and Cobi"
    Wyatt Kirk and Darren Lee "Wy and Dare"

    Aubriana Lily and Jacobi Alexander "Bria and Cobi"
    Wyatt Kirk and Amelia Sandry "Wy and Lia"
  2. 4kidsmomexpectingtwins

    4kidsmomexpectingtwins Well-Known Member

    Well, I have come up with these names:

    B/B: Brice or Bryce Julian (Julian after my grandfather) and Brandon Skylar (my DH likes Rayne... and I have to agree with other posters on my post, it's too girly for me)

    B/G: Brayden Julian and Brianna Rose

    It's tough trying to pick out names. I never came up with G/G names as I knew from the beginning I would at least have 1 boy... just a feeling!
  3. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    b/b would be Baxter and Topher
    g/g would be Felicity and Delaney
    b/g- Brighton Pacey and Reagan Lacey
  4. Joanna831

    Joanna831 Well-Known Member

    Ooh!! This is fun!

    Sierra Lynn and Savanna Lynn
    Brooklyn Marie and Ainsley Grace
    Haley Nicole and Hannah Marie
    Maryah Faith and Marissa Hope

    Justin Michael and Jackson Andrew
    Nathan Robert and Landon Jonathan

    Brooke and Blake
    Landon Thomas and Leah Hope
  5. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    I haven't the slightest idea what I'd do with boys :) but if we ever have girl twins again they would be

    Nerys MacPherson and Ezri MacElvain

    First names are from Star Trek, middle names are family names from each side

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(CandCtwins @ Jan 9 2008, 05:39 AM) [snapback]564075[/snapback]
    b/b would be Baxter and Topher
    g/g would be Felicity and Delaney
    b/g- Brighton Pacey and Reagan Lacey

    I have a Raegan, and we went with the RAEgan spelling so we could call her Rae too! (She does go by that a lot.)
  7. DanaLynn100

    DanaLynn100 Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(TwinxesMom @ Jan 8 2008, 08:00 PM) [snapback]563729[/snapback]
    Josephine Violet and Julianna Lily "Jovi and Julily"
    Aubriana Isabel and Amelia Elizabeth "Bria and Lia"

    Corbin James and Jacobi Alexander "Cori and Cobi"
    Wyatt Kirk and Darren Lee "Wy and Dare"

    Aubriana Lily and Jacobi Alexander "Bria and Cobi"
    Wyatt Kirk and Amelia Sandry "Wy and Lia"

    This is a fun thread. As an aside, my eldest son's name is Corbin and his father calls him Cobi. :D

    Charlotte Naomi and Georgia Margaret

    Aidan George and Weston David

    Georgia Naomi and Weston David "Gia and Wes"
  8. clb8899

    clb8899 Well-Known Member

    I made up a list over a week ago. My DH still hasn't had "time" to look at it. If it was up to me, knowing they're both girls, they would be Camryn & Ashlyn. One middle name would be Ann, but I can't really decide on the other one. I still have some time though!
  9. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member


    if I had another set!! I would LOVE to have another set!!

    b/g chase and chesnie OR Luke and Lilly OR Hayden and Hope

    b/b Luke and Elijah

    g/g ??? I'm still thinking!!
  10. TFine

    TFine Well-Known Member

    I would name mine Rose and Royce as their first names instead of their middles. Everywhere we go people love those names and the names really suit them!
  11. Bridgett

    Bridgett Well-Known Member

    We haven't officially decided for sure because we want to wait and see them. My dh said that since I'm carrying them it's up to me. There are just 2 of the names I really liked that he didn't like (Ava and Natalie) so I won't go with those. I think right now I like:

    Claire Olivia & Madison Grace
  12. EMc2

    EMc2 Well-Known Member

    I toward to lean to quite ethnic latin names. My husband is Puertorican.

    G/G Soledad Patrice and Solange Lyrie

    B/B Evander Cruz and Elias Rocco

    B/G Elias Cruz and Solange Lyrie

    You'll never likely to find those names on anything. Poor kids.
  13. lianyla

    lianyla Well-Known Member

    Caryn and Carys or Carly and Caryn (girl/girl)

    Joaquin and Sonny (boy boy)

    Evyn *girl and Nicolas *boy

    FYI.. My ID boys now are Gabriele James and Nicolas Alessandro and I wouldn't change my mind- even if I could go back. I love them. But there are a TON of names I had to think over before I made my final decision.
  14. MamaKimberlee

    MamaKimberlee Well-Known Member

    I'd still love to have girls named Brady and Peyton. (I am a pats fan, DH is a colts fan)
    Other girl names: Alexandria and Elizabeth. (Alexis and Ella)
    Both of the above - DH would not let me or I would have!
  15. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    Lately I am REALLY loving
    Charlee and Baylee for g/g
  16. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    Kinda like a girl version of Party of Five!
  17. nepolm

    nepolm Well-Known Member

    How fun!


