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  1. Aeliza

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    I knew it was going to happen. I had brought it up to DH a few times as well as questioned his teachers at school. I knew there was a problem! Kiefer is still not very clear. He's very sociable and talkative at this time. he has friends he hangs out with. He's a very smart boy! But, I just can't understand him. Jason keeps saying he's on a vocal explosion. He's adding words everyday and using them. He talks so much he's similar to about where Cameron was 6 months ago. So I asked him after it was apparent that he was getting defensive about how I think there's a problem and am finally pursuing it... "Can you honestly tell me you can understand his words like you could with Cameron 6 months ago?" He agreed that even though we know what he's trying to say a lot of the time, it's not as clear as Cameron. He also agreed that he can't understand 90% of what Kiefer says which is about what you should be able to do at 3 years old.

    So, Kiefer got his evaluation today from the speech therapist. She agreed that Kiefer could definitely benefit from some therapy. He also need to work on his focus. She's aware her office was filled with exciting new things for him to see and play with, so with that in mind, she's going to still work on his focus and ability to communicate better along with pronouncing his words and letters correctly. She was very patient with Kiefer as he was all over her office as she was trying to get him to say certain words. He did answer with her being persistent. He was so unable to sit still. She let it happen as long as he answered her questions. I liked her a lot. I think they will work well together as he seems to already have a good report with her. We see her again next week.
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    All I have to say is, make sure your insurance covers it :( Ours was supposed to, but after 6 sessions, told us they don't cover it unless it's a result of an accident, injury etc... REALLY bummed, we had to cancel therapy... can't afford $150 a week. I see 2.5 yo all the time who speak better than my two.
  3. vharrison1969

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    I'm so glad you went ahead and got Kiefer evaluated!! I'm going to do the same thing with Nate; he's stuttering so much that he's actually regressed in language. :( I'm sure that speech therapy will help immensely.

    If your insurance doesn't cover it, I'd check with the local school system. I think it's different in certain states, but some school districts provide speech therapy to children who live in their district. My ped suggested I go through the schools first before I pursue private therapy.

    Good luck to your boy!! :)
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    It's great that you got him tested! My Jake was in therapy until he turned 3 and didn't qualify for the state aid which is free. In order to keep him in therapy we'd have to pay out of pocket. I can say that he's doing SOOO much better and the therapist was great about teaching me things I could do at home to help as well.

    Keep us posted on how it goes :)
  5. meganguttman

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    Both my boys just started Speech 2 weeks ago and already I'm seeing a difference! Our insurance is fantastic (basically the only perk of being military now) but in OK any child 3 or over also qualifies for speech through the school district. I wish we would have started this a year ago (when I started being concerned) but their pedi didn't think they needed it. Glad you caught it early!
  6. Aeliza

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    Last week was Kiefer's evaluation and I'm thinking this will be a good thing for him. The therapist believes he'll benefit from some therapy as he is having trouble with a lot of letters. The place also said his insurance is usually good about covering the therapy so they are not worried. I'm supposed to look at the next EOB and that should tell me if it's covered. If not, I'll talk to the school, but I like that these sessions are one on one and Kiefer will not get the distractions of the other kids around the classroom. He was terribly distracted with the new office, but it was not a surprise to neither me nor the therapist since it was a new place with a lot of cool toys to touch and play with. She's going to work on his concentration as well. I like the therapist too. She's very patient with Kiefer and really seems to know what to do to get his attention.
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