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    I've been lurking on this website since I found out I was pregnant with twins (at 20 weeks). That was in January and this is my first post. So hello everyone, and thank you for all the great information I've found here so far.

    Other than some low fluid with baby b and lots of extra non stress tests because of it, we had an uneventful pregnancy. My girls were born on june 24th via scheduled c sec at 38w 3d. Baby a, adelynn, was born at 7 #2oz and baby b, carolynn, at 6#15oz. They will be three weeks old tomorow! ...and I can't believe we've survived it!

    We also have a 2 yr 4 mo daughter, and boy is she hard now with the babies. She's a great big sister, but really pushes the limits when she knows I'm busy feeding both babies. It's like my whole day is spent yelling at her and threatening with time outs that I don't ever get the chance to put her in. When there's a chance for her to help, we definitely get her in there, and she's great... but the rest of the time, she's developing a horrible attitude. I feel like she's really getting the poop end if the whole deal though. I wish I could give her more of my time, and I'm starting to get this fear that she's going to hate me and her father for this situation... can someone tell me this gets better? She's only two, and I'm sure there aren't going to be any lasting ill effects, but it's a little upsetting.

    Other than that, breastfeeding has been rough. We were doing wonderful tandem feeding the first week, until I got a crack in one of my nipples. Carolynn has a teeny tiny mouth and bites a lot ( doc said she's just got a small frame) so now I can't even put her on that side. And to feed adelynn on it without horrible pain, I have to hold her on with two hands. It makes it really hard to get C on the other side... the crack almost looks like a round hole in my nipple now. Any healing is undone each time i feed them. Sometimes I feel like crying when they both wake to eat at the same time (which is most of the time). But I don't want to do formula unless it's needed, and since they're gaining weight good, it hasn't been needed. Anyone suffer anything like this and make it through?

    So sorry for the long post, I guess I really needed to vent. I absolutely love my beautiful twins, and am so lucky to have a daughter who loves her sisters, but can someone tell me we'll all survive this newborn phase please?

    *sorry for typos, only have internet on phone
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    I'm on my phone so quick reply but first congratulations on your babies!!:)
    Your situation sounds a lot like mine only reverse. My boys were 18 months when I had my daughter and they definitely knew I was busy with her and would get into everything they knew not to! Try to sxhedule some time when the babie are sleeping to just sit and play whatever she wants, remember the babies are little and don't care if your holding them 24/7. Some of it is age too. 2.5 is a very opinionated and independent stage!!!
    As for the crack, I had that too! I cringed every time Hannah latched and my toes curled for 6wks! Let it hang out and air dry as much as possible and I found these gel soothing pads that did wonders!!!!! I had to ask the pharmacist for them because they kept them behind the counter and I forget the name but oh was it nice!!
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    A couple of ideas that I have found useful - we kept a special box of things for our oldest that we only pulled out when I was breastfeeding and then went right back when I was done. For her it was a lot of activity books and dress up sticker books that occupied her close by while I nursed and because she didn't have unlimited access to them, she was excited to use them.
    I had cracked and very sore nipples initially as well and used Calendula Cream. I just applied it after each feed giving it some time to soothe and heal. Totally safe for babies too :) Congrats on your little ones. :)
  4. Mom2VLS

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    Congrats! This is just a quick reply and I will try to post more tomorrow but it does get better! My oldest was 2 years 3 months and 1 day when her sisters were born so I know where you are at. I agree with getting in some one on one time. Even if it is just sitting down and reading to her for 5 minutes, it does make a difference.

    I know most twin moms don't go this route but I didn't tandem feed most of the time. My girls always drank quickly which is the only reason it worked but it did work for me. It left me with a hand free to read to, play with, and discipline my oldest and/or the other twin.

    She will NOT hate you for this. #1: she isn't old enough to really remember this in the long run. #2: you are giving her not 1 but 2 sisters to play and fight with. The rewards she will get far outweigh the days that you just don't have much time to play with her.

    In those early months, I had very simple expectations. If everyone was fed and had relatively clean clothes and no one was seriously injured or ill, it was a good day.

    So not as short as I meant to be but again, welcome! And I will post again tomorrow if I remember anything else.
  5. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    I don't have any advice, but wanted to chime in with a big WELCOME! I'm glad you've been reading and I am SO glad that you're posting! It's so nice to "meet" you!
  6. miss_bossy18

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    In regards to the cracked nipple, have you seen an LC (lactation consultant)? Usually something like that is related to latch issues with baby and can be corrected. They should also be able to get you a prescription for APNO (all purpose nipple ointment) which is the only thing that was able to heal my nipples after a rough start to breastfeeding.
  7. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    Welcome! You've gotten great advice! Newborn phase DOES GET BETTER! Hang in there!!!!
  8. paperclippy

    paperclippy Well-Known Member

    Seconding the suggestion about a lactation consultant. I had to start out with nipple shields for my twins because their mouths were too small to get a good latch, so it may be something to consider. Also, the LC I spoke to gave me a "non-prescription" for the all-purpose nipple ointment. Basically she said buy a tube of 1% hydrocortisone cream, a tube of miconazole (athlete's foot cream), and a tube of triple antibiotic cream (like neosporin). Put a tiny dab of each on your finger after feeding, mix it together, and apply to both nipples. You only want just enough to cover them, not like a big smear or anything, and you don't need to wipe it off or wash before the next feeding.
  9. Camp.Brittany

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    Thank you everyone for the encouragement and advice. I do go play with my daughter in her room daily, even though it's normally in five minute increments. I Really like the idea of a play box only for breastfeeding time though. Were definitely going to put one together. I'm thinking of putting up a little well supplied snack area for her too. It seems like whenever I'm in the middle of nursing, she says she's hungry too.

    As to the lactation consultant, I've seen two. The first was in the hospital. She asked if I'd breastfed before, which I have, and saw me putting on both babies, and said we were doing great. She really didn't pay much attention to how they were latched on (actually, I don't think she ever even came within ten feet of me). she said to use lansinoh as much as needed. I believe she just didn't know what to think about tandom feeding. The second was a la leche league lc. She just told me to put coconut oil on my nipple, and said stick with it. They were both nice, neither very helpful though.
    But I believe the reason for the bad crack was my breasts becoming engorged when I got my milk in, and the babies loosing their latch and then getting back on by themselves. Now its fine after they're latched on, but every initial latch, i feel that same spot opening back up. i just need it to heal already. I will look into other ointments though. I didn't know there other options out there.

    Boy, I can't wait to sleep more than 2 hours at a time again!

    Thanks again everyone. :D
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