    Lily & Violet
    Amber & Jade
    Ashlyn & Chastyn


    Jackson & Jillian (Yep... Jack and Jill ;))
    Evan & Erin
    Landon & Lauren


    Landon & Evan
    Colin & Carter

    Hee, hee... can you tell I like alliterations :laughing: !
  18. g/g
    Lyric Rayne & Carys Brooke

    Lyric Rayne & Rush Anthony

    Rush Anthony & ??
  19. Kate S

    Kate S Well-Known Member

    Cool topic!

    b/b Ezra Bigelow and Oliver Thornton

    g/g Greta Celeste and Bridget Lena
  20. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    *NEW FAVS*

    g/g- Briony Danielle and Bethany Dakota
    b/g-Brody and Briony

    Not sure about b/b?

    (though I do like this spelling better >>> Brioni)!
  21. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    I love Bryrony and Bethany as a set.

    Right now:

    G/G: Aubrey Josephine "Brie" and Allana Mae
    B/G: Joshua Curry "JC" and Allana Josephine "AJ"
    B/B: Joshua Curry "JC" and Joseph James "JJ"

    I am still addicted to Js
  22. Ellabug

    Ellabug Member

    G/G: Melinda Jean & Eleanor Bryony (bry-nee) (Bryony is not set yet)
    "Mindi & Ellie"

    B/B: Peter Henry & Avery Seth
    "Pete & Avers"

    B/G: Melinda Jean & Peter Henry
    "Mindi & Pete"
  23. 2betterthan1

    2betterthan1 Well-Known Member

    This is fun!

    Alyssa Marie and Bianca Lily
    Anita Marie and Astrid Elizabeth

    Colin and Connor
    Ephram and Zachariah

    Lorelai and Logan
  24. VivGuest

    VivGuest Well-Known Member

    If it were all up to me....
    Kelly Dianne & Eva Karen (all four names are after my people!)

    Margaret & Gordon (Yep :) Margo and Gordo!)

    Aaron Kelly & Evan .... I always have trouble with that 2nd middle name!

    But since it's not up to me, and I'm having a b/b set, the only names DH and I have agreed on are Aaron, Kelly, and Pete. And we only really like Aaron out of that list! So much more fun and easier when it's jut me coming up with names. :p
  25. Mellizos

    Mellizos Well-Known Member

    we only really like Aaron out of that list!

    You both have extremely good taste in names. ;)
  26. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    I'm reading a book right now that has g/g twins named:

    Samantha Jean and Margaret Hanover,named after grandparents! CUTE!
  27. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member


    Brodey and Pacey
  28. qaz0

    qaz0 New Member

    G/G Amanda Lynn & Katlynn Marie

    I love these names
  29. alankford

    alankford Well-Known Member

    B/B Boston Wayne & Brady Davis

    B/G Boston Wayne & Bella Elizabeth

    G/G Berkley Elizabeth & Broklynn Kay

    I already have my b/g

    Bentley Ann & Brandon James
  30. Neumsy

    Neumsy Well-Known Member

    We're having trouble with girl names (and I think they're girls! lol). We know we want Wendy for one, but can't find a suitable middle name, or a second set of names!

    If it's boys we are pretty sure we're going to call them Finn and Fletcher. (We haven't gotten as far as middle names yet. )

    Our last name is "Peddie" so, we have to be careful we don't pick first names that will sound weird (think "Eddie Peddie" or "Betty Peddie"
  31. singinggoddessdemi

    singinggoddessdemi New Member

    My name choices would be:

    g/g: Alexianna Jayden and Josselyn Tessa
    Brylie Caitlyn and Brielle Madison

    b/b Noah David and Nolan Andrew
    Ethan Thomas and Elliott Shane

    b/g Brylie Caitlyn and Nolan Andrew
    Brielle Madison and Noah David
  32. hardinfamily08

    hardinfamily08 Well-Known Member

    B/B~ Caleb David and Matthew Dwayne

    G/G~ Mackenzie Lynn and Alexis Rose

    No B/G here!
  33. timothyca

    timothyca New Member

    Me and my husband just found out were having twins and we have come up with:

    g/g Kristen Marie and Katlyn Mae
    b/b Christoffer and Kyle

    Havn't thought of middle names for the boys yet.
  34. jmantia84

    jmantia84 Well-Known Member

    We're thinking

    Juliet Raine and Natalie Grace

    Brandon Michael and Juliet Raine

    Brandon Michael and Adam Jason

    Crossing our fingers for Brandon and Juliet!!!


  35. kristy horner

    kristy horner Well-Known Member

    B/B: Bryson Alexander and Preston Ford (family name)
    Blake Lewis and Bryson Alexander

    G/G: Nadia Claire and Nadine Mae

    B/G: Preston Ford and Gavin ??
    or Gavin Ford and Greta Rose

    This sooo makes me want another set!!! WOW~ how fun!

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