LASIK and kids

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    Hi, My younger brother is 15 years old. He has eye floaters and its count was normal. It wasn't affecting his vision! But recently he began to encounter a blurred vision problem. We've been to a clinic here, the doctor prescribed contact lenses and glasses for him. He is a rugby player and refuses to wear glass, that I can understand! But he is acting stubborn and denies contact lenses too! Some of his seniors had a laser eye correction surgery from the same clinic as we consulted. I couldn't resist him from his decision! I don't think it is a perfect age to consider eye surgery. I'm struggling to make him aware of the same. At last, for his sake I did a bit reading online, I found his age is ok for surgery(I read people above 14 years of age can consider Lasik). Even though I'm not convinced yet! Am I wrong? Please share your experience if you had a Lasik surgery.
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    Hey Emma, you don't have to worry this much. It is ok to have LASIK at the age of 14. But still, it is better to wait for at least to be 118 to have laser eye surgery.
    If you fail to convince him, take him to any specialist eye surgeon, they will make him aware of this, I'm sure!
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