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    Yesterday, we confirmed I'm officially pregnant with twins!! lol came as quite the surprise! I've been closely monitored by my OB because of previous losses. She had me come in for an early ultrasound at 5w and we saw a gestational sac and nice yolk sac. Told to come back 2 weeks later for a followup. On Tuesday, we went in and saw not one but two sacs!! One sac had a healthy baby, measuring perfect for lmp, and had a strong heartbeat at 140bpm. The second sac just had a yolk and that's all. My OB suggested it could possibly be a blighted ovum, vanishing twin, and didn't seem optimistic . She set an appt up with maternal fetal medicine and they got me in for an appointment two days later.
    As soon as the tech inserted the wand (vaginal us) I could clearly see a fetal pole and the flicker of a heartbeat in the second sac!! Baby A was measuring in at 7w3d and 152bpm, Baby B was 6w1d and 93bpm. The doctor said Baby B'a heart had just started beating within the past 24-36 hours and it was normal for gestational age. Although he did mention it was always possible Baby B unfortunately wouldn't make it, he thinks everything will be okay and that "I should get ready for two!"
    So, here I am, almost 8 weeks pregnant, cautiously optimistic that in roughly 7 months, I'll be holding two healthy babies! Here's to all other pregnant with multiples mamas out there!! May we all have an uncomplicated pregnancy and healthy babies! ❤️
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    Congratulations! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy!

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