I want to choose a waterproof pack

Discussion in 'General' started by Caroll, May 31, 2020.

  1. Caroll

    Caroll Active Member

    I want to choose a waterproof pack so that I can be sure that nothing bad will happen to my documents and credit cards if I get in heavy rain. I don't like big bags and I will be grateful if you help me find a quality and inexpensive pack.
  2. Daneshka

    Daneshka Active Member

    I often shop in online stores, so I can advise you to look at this site https://fannypackz.com/m/waterproof-fanny-packs/ . I know that you will find many varios packs here and I think that waterproof bags that can be worn on the belt will be a good solution for you. This isn't only the safe way to carry credit cards or documents with you, but also something that is well suited for street style and can be combined with different clothes. I advise you to choose a bag of soft color, so as not to attract too much attention to your things.
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