Low Amniotic Fluid

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    My daughter is pregnant with di/di Twins. At her 20 week ultrasound, baby B had low fluid at 1.4 cm. She was sent to L&D to check for leaking fluid. It was negative. The next week, baby B measured at 1.5 cm. They determined that he had a bladder and kidneys and that they were functioning. Placenta was good and appears to have good blood flow. The baby doesn’t appear to have any anatomical defects that can be determined via ultrasound. The following week (22 weeks), his fluid measured 2.1 cm which was normal, so they let her skip her weekly appointment and come back in 2 weeks. At 24 weeks, his fluid was 1.7 cm so she was back to low fluid again. At 25 weeks, they couldn’t find a measurable pocket of fluid at all so they sent her to L&D for fluids and steroids shots. They repeated the amnisure test and it was negative for leaking fluid. The next day, they did an ultrasound and found a small pocket measured at 1.1 cm. They released her and basically said that they don’t know why this is happening and there is nothing they can do. She has to decide what interventions she wants in case baby B goes into distress...1. Let baby B pass away in utero so Baby A can continue developing (if it comes to that). 2. Deliver both of them and risk losing them both. She will be 26 weeks on Monday (6/11/18). As of right now, both babies look good and have strong heartbeats. The doctor did say they were on the small side. At 24 weeks, baby A weighs 1.5 lbs and baby B weighs 1.2 lbs. I’m very worried and scared for my daughter. I hate that she has to go through this. Has anyone been through this but had a positive outcome? Doctors don’t seem to be helpful but I guess they can’t do much.
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