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    Just found the Twin Stuff site today.
    I am 47 and pregnant with twin girls. My fiancee' is 52 and has never been a father but is happy that we are going to be a family. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow and, so far, everything looks great. Aside from shortness of breath, heartburn and intermittent pelvic ache, I feel good. I have two grown daughters ages 24 and 20, neither of whom have taken this well at all. The 24 year old just had twins of her own last May - her first!
    Being pregnant at this point in my life is overwhelming. I am certain that a lot has changed in twenty years. Add to this the fact that there are two babies instead of one and I feel totally out of my depth.
    The first time I entered the waiting room at my doctor's office, it was overflowing with pregnant women... YOUNG, pregnant women. I felt awkward and almost embarrassed to be there. Being a confident woman and comfortable in my own skin, these feelings caught me by surprise. The doctor tells me that we should expect to deliver any time after 35 weeks. I am stubbornly hoping to hang in there until 37.
    This is the loneliest pregnancy I have ever experienced (just moved to a new state a year ago to be with boyfriend-turned-fiancee') and I've been so involved with helping him run his business that I haven't made friends. I welcome any feedback that any of you would like to share.
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    Welcome to TS and congrats on your pregnancy! I am glad your pregnancy is going well. Is there a mom of multiples group nearby you that you could join? I am sorry you feel lonely ((hugs))
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    Welcome to TS!!! We're glad you found us! :)
    Congratulations on expecting. I'm sorry your older daughters aren't taking it well-especially the one that just had twins herself, she could really be a good source of support for you! Why are they not happy about it? Is it the age difference?
    Either way, we're happy for you and glad to be here to help you!
    I agree with Nancy-I'd look into a MOM's group nearby and start there! *hugs*
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