MMR Shots Side Effects

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by bennysusie, Jan 22, 2009.

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    My 15 month old daughters had their MMR shots two days ago. They seemed fine that day. That night I took off my daughter's band aid off before bed and she screamed bloody murder, until she went to bed. She slept fine. The next day she was fine, but didn't have much of an appetite, which is not unusual, since both of my daughters have days like that. She only ate the things she loved like yogurt, applesauce and cheese. Nothing weird there. My husband put her to bed himself last night and said she was very cranky. She is coming down with a cold and is pretty stuffy. However last night she kept getting up and woke up at 2:30 am and never went back to sleep! The weird thing is that she is in a fantastic mood this morning. Is it related to the shot? How can you not sleep all night and be in a great mood? This is the child is always cranky when she never gets enough sleep.

    I know I am babbling, but I had been very nervous about this shot and have been watching them closely for any behavior changes. I guess I'll watch her all day...I don't what my point is here.
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    Actually, that sounds like normal behavior to me. I never pull off Band-aids until they are falling off, because the kids will scream. Step back and read what you just wrote, nothing sounds outside of her normal behavior--and a fever up to a week after the shot isn't unusual.

    When I was pregnant, there was a time I was put on meds for an irritated uterus. I asked the OB if I should stop working, she said no, because if I sat on the couch, all I would do was imagine all the bad things that could be happening and turn every twinge into some horrible outcome. In some way, you are doing the same, you are being so nervous about something being wrong, that you are looking for something to be wrong.--Perfectly normal, BTW.
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    Nothing seems to be super out of the ordinary from what you described. I was kind of the same way just after the shot and was watching for any type of change. I am sure everything is fine. Hang in there.
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    Thanks everyone. I wasn't worried until she didn't sleep last night, that is out of the ordinary for her. My mother said she ate lunch well today, but didn't want breakfast She wouldn't take a nap this morning. She is overtired and cranky and her cold seems to be getting worse. Right now she has been sleeping for an hour in a half. I am sitting here praying for a 3 hour nap.
